Week 2 Open Discussion

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
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Daniel Jones! Taylor Heinicke! Only on Thursday Night Football!

On Sunday, San Francisco (1-0) travels to Philadelphia (1-0), the surprising Raiders (1-0) visit the somewhat surprising Steelers (1-0), and the not-surprising Saints (1-0) face their first divisional opponent, the Carolina Panthers (1-0). On Sunday night, Kansas City (1-0) seeks a second straight win over a rival AFC contender in Baltimore (0-1). The Monday night game sees winless Detroit visit winless (for now) Green Bay. Use this thread to discuss them all. 


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Football team defense making DJ look like Kyler Murray, overrated much?  This comment will probably age poorly, but this (Washington) defense played a lot of backups and crappy QBs down the stretch last year.

70 Agreed. They get plenty of…

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Agreed. They get plenty of smoke with the front four but the back end looks average at best. 


2 Tuned in late but I see…

Tuned in late but I see Taylor Heinicke managed to take a 16-yard sack. I have to think a Cam Newton comeback is in the offing before the month is out.

The Giants marched right down the field against the Football Team defense without breaking too much of a sweat. Aided by a bodyweight roughing penalty that I guess fit the letter of the law, although it looked like Young tried to let him go but still landed on him.

3 Agreed

WFT allowed like 15 3rd down conversions to the Chargers.  An allegedly "elite" pass rush doesn't  allow 15 3rd down conversions.

4 Chase Young

On the big Barkley run, Young was running him down.

6 Barkley is back!!

Now with 72 yards on 14 carries a 5.1 average for the season with a 41 yard carry, 13 for 31 on his other carries for 2.4.

And now with the sack the 41 yard burst leads to no points.

But the master of inefficiency has returned.

11 Daniel Jones may be the…

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Daniel Jones may be the superior rusher at this point.

I feel for Saquon, who had his athletic gifts wasted behind a terrible line in a terrible offense, but he looks like he's lost a step now. A couple of years ago he turns the corner on that run just short of the sticks.

7 Scary Terry!

living up to the hype in this game so far, he's so quick

8 McClaurin

1118 yards last year with those horrifying WFT QB’s.  I believe he is massively under appreciated.  We will see what he can do this year with bland but not horrifying QB play.  Would love to see him with a good QB.

12 Another useless FG

I guess Judge does not read FO or EDJ Sports.  That should be good for a bottom 5 decision this week.

EDIT:  GWC approx -4 percent on EDJ Sports twitter feed

13 And the FG is followed by a…

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And the FG is followed by a WAS TD drive.  Yes, WAS might have driven for a TD anyway, but odds of them doing so starting inside their own 5 is a lot lower.

15 I was going to make a crack…

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I was going to make a crack that 3 points is an insurmountable lead for Taylor Heinicke, but neither I nor the Giants correctly accounted for the fact that he would face the Giants defense on the subsequent drive there. Stoppable force versus moveable object situation.

16 Gutsy call.  If the run is…

Gutsy call.  If the run is stopped short, there's not enough time to get the FG team out there and there might not be enough time to line up and get a 4th-down play snapped.  So kind of all or nothing that came up "all".

22 There was enough time to run…

There was enough time to run another scrimmage play (23 seconds at the snap), so presumably they had another play called to go for the TD on 4th down. If the 3rd down run picked up the 1st down but not the TD then they also could've spiked it and then kicked the FG.

17 Aaron Schatz at this game?

Troy Aikman says that there has been a guy yelling at him all night that says 1991 Washington is best team ever.

18 Barkley update

Seven carries no yards, one for 41 for a total of 8 carries 41 yards in the game

20 Incredible throw by Jones,…

Incredible throw by Jones, dropped it right in the breadbasket. Not much a DB can do there.

The Football Team defensive line is playing well, getting penetration and sacks and tackles in the backfield, but it hasn't exactly shut down a not-great offense.

