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Brandon Staley to Be Head Coach of Chargers

The Chargers will be announcing Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley as their new head coach. He doesn't even have to move! It's been a very fast rise for Staley from Division III defensive coordinator to NFL head coach in less than five years. What have you been doing with your life?

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33 comments, Last at 21 Jan 2021, 8:34pm

1 Wow, I thought Daboll was…

Wow, I thought Daboll was getting this job.  I don't think this is good news for the rest of the AFC East.

2 That's odd

Bieniemy or Daboll seemed like better fits with the QB but...1 year as a DC...

13 Yup.

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   Definitely a risk - not only 1 year as DC, but as I understand it not that many years total.  Not saying it guarantees failure, but it does strike me as a high ceiling/low floor proposition.

14 3 years as an OLB coach beforehand.

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Trying to find another McVay, but defensively. I guess their defense was worse than their offense but...eh we'll see how it works long term. 

17 Pretty sure that this move…

Pretty sure that this move was more about money than coaching acumen.  The Chargers took a big hit financially due to the pandemic, had to pay the league a large relocation fee to leave SD (wouldn't shock me if they're still paying that off), are a tenant in their current stadium (read: only partial revenue stream access), aren't sure how many fans they'll be able to host in 2021 (no one knows the answer to that right now), have to cover the contracts of Lynn and his staff, and probably like where the offense is going with Herbert and thus wouldn't mind keeping the offensive coaches on staff.  Hiring a local defensive guy who has only 1 year of coordinator experience is pretty cost effective.

Cincinnati isn't the only cheap team in the league....

18 Interesting

"cover the contracts of Lynn and his staff, and probably like where the offense is going with Herbert and thus wouldn't mind keeping the offensive coaches on staff" which is it? Because it seems like firing your HC and hiring a new one could mean turnover there, making it more expensive. Don't think I've heard of any financials yet. 

19 Obviously, not all of Lynn's…

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Obviously, not all of Lynn's staff will remain.  In fact, some have already left.  Depending upon how much they get paid in their new gigs, LAC may still owe them money.  The odds of the offensive staff staying on board after the regime change is significantly higher when you hire a defensive coach, especially one that doesn't have much experience.  If you think Staley will be getting paid as much as an established HC, you're crazy.  I'm betting that he'll be paid in the bottom half of the league. 

20 I guess.

IDK if I consider Saleh, Campbell, and Smith as established either and would bet their in the large swath of bottom half too. Don't know where to get that info for every team tho. Paying Staley and Lynn seems expensive too, plus whoever Staley fires. 

23 Yes. My point is: (Staley…

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Yes. My point is:

(Staley hire + his coaching staff changes + payments to old staff) < (Offensive HC hire + other HC's coaching staff changes + payments to old staff) since Staley is less likely to change as much on the offensive side of the ball.  IMO they had to fire Lynn since he underperformed given the quality of the roster.

10 Loins apparently hiring…

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Loins apparently hiring Campbell from NO, because they want to go back to early playoff flame outs.

26 Bienemy has a sexual…

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Bienemy has a sexual harassment charge (and some DUIs) in his public history, though, so he's a fun case example of whether or not racism outweighs sexism.

27 Patricia and Meyer laugh

As multiple organizations like the Vikings and Chiefs get a pass for turning a blind eye to it as people like him are definitely never locked up?

28 One DUI, according to…

One DUI, according to Wikipedia, from 2001. Some minor criminal and traffic stuff from 30 years ago. The 1993 harassment incident is definitely the most troubling, but it's hard to argue that such an incident from that long ago would be remotely disqualifying for a white coach with a strong football pedigree.


30 I think Patricia's issue…

I think Patricia's issue came to light after he'd been hired.

Also: he was hired by the Lions. They hire drunks who aren't even competent. They are not a professional organization.

It was an issue for his alma mater -- he was banned from campus for a year.

31 What are the point of interviews again?

Can't even vet that stuff but some random news site can (and the Lions waited for him too).

Yeah he was banned decades ago. Then brought back. Twice. 

Only he has that type of stuff held against him. Despite Meyer retiring because of that stuff two years ago. 

Blaming poor decision making on...not being professional... is an interesting alibi. Wonder if all the other franchises claim the same.

16 I'm already feeling sorry for Justin Herbert

I thought yesterday's Rams' defensive performance would have killed any talk about Staley being a head coach candidate. He showed yesterday he is totally incapable of making a change when something isn't working. Aaron Donald was obviously limited and they were not getting pressure with four. The one time they rushed five they forced a rare punt. You'd think they'd try it again, but they went right back to a light box for the rest of the game. If he can't make a simple adjustment to account for injury, what on this planet qualifies him to be a head coach? 

It's not like the Rams can't blitz. LB Leonard Floyd was second on the team with 10.5 sacks. This means that Staley was determined not to mix blitzes in against Rodgers even if they were unable to get pressure. It also means Staley took a really good defense and made them average once their future Hall of Fame DT showed he was 70% at best. That's not going to work against (IMO) the best LG in the game. 

I realize that being an OC or DC is completely different from being head coach, but it seems like being a coordinator or head coach at some level is needed as a prereq for HC (except Andy Reid who's the exception for everything). But adjusting during the game when you're completely ineffective (the Packers didn't punt until the second half) is an indication that you may never learn to adjust during a game. 

22 I had a different take. The…

I had a different take. The Rams coverage units did quite well. It's easy to say rush more than 4, but then you are weakening your secondary and leaving yourself susceptible to getting beat deep. 

Honestly, you are on the road against one of the top offenses in football with your best all world defensive player hobbled. It was not a good defensive performance, but it was also not a shocking outcom either under the circumstances.

Not too mention, you shouldn't be judging a coaching candidate on the back of a single game to begin with.

32 Making predictions would be foolish

but I can't say I'm optimistic. It clearly seems like a knee-jerk reaction to the defense performing poorly, but because defenses are less table year-to-year than offenses, I'd rather there be smaller, smarter, moves to improve the D than just slapping a defensive HC on the team. (That's not saying he can't do other HC things well, just that I think that's the reason they hired him, his D was good this 1 single year). 

Ultimately I don't think the team will make good hires until it's owned by a different family. The least they could do is find someone new to scout OL because even higher picks there have been duds, consistently. (And having even a league-average OL would be a boon to the skill players on the roster, and with Herbert being the QB of the future, the team could find stability through it's offense (which is the most stable unit by nature)).