NFL Week 2 Preview - Schatz & Tanier Football Outsiders LIVE!

S and T 9-16
S and T 9-16
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Football Outsiders Live! debuts Schatz & Tanier hosted by Aaron Schatz with Mike Tanier. This week Mike took over the host chair with Aaron out and was joined by Football Outsiders staff writers J.P. Acosta and Cale Clinton to preview Week 2 of the NFL season. The FO youth movement was in full effect as the group discussed the biggest matchups of the weekend while bringing some great pop-culture references. 

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2 comments, Last at 19 Sep 2021, 4:54pm

1 Terrible

This was the worst—and only really bad—product I have ever encountered from FO.

No stats, no analysis, no insights, no witty commentary—how was that even possible with Tanier present?—just some incredibly lame, forced humor that was painful to listen to.  I turned it off before they even got to the second matchup.