Baltimore Ravens RB Gus Edwards

Ravens Edwards, Peters Out For Year with Torn ACLs

The Baltimore Ravens canceled practice early on Thursday after cornerback Marcus Peters and running back Gus Edwards went down with non-contact knee injuries on back-to-back reps in team drills. Though the specific injuries have yet to be confirmed, the fear is that both men will be lost for the season with torn ACLs. This after starting running back J.K. Dobbins went down with his own torn ACL a few weeks ago and backup Justice Hill was lost for the season with a torn Achilles earlier this week.

UPDATE: Yes, it's a torn ACL for both players. They're done for 2021.

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11 Still might not be a bad…

Still might not be a bad pick, as the Ravens have usually done better than most on next-man-up, although it's extremely hard to get a read on the Chiefs-Beating-But-8-8-Raiders.

8 I won't count them out…

In reply to by Joey-Harringto…

I won't count them out unless Jackson goes down.

However, this makes it tough, especially in the secondary. And while RBs are fairly fungible, at some point it has make an impact.

4 Yeah, this is the exact kind…

Yeah, this is the exact kind of injury nightmare on both sides that could knock them out of the playoffs. Damn shame. 

6 Ravens got dis.

I believe.

But it does kinda suck they already traded...CB Shaun Wade...yeeks...maaaaaybe shouldn't have done that for a *checks notes* day 3 pick? Oof.

12 Well

Not a great start to the season