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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Wins NFL MVP Honors

The AP has unanimously named Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson the NFL's Most Valuable Player.  Jackson joins Tom Brady from 2010 as one of just two players to sweep all 50 AP votes for the award.  Jackson threw for 36 touchdowns against just six interceptions this season and ran for a positional record of 1,206 yards as well as seven touchdowns en route to a 14-2 Ravens record and the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

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1 The player we all thought it…

The player we all thought it was going to be since, what, week 1? I'm a little surprised it was unanimous, considering Mahomes picked up a little steam towards the end of the season, but it was always going to be Jackson in a landslide

2 Im surprised it's unanimous,…

Im surprised it's unanimous, too, after that 49-1 debacle in 2013. I'm guessing That Guy doesn't have a vote any more?

9 I'm surprised it was…

I'm surprised it was unanimous since Lamar Jackson wasn't a unanimous selection for the AP All Pro Team. I don't know if it's the same group of voters but, if it is, someone thought Jackson wasn't the best quarterback this past season, but somehow was the MVP.

17 Ass Press

same voters. they outsmart themselves soemtimes. makes think of a dog running aorund in circles trying to bite its own tail.

18 if it is, someone thought…

if it is, someone thought Jackson wasn't the best quarterback this past season, but somehow was the MVP.

Someone did!  Or similar, anyway.  PFF had a big write-up about how Lamar was their Offensive Player of the Year, but Russ Wilson was their MVP.  It's too supid for me to link -- I'm sure you can find it.


21 The NFL awards also gave…

The NFL awards also gave Rodgers the mvp in 2011 and Brees offensive player of the year in the same year. That seemed to motivated as a way to give Brees recognition when he wasn't the clear mvp that year.

PFF is not motivated by such arguments, so clearly they had something else in mind. This particular sentence was striking.


"The logic is simply that no player had as big of an impact on offense as Jackson did this season."


If that's the case...isn't he the mvp by definition?

3 Deserved - but in terms of …

Deserved - but in terms of "value" I wonder how many NFL GMs would take Jackson over Mahomes at this point?

19 Yeah.  And he didn't even…

Yeah.  And he didn't even play well! 

JT O'Sullivan had a LOOOONNNNGG breakdown on the QB School, over 40 mins, about how Lamar hurried his reads on several key plays, making throws that looked good, but on the replay it's clear that a much better choice was available.  His decision-making was off; he didn't play as "calm" as he usually does.  Didn't let plays develop.

360 yds passing + 140 yds rushing = bad game for Lamar.  Insane.



13 very different questions

Mahomes was injured in the middle of the season and missed a few games.  

One question (MVP) refers to performance.  The other (who do you want?) refers to potential for future performances. 

I would definitely prefer Mahomes on my team, but Jackson had the better 2019 season.