21 Troy Aikman sounds shocked

Troy Aikman sounds shocked that Daniel Jones is having a good game.  Without dumb penalties and unforced turnovers this hardly looks like an NFC East game from last year.

23 Here comes the Judge

Goes for 52 yard FG, not 4th and 3.

EDIT:  EDJ Sports says a toss up only 1/2 percent GWC lost by kicking

28 Emboldened, Judge goes for…

Emboldened, Judge goes for it again, this time from 55 yards out and Gano makes it, increasing their lead from 3 points to everyone's favourite 6 point lead with 5 minutes to play.

EDIT: Then WAS takes only 30 seconds to score the go-ahead TD, so NYG gets the ball back down only 1 with lots of time to play.  So maybe that 55 yard FG attempt was a good decision - or at least a good result. 

30 Good thing the Giants kicked…

Good thing the Giants kicked all those FGs on 4th and short, methodically building an insurmount- what's this now?

32 I'll admit. I like Daniel…

I'll admit. I like Daniel Jones. I don't think he's good or anything. But I think he's shown enough and his supporting cast is so terrible... I think he's worthy of a reclamation project

36 He's a great runner and he's…

He's a great runner and he's got a solid arm. With better ball security, and with a better coach/team around him, he could probably succeed as a good-run+good-enough-pass QB in the Newton/Jackson mold.

45 Yeah this is weirdly my…

Yeah this is weirdly my feeling as well. Guy seems like the definition of “serviceable”. Or maybe, less charitably, “slightly below average.” It’s possible that a really great situation and coach could make him look really good. 

38 Wow

Giants waste that final timeout

41 Joe Judge

is questionable. A lot of hype last year for keeping games close.

44 I take Giants fans' word…

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I take Giants fans' word that his job is safe, because he was literally the first name that came to mind in the First Coach Fired prop bet (admittedly, because I couldn't actually remember the Bengals coach's name).

56 Oh I bet it is

But the hiring was sus and it probably shouldn't be. The Bengals not firing Zac Taylor probably due to them being cheap. Which as long as they're honest with themselves is a better excuse than believing in another mediocre Billy B disciple thinking he's John Harbaugh because he makes them run laps in practice. 

But the Giants can do what they want for all I care.

43 I love these games

You play all night to a virtual draw and a special teams DT going offside decides it.  Did I say earlier that this did not look like an NFC East game due to no unforced turnovers or dumb penalties?

46 Heinicke is Fitzmagic clone!

for real though, one of the worst INTs I've seen since SB49, but all the poise and confidence to lead his team to the win.


What a game

47 OFFSIDE! And it was the guy…

OFFSIDE! And it was the guy in the middle. A guy who didn’t even bother standing up and trying to block the kick. The guy in the position I’ve always wondered why it’s even there.


48 Jones and judge

Glad to see Jones showed a national audience what I've been seeing all along. He gets good protection by nyg's pathetic standards (4 sacks but quite a few plays where he didn't have a guy in his face as soon hit the top of his dropback) and he goes a whole game without a single bad throw. Seriously, go back and watch: ball placement was near perfect every time, even when he was getting hit. And rushes for almost 100 yards and a td. If Lamar ir Kyler does that everybody's gushing, but it's Jones and so people are saying things like "wow, he doesn't suck as much as I thought."

As for Judge, his decision-making was great...for 1970s football. Ffs, it's 2021! Don't play for fgs! Don't give a team who has scored on almost every second-half possession the ball down 2 with 2 minutes left! And you look like clown preaching about your team is going to be the most disciplined in the league and then have them go out and cost you points with a false start to knock you out if ff range and a (bs, to be fair) holding penalty costing you a td and then give away a game with a beyond-stupid offsides.

I went into the game thinking they should get rid of Garrett and gettleman at season's end but keep Jones and Judge...I'm down to Jones.  



