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Patriots-Broncos Moved Again to Next Sunday

The Patriots-Broncos game that was rescheduled for Monday is now re-rescheduled for next Sunday after the Patriots had another positive COVID test on Sunday morning. That means the Dolphins-Broncos game that was scheduled for Week 6 is going to have to be rescheduled. Or possibly cancelled if it is meaningless for the playoff race? We're getting closer to adding a Week 18 for postponed games.

There also has been a new positive test in Tennessee, shutting down the Titans' facility and putting this week's Tennessee-Buffalo game in jeopardy.

UPDATE: There have now been many, many schedule changes to try to make this work. Click here to see them all.

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8 comments, Last at 16 Oct 2020, 1:34pm

1 Not at all shocked. As I…

Not at all shocked. As I said in the previous news item, I don't see how even with daily testing, they were thinking that delays a few days would work. False negatives coupled with the several days it takes infections to manifest really makes it seem like they should always skip the current week if there's an infection (and of course make clear to everyone how important it is to avoid risks when away from the team). This feels like the NFL really didn't learn much from watching baseball's early seasons struggles (or late season successes).

7 I dunno - with several teams…

I dunno - with several teams having outbreaks at some level at this point, it's pretty clear that most teams' actions are limiting the spread. It's actually really similar to the national trend, where you've got relatively minor transmission in most cases, but a few superspreader events dominate everything. Patriots have 1 on 10/3, 10/7, 10/11, 10/12. That's basically indicating an Rt of ~1 during the period when they were open, and if they close down, you can guess it's not going to grow. Chiefs have 1 on 10/3, 10/10. Again, basically an Rt of ~1 when open.

Similar trend in both cases: one positive leads to ~1-2 additional over the next two weeks.

Then... there's the Titans. Titans have 1 on 9/24, 1 on 9/26, 8 on 9/29, 1 on 9/30, 2 on 10/1, 2 on 10/2, 1 on 10/3, 2 on 10/4, 2 on 10/7, 1 on 10/8, 1 on 10/11. That's... not the same. There, 1 positive test led to 12 in the next week, and 9 the week after, indicating an Rt way above ~1 when open.

Waiting a few days doesn't make sure you have no new positives, sure. But it does seem to be a decently reliable indicator that you're "not the Titans."

2 The nfl is acting like they…

The nfl is acting like they don't understand how Covid works. The league that he the longest time to prepare appears to have no plan in place. Just amazing

3 The league should make the…

The league should make the dirty Titans team forfeit!  And to make it "fair" make the titans forfeit their whole season!!

4 TEN is undefeated.  If teams…

TEN is undefeated.  If teams end up playing unequal numbers of games this year, as seems increasingly likely, the playoffs may end up being seeded by winning %.  If they can avoid playing the rest of the year, TEN could get the #1 seed in the AFC.


5 All those schedule changes…

All those schedule changes are going to wreck havoc with the Scramble for the Ball guys' carefully crafted Double Survivor League strategies.


6 I'm liking the "forfeit if…

I'm liking the "forfeit if you can't field a team, suspend for the year if protocols are broken (even if no time is lost)".