BackCAST 2020 (ESPN+ Version)

Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Here are our BackCAST running back projections for the class of 2020. Jonathan Taylor of Wisconsin gets our highest forecast ever, but one of the popular SEC backs has a poor projection.

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4 comments, Last at 03 Apr 2020, 4:46am

1 Dobbins 40 Time

Article notes that Dobbins ran a 4.53, but I can’t find any record of that. Where did this happen? He didn’t run at the combine, and I don’t think Ohio State had their pro day.

I believe he’s expected to run considerably faster than this, which I imagine would impact his score.

2 4.53 might be Dillon's…

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4.53 might be Dillon's number.

His 2017 OSU combine 40 time was 4.32.

Make of that what you will.

3 Whoops

The 4.53 is an estimated 40 time because Dobbins did not run at the combine and his pro day was cancelled. We're making sure the entry at ESPN gets edited and we'll have it edited when we re-run BackCAST here on FO next week. Sorry about the error.