Cleveland to Play Jets Without Wide Receivers

Most of the Cleveland Browns wide receivers have been deemed close contacts after another receiver tested positive for COVID, and as a result, the Browns had to place them on the COVID reserve list for tomorrow's game with the Jets. No Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins, or Donovan Peoples-Jones tomorrow. Starting linebacker B.J. Goodson was also placed on the COVID list, and the Browns have elevated some wide receivers from the practice squad to replace the receivers they can't use. Just another stop on the weird train called the 2020 NFL season.

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1 Lol

Game of the week now

3 I have Mayfield on my…

I have Mayfield on my fantasy team..hopefully he can run for tds or throw tds to the backs and TE. 

5 He runs pretty infrequently,…

He runs pretty infrequently, but this will be a big week for the RBs and TEs, as well as to see if the WRs can be at least a bit in sync.

Looks like LT Jedrick Wills also is out with an unspecified illness, He had tested negative the past few days, but had been in contact with positive individuals both within and outside a small charity event he hosted.

I completely understand that this is basically karma for my doubting OBJ's value and calling WRs largely fungible, but, putting aside how the team seems more in sync without OBJ, Jarvis is enormous as a leader and will get you your first downs, and Higgins/DPJ/and Hodge are all emerging.

The line is still -6.5.  Let's see if the next-man-upness of this team, which has been as good as anyone with Stefanski, holds.

And yes, all due respect to the team that just beat the Rams on the road, this is the one week whereit would be OK for this to happen.