60 "ball placement was near…

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"ball placement was near perfect every time"

Say what?

He was making it difficult on his receivers the entire game. The drop in the end zone was largely on him. It hit the receiver's hand, but it was so far out in front of him that he could only get one hand on it with an almost fully outstretched arm. He still could have caught it. But he was *wide* open. A better QB makes it easier. I mean, Jones could have underthrown him by 10 yards and it still would have been an easy completion. Why did he even make the receiver stretch for it? (Answer: He's not that good a passer.)

Another example: On a key third down late in the game, he had a receiver open for a first down but he threw it too close to the sidelines forcing the receiver to jump out of bounds to catch it.

Jones still might pan out (a la Alex Smith), but to me he is looking like the second coming of Jake Locker

63 OK, so you pointed out his…

OK, so you pointed out his two "worst" throws of the game--fair enough. But let's get some perspective: his two worst throws of the game hit the receivers in the hands, one from 40 yards as he was getting leveled by a defender. If those are a QB's worst throws all game, that's a damn good game...and would be seen as such if not for everyone's preconceived ideas that he SUXXXX.

65 hows this for perspective

You want perspective, here you go. Jones record as a starter 8-20. In 29 total games jones has 30 fumbles and 22 interceptions. In the nfl (as in life) there's winners and there's losers, and Jones is clearly the latter.  Your response "That's not fair, its a team game". Really? That's why the Vegas line moves are really only for one position in the NFL and that's QB. At one point last year Rodgers was worth like 12 points over his backup, I get it Jones is not Rodgers but if something were to happen this week and Jones couldn't start I'm guessing the Giants line moves MAYBE a point.

66 My point is not meant to be…

My point is not meant to be a referendum on Jones' career. It's simply that he played a really good game last night and that it's frustrating that people can't see past their preconceived narrative to acknowledge that. It goes far beyond Jones. We've seen the same thing happen on this site and elsewhere with Josh Allen, among others. I think part of it is that so many people trashed those two picks (Jones and Allen) and want to be proven right. In any case, I expect that from most places on the internet but this site's commenters are clearly an intelligent, well-reasoned group, making it all the more frustrating.

Not to edge this conversation toward violating Rule #1, but if intelligent people who know football well can't see past their prejudices to tell whether a guy played a good game or not, what chance in hell do we have to come to, if not consensus, then at least an understanding and accepting of our differences of opinion on subjects far more complex and fraught then whether a guy threw a ball accurately?

67 I don't think he threw the…

I don't think he threw the ball well last night. He made some plays with his legs, and completed some passes but he seemed to me to be consistently off at least a little bit. It's like, even when he completes a pass it's not quite where it should be so that a receiver has an easy catch for YAC. I cited two prominent plays, but there were others. (His final throw, for example, was behind the receiver.)

As for your bigger point, there is virtually *no* objective evidence that Jones has ever or will ever be a good NFL quarterback. By DVOA he was just about the worst starting QB in the league last season, same with 2019.

So, look at it from my perspective: He's looked bad (or at least not good) to my eyes every time I've watched him, including last night (which I agree was one of his better games), *and* all the numbers confirm this.

He could pan out, sure. We've seen QBs do it (you mentioned Allen; I mentioned Smith). But saying he is not good and probably never will be is not a biased take.

51 Broadcast kept talking about…

Broadcast kept talking about this being a good game.  It's funny but I didn't feel so. Wash secondary felt like the ultimate moveable object balanced by a good d line.  Both qbs had some awful throws, but worse was the decision making - streams of 4 and 5 yard passes.   Fun game, but didn't feel good.

59 Exciting game between two…

Exciting game between two flawed teams.

WAS pass D has dropped off since last season.  Not the pass rush, but receivers are getting open very fast.

Terry M is really a top tier receiver now.  

Both QBs were over-praised by Buck and Aikman.  

52 Wait, there was a game tonight???

Ugh, missed it, but then again, not too invested in either team.

