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Alabama WR DeVonta Smith Wins Heisman Trophy

The nearly three-decade drought of wide receivers failing to win the Heisman Trophy ended when Alabama senior DeVonta Smith was presented the award during a virtual ceremony on Tuesday night.

Smith is the third player from Alabama to claim college football's most prestigious award and the first receiver to win it since Michigan's Desmond Howard in 1991. Smith beat out three other finalists, all of whom were quarterbacks: Alabama's Mac Jones, Clemson's Trevor Lawrence and Florida's Kyle Trask.

Smith leads the FBS in receptions (105), receiving yards (1,641) and receiving touchdowns (20). He's dropped only two passes all season.

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2 I guess I don't get the case…

I guess I don't get the case to be made by a guy with no ST role whose utterly dependent on the other Heisman candidate on his team for his entire production, and who wasn't clearly the WR1 on his team prior to the other guy getting hurt.

3 I already explained it

But 448 more receiving yards than the next highest. And he actually DID play ST. And he scored on one too! And his other WR going down and then him still producing only helps his case lol 

Seems like you didn't want to see a WR for the first time in 30 years


6 I'm kind of dubious of a…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

I'm kind of dubious of a receiver's case in general. He's good, but Jones has thrown for 2500 yards to guys not him, and he doesn't even lead his team in total yards or TDs -- Najee Harris does.

In 1991, Howard, who I also thought had a shaky case, accounted for 50% of his team's receiving yards and 80% of their passing TDs. He was half their total TDs and total yards. There is at least a solid case that Howard was the engine that drove the offense for the #4 team.

Smith is 55% of their passing TDs and 33% of their passing yards. He's not the team's leading scorer or leader in yards from scrimmage. I just don't see his case. This team is a juggernaut even without him.

7 PFF explains it well

In their own way.

Harris and Jones each had good seasons but dont even lead their respective position groups in yards this year, let alone, historically. RBs always have yards from scrimmage, even in the NFL, simply because they get more touches. And the fact that Devonta Smith had 86 less yards despite 156 less touches is pretty impressive. I think it's entirely reasonable to expect him pass to him in the next 156 opportunities (targets and rushes). And in 3rd, John Metchie only had about a half of what they had. And of course like you said, Jones and Harris dont play ST. Devonta did at least a little and put an exclamation mark on one. 

Actually pretty crazy when you look back at Howards numbers. Devonta Smith had almost 500 more yards from scrimmage than Howard. Wow

8 Harris is 3rd, because…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Harris is 3rd, because Breece Hall lapped the field in rushing attempts and plays from scrimmage.


Cumulative stats are almost non-sequitor this year, because teams played such uneven game amounts. Jaelon Dardon had 1190 receiving yards and 19 TDs in 9 games -- a prorated 1587 and 25 TDs. Jaret Patterson had 1072 yards rushing and 19 TDs in 6 games -- prorated 2134 and 38.

 Devonta Smith had almost 500 more yards from scrimmage than Howard. Wow

1991 was so long ago it was functionally a different game, and Michigan was a retrograde offense even for that era. Michigan ran twice for every throw, and Mac Jones was a ton better than Elvis Grbac. 2020 Alabama threw for more yards to people not named Devonta Smith than 1991 Michigan threw to anyone.


9 Hmm

Hall may have (he also had more yards for scrimmage) but what about Sincere McCormick? But Najee also wasn't even top 10 in YPC on the same leaderboard. YPR is obviously heavily based on aDot as we know. But PFF thinks Javonte Williams was better than Najee this year, so it's not just about pure volume (I agree it isn't). They also didn't go for Patterson or Darden* because they didn't have that type of (prorated) efficiency. 

Of course prorating isn't always the best as we know week to week that isn't always exactly the same. Especially for WRs. Yet Darden would still come up short, against a non P5 conference, in which his team is below .500. Patterson also in a anon P5. Proration also doesn't work with the CFP as Smith deservedly gets another game (even though that's why they do it before hand). Because you best believe they're game planning for Devonta, especially since Waddle went down, and they still cant stop him! With good players like next years CB1 in Derek Stingley Jr! 

And there is definitely more passing nowadays which is why even Alabama is starting to realize that. So they'll be throw more time at recruiting multiple guys that can help with that. But Smith is still the top dog of all the top dogs.

Ricky Powers had more yards from scrimmage, now that I look at it, than Howard did! IDK if 44*% of teams passing yards should be the (arbitrary) threshold WRs have to meet to be considered. Smith was only 4.5% off that anyway. 

If there was ever a year to give it to a non back, it was this year. Smith has been amazing to watch. Which is crazy because he was last year too lol

12 Asked that

But no response. Answer is none though, or at least less. Would've asked who he thought deserved it though if he had responded tho. 

13 Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence is a special team.

Seriously, I think what happened is that Lawrence missed too much time to win so why not give it to a WR for a change?