Broncos Players to Skip Voluntary Workouts

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Denver Broncos players have announced that they will be unilaterally skipping the club's voluntary workouts, which were scheduled to begin next week.

The players' statement reads that "without adequate protocols in place in order for us players to return safely, we will be exercising our right to not participate in voluntary offseason workouts. COVID-19 remains a serious threat to our families and to our communities, and it makes no sense for us as players to put ourselves at risk during this dead period." The statement also notes that positivity rates in Denver are higher than they were in April of 2020, and that players have recently been infected at club facilities. 

Per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network, the NFLPA has recommended that all players skip the league's voluntary workouts. This could set the stage for a completely virtual offseason for the second year in a row. 

UPDATE: The Seattle Seahawks players have joined the Broncos' in skipping voluntary workouts. 


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1 Are NFL players too young to…

Are NFL players too young to qualify for Covid shots?  Of course, we still don't know for sure if vaccinated people can still transmit Covid to their non-vaccinated families.

6 To add data, MO is also open…

To add data, MO is also open to anyone 16 and older too. I got my first dose today but I'm also older than any players in the NFL as well. While everyone is eligible age is still a factor in when you can register. Of course since it's 4 more weeks before 2nd dose and a couple of weeks after that before immunity is conferred that's still looking at June as best case.

So I get players skipping voluntary stuff for sure, even with "voluntary" basically being "mandatory" from the teams standpoint but they can't say that because of the few things the players actually got in the CBA. Hopefully by training camps teams can hit full vaccination marks though.

7 Colorado

In Colorado, they have only been eligible since April 4.

Where I live, it's been a slow trickle of shots becoming available, but I'm sure that's not true in the important part of the state.

13 Mistake

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April 2, not April 4.

11 It just occurred to me that…

It just occurred to me that several states use that horribly flawed BMI metric to help prioritize the list. Prioritizing the sign-ups based on risk factors is good. Using a flaw metric like BMI as the proxy for how physically fit someone is, is bad. But anyway...

If Colorado uses that, most of the RB/S/LB will come out as overweight and the lineman will mostly be obese or at least overweight. So they might be able to skip up the line a bit because they are so physically unfit!

Breakpoints for overweight and obese by height
5'10'' - 174+ is "overweight" and 209+ would be "obese"
5'11'' - 179+ is "overweight" and 215+ would be "obese"
6'0'' - 184+ and 221+
6'1'' - 190+ and 227+
6'2'' - 195+ and 234+
6'3'' - 200+ and 240+

So for the Broncos I think their entire LB corps is "obese"
All of the CB are overweight
All the S are overweight but Chris Cooper and PJ Locke at 5'10'' and 202 are pushing obesity.

But even the lightest players still tend to end up in the high 20's on BMI and "normal" is 18.5-24.9 so it's possible that all these unhealthy overweight and young men who's entire focus on the weekend is playing games could move up the vaccine priority list. Poor out of shape lazy souls.

It's important to understand what your metric is actually measuring and if it really correlates to what you care about. Practice safe statistics people.

8 It's important to note that …

It's important to note that 'eligible' doesn't mean much in a lot of states. 



In virginia 16+ are eligible starting this week according to the state. But they're still only allowing 65+ or high risk in all the scheduling portals.  The actual eligibility has lagged a full stage behind the official eligibility. 

14 In my part of urban Colorado…

In my part of urban Colorado, you have to schedule with the vaccine-giver themselves. I used the vaccine-finding website, which pointed me to several pharmacies (Walgreen's, King Soopers, etc) that had it in stock, and you make appointments with them directly. I was able to get my first jab the next day.

I was actually expecting a central portal to go through like you suggest, but that's not how it worked. The decentralized signup worked fine in the end though, thanks to the centralized national vaccine finder website pointing the way

15 We have both state run…

We have both state run/portal scheduling for the mass vaccination sites, and private scheduling for places like CVS. 

Both are following the state guidance though, which has basically been "phase X is eligible, but we're prioritizing phase X-1" - which meant that for a good while there were appointments available, and people trying to book, but they wouldn't let you because you weren't really eligible. 


It was a mess.