Minnesota Vikings CB Jeff Gladney

Vikings Release 2020 First-Rounder Gladney

The Minnesota Vikings have released Jeff Gladney, a 2020 first-round draft pick, after the cornerback was indicted for felony assault in a domestic violence case in Texas.

"Following our review of today's indictment against Jeff Gladney, we have decided to release Jeff immediately," a Vikings team statement read. "As we have previously said, we take these matters very seriously and condemn all forms of domestic violence. Due to the ongoing legal nature of this matter, we are unable to provide further comment."

Gladney, the 31st overall draft pick last year, started 15 games for the Vikings as a rookie. Though he was on the roster, Gladney had not been around the team since his arrest in April in Dallas.

Gladney is charged with domestic violence by impeding breathing, for "intentionally, knowingly and recklessly" causing bodily injury and applying pressure to the alleged victim's neck and throat, according to the indictment. The altercation grew out of an argument and took place over a span of more than two hours, according to a civil suit recently filed against Gladney by the former girlfriend. She also alleged in the suit he tried to bribe and intimidate her into keeping quiet.



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1 Shame

Will be a Chef in 15 months.

4 It’s like the Vikings and…

It’s like the Vikings and Colts having a contest for who can have the most chaotic start of training camp.

6 I was so out of touch, with…

I was so out of touch, with all things NFL, in 2020, that I am nearly completely unfamiliar with Gladney. Obviously, ownership has no doubt that the guy is guilty  of the original allegation of hideous criminal violence, and trying to obstruct investigation; I suspect he lied to the team as well.

Without more information, its hard to tell if this is just more bad luck with 1st round picks by Spielman, or if he ignored warning signs from college that Gladney was a violent criminal.