Just discovered that while my Colts will be televised this Sunday in Seattle (yay!) I won't get to see much of the game because my son's HS band is playing at the Seahawks game and parking being what it is, we have to get there early.  I'll get to watch the first half at most.  Kill me. At least I get to cheer for the home team against the Titans. Find out if that D is real, which it sure looked last week.

53 Am I the only one in…

Am I the only one in thinking that the Texans will cover vs the Browns. Don’t see Browns winning by 2 possessions…

55 It can be amusing reading…

It can be amusing reading these comments. A poster above was talking in glowing terms about how Jones didn't make a bad throw all night! Then another right below mentioned several awful throws!

Not certain who is correct, but the production was certainly there for Jones, and combined with his rushing, it looks like a good game against what was slated to be tough defense. I liked the way Jones' was used on designed option runs to counteract the tough WFT defensive front - they really didn't look prepared for it. Credit to Jason Garrett there. OTOH, rushing Saquon Barkley was a waste of time. Outside of the one long run he had 12 carries for 16 yards. Atrocious. They desperately need to find more imaginative ways to use Barkley (if they must), because sending him into the teeth of the defense 10-20 times a game is going to be a serious drain on efficiency

I thought a few of the drive-continuing penalties looked a little ticky-tack, but I haven't been back studied closely. I particularly don't like the calls where a closing DB arrives a tiny bit early, and is flagged. TV replays always legitimize these calls because in ultra slow-mo 2/3 frames feels like an eternity, when in real-time we are talking fractions of a second. If we are really judging down to the millisecond, we are effectively saying there is nothing the DB can do other than allow the catch and then hope to jar the ball loose with a hit (then if they hit too hard, or in the wrong manner, they are getting flagged regardless). There has to be a bit of leeway here to allow defensive players a chance, IMO.

57 I thought the PI calls were…

I thought the PI calls were right this game.  Most egregious missed call I noticed was the push off by Sealy-Jones in the end zone on the last WAS TD.  TV didn't show it on replay (as opposed to showing the same play by TB ad inifinitum the week before) but it looked as clear cut as the prior week's game winning push off by the TB receiver - full extension of the arms to push the defender away to give room for the receiver to make the catch.

Not sure what to make of the holding call that negated Jones' TD run.  Looked like the hands were holding the jersey, but I didn't see any of the typical indicators that trigger a holding penalty, i.e. no arms around the outside of the defender, no pulling him down or re-directing except through normal blocking momentum.  I guess it was a technical penalty but that looked like one that normally gets let go because the hold was incidental and didn't really affect the play.

Most hilarious officiating event though, was the booth "review" on the spot of the ball.  Watching the play live I couldn't figure out why it wasn't a first down and thought the TV must have the line of gain overlay in the wrong spot (which can happen).  Then when it went to replay all seemed good and it would be corrected.  Then they looked at the spot on review, saw it was wrong, and decided to stick with it anyway - man, there is some serious passive aggressive issues around replay with the NFL officials: you want replay, okay, let us show you how we can make replay as painful and useless as possible.


62 Really a master class…

Really a master class showing by the Giants in how to call plays and manage the clock in the last few minutes if you want to lose.

If have the ball in FG range down two points with two minutes and change left in the game, and your opponent has all their timeouts left, you *must* be aggressive. Trying to burn clock is futile. You have to try to get a first down or two or score a touchdown. What you can't down is run straight-up-the-gut twice (hasn't been working all game) to set up third-and-long, and then throw an incomplete slant that wouldn't have been a first down anyway.

But if you do that, then you definitely can't sit back on defense and give them everything underneath like you're up ten instead of two. I mean, they got WFT to fourth-and-one, and didn't even look like they were trying to stop them. You know that they are going to do an inside handoff, get some people in the box! Call timeout if you have to. If you stop them there you win.

Once WFT got the ball back, the refs should have just moved the ball to the Giants 30-yard line and put four seconds on the clock, because it was just about a foregone conclusion that that's where things were going to end up.

68 It was painful. Barkley must…

It was painful. Barkley must have had one successful run all night.

I will give some credit to the Giants coaches for the offensive gameplan. The protection held up pretty well, and Washington looked totally unprepared to defend Jones as a runner. But to then turtle it at the absolute most important moment? Absolutely deserved to lose after that. 

71 NYJ WRs

Crowders out but Mims is inactive...over Jeff Smith? Shanahan/Lafleur hate early round 2nd year WRs for some reason.

76 Boom 7-0 Bills already.  Tua…

Boom 7-0 Bills already.  Tua went 3 and out after getting sacked on first and third downs, and Devin Singletary scored a 46yd rush td on 2nd down

77 Ugh....Rams get gifted…

Ugh....Rams get gifted massively there by Carson Wentz turning a bad situation into a disaster

78 Also say. Gotta give credit…

Also say. Gotta give credit to the Rams D on the goal line. I have to admit...Raheem Morris lost all of my respect as a defensive mind when under his stewardship, the Bucs would get rolled on defense over and over and over.

Maybe he'll end up changing my mind

81 Texans

GASP.....are competitive....how is that possible...

84 Been watching Rams-Colts…

Been watching Rams-Colts. Not a ton to say; both defenses look good, Stafford looks better than Wentz, shocking I know.

Glancing through the other scores, I see Zach Jones is being eaten alive by Belichick, while the Darnoldssance (Darnaissance?) continues apace in Carolina.

85 It's been a strange 10 and 6…

It's been a strange 10 and 6 half for the Colts Rams.

You might look at that box score and think it's been a back and forth mostly tilted defensive slugfest, but it's really been Colts moving the ball but have had really sloppy red zone issues.

Stafford has looked terrific, the receivers have been doing well, and the line has been blocking well too. The credit to Colts defense for stiffening and getting pressure just at the right time on third down.

86 Rams' Joseph-Day sacked…

Rams' Joseph-Day sacked Wentz by the facemask, basically. No call and he's hopping mad, as are the fans. Joseph-Day had his other hand on Wentz' pads and 'could have' tackled him without the facemask, but that makes it worse, honestly.

None of this is to excuse the Colts' offensive line, who let about 3 rushers get to the QB there.

87 I think the line hasn't been…

I think the line hasn't been good but it hasn't been a total trainwreck. However, it is limiting the offense and the Colts just don't have the difference makers to where line play can be rendered to a nuissance. 

88 Yeah on the balance they've…

Yeah on the balance they've held up pretty well, especially considering it's Donald et al. on the other side.

And now Kenny Young has been ejected. He was mad about something and waving his arms around and hit the official's hat, basically. Didn't seem particularly egregious but I think that's the letter of the law.

Since both penalties are enforced (Colts also had a taunting penalty), it actually moved the Colts back a few yards.

89 Raiders TD

Carr stayed down a long time on low hit, he appears OK.  If not are you really favored to hold a 16-7 lead with Nathan Peterman?

90 Colts line has melted down…

Colts line has melted down in the red zone. Gotta give Wentz credit for averting disaster twice and finding a TD.

And a nifty two point conversion. Wentz stats won't show it, but he's been very good thus far considering he's had to make some Houdini level plays in the pocket.

91 In case it wasn't obvious -…

In case it wasn't obvious - Aaron Donald is destroying the Colts. For a dtackle who plays an absurdly taxing position physically, he's on the field the whole time. Ugh. 

93 Jameis Winston comes…

Jameis Winston comes crashing back down to earth 

Zach Wilson had 4 ints in 13 attempts...welcome to the NFL

Loads of injuries today too. Landry, Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor, Tua, all missed time with injury.

94 One of the most…

One of the most disappointing endings to a regular season game. Wentz plays