The Sanitation of Jack Easterby

Our own Rivers McCown has some thoughts on the current state of the Houston Texans front office. What can the Texans do to solve the credibility problem with their fan base?

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1 These are both massive…

These are both massive articles full of quotes from people who favor and praise Easterby, though only one of them, Ryan Succop, both has a role in the NFL and is willing to voice belief that Easterby will be a great leader of a franchise. He is but a replacement-level kicker.

His name is also "suck up".

2 Rivers,  *hug* As a Lions…



As a Lions fan, I know how you feel. You are one of us. I would like to say it gets better, but it turns out that rich idiots have rich idiot kids, and the money doesn't run out as fast as you'd think. I will say that franchise's brutal mistake appears to be more temporary than some, and that your players and fans still care. So there is hope.

I also agree with your notion that "plans" without a method aren't plans -- they are really just wishes.