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CLE DE Myles Garrett Reinstated

The NFL has reinstated Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, who had been suspended indefinitely since swinging a helmet at the exposed head of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in a brawl on Thursday Night Football in Week 10 of last year.

"We welcome Myles back to our organization with open arms," Browns general manager Andrew Berry said via a statement released by the team. "We know he is grateful to be reinstated, eager to put the past behind him and continue to evolve and grow as a leader. We look forward to having his strong positive presence back as a teammate, player and person in our community."

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1 You get the sense that if…

You get the sense that if Garrett had done this in week 1, he'd have gotten a full year's suspension. I'm not sure what the correct punishment should be, Haynesworth got 5 games worth but that was a different time before the league was full on player safety.

4 Agreed

Agreed - the key for the league was to reinstate in the offseason while no one is watching/paying attention. 

"...before the league was full on player safety..." this statement is insufficently cynical about the league. Since the Ray Rice thing the league now views player dicipline primarily as a matter of brand-management - and it's a wierd thing to wrap your head around. 

15 And now the moron is running…

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And now the moron is running his mouth again.

Garrett does not reach the minimum intelligence level to be an NFL player.

17 It's pathetic. I don't know…

It's pathetic. I don't know if Mason Rudolph did say the n word. If he did, he still didn't deserve a helmet to the temple, disgusting though it is.


Still...Garret said NOTHING about any racial slurs immediately after the incident. A week later... suddenly there are racial slurs??!


It's pathetic and insulting. 

22 Maybe I'm wrong

But I remember the NFL not releasing the audio from the lineman or Rudolph. And there were reports from Cleveland immediately after the game that he reported the racial slur as soon as he was ejected....


Careful with assumptions.

26 But...

I'm not saying it's true, but by saying it came out a week later is patently false. Only a few people on the planet know if a racial slur was used and none of them comment here.

28 The Washington Post said…

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The Washington Post said that the slur was first reported during his hearing w the NFL. That's the first time anyone in the mass media began discussing this topic.


I also find it hard to believe insiders sat on this information for a week while Garrett was being excoriated. You don't think Cleveland would have liked to spin the narrative if they could have?


I don't know if it's true, but the timing and motive to me are suspicious enough that I don't believe Garrett and now question his character. 

29 M. Garrett Browns DE/D

Iquestiomd his character when he hit another guy on ghe head with helmet. I then did not have tp question it weeek later when he pulled race card . Nothing to question anymore

 Total dillhole

27 Not intelligent??

Wasn't he lauded for being an intellectual coming into the NFL? Why yes, yes he was. You should know what you are talking about.



5 We don't know what drug Josh…

We don't know what drug Josh Gordon is suspended for, but I'm pretty sure it's less bad than what Garrett did.

7 Fair?

Not quite fair because Gordon was an extreme repeat offender -Garrett is not; That said, it still seems like a reasonable critique to levy. 

When I first started transitioning from watching hockey as a kid to watching football something that I appreciated was that this kind of "extracurricular activity" wasn't engrained in the culture of the game the way it is in hockey, I for one think the game would be better (and safer) if it stayed that way.


8 I find "extracurricular…

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I find "extracurricular activity" very deplorable personally. It has nothing to do with the skill of hockey. 

9 I disagree.  I find repeated…

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I disagree.  I find repeated violations of substance abuse rules unrelated to PEDs to be such a minor violation compared willful acts of violence, that I don't believe any repeat-violation circumstances should ever bring it to the same level as a willful act of violence.

If Gordon was provided with mental-health and life coaching services, with removal until those are resolved, I might feel differently.  But as I understand it his suspensions are 100% punitive, and I'll never think harm to self can be done in a way that makes it worse than harm to others.

14 " I find repeated violations…

" I find repeated violations of substance abuse rules unrelated to PEDs to be such a minor violation compared willful acts of violence, that I don't believe any repeat-violation circumstances should ever bring it to the same level as a willful act of violence. "


Agreed.  And  I think it's important to emphasize that PED's should be considered separately from non-PED substances.  PED's *do* have the potential to affect others.

19 Yeah, I mean, but a person…

Yeah, I mean, but a person should have the right to do what he wants to himself, right? To others it might seem like Gordon is hurting himself, but to him he's probably having a blast. Not that the NFL cares in the least about these kinds of philosophical questions. It's all about perception.

21 Was he suspended for dui or…

Was he suspended for dui or for using the substance? As a libertarian, I may not like people using drugs but as long as they aren't hurting anyone else, its fine. DUI is explicitly not in that purview. 

24 Exactly, a DUI is not the…

Exactly, a DUI is not the right comparison. In any case, I don't think it's fine, I just don't think it should be a crime to abuse drugs, alcohol, tobacco. If abusers can be helped, great, but you can't help someone who doesn't want help. In that scenario I don't see how jail-time or punishment could possibly help either the individual or society. On the other hand, I don't really believe you can abuse (truly abuse, not just use) substances without affecting the people you interact with every day, let alone family and friends. It's a real pickle, when you get down to it.

10 it's a different area of policy

Also, Gordon has been suspended multiple times by now, and the latest suspension isn't even his worst in terms of fairness.  He's missed entire seasons in the past.

Garrett got into a fight.  A bad idea, but still just one fight.  I'm not going to get into the "but he could have killed Mason Rudolph!" line of argument.  Feels to me like Rudolph was the instigator.  

Meanwhile, Tyriek Hill broke his son's arm but wasn't suspended at all.  And just won a Super Bowl.  

13 Regarding the Tyreek Hill comment...

From the evidence gathered, it doesn't appear he broke the kid's arm. So there is that. See links below for info: 

That being said, from the evidence, I do believe he spanked and/or hit the kid with his hand or a belt. This is horrible and should not happen to a child, particularly a 3 or 4 year old kid. Hopefully, he's stopped doing this and doesn't spend any more time with his ex, who sounds like she is a bad parent as well. They seem very ill-suited to be together.  

Yes, I'm a Chiefs fan. It's hard rooting for him to good things on the field when I know he's not been a good guy at times off the field. I'd be a lot more conflicted about this if Patrick Mahomes hadn't stood by him. Mahomes seems like a really decent guy and hopefully a good judge of character. When the Kareem Hunt thing happened, he condemned him right away and isn't friends with him anymore, as far as I'm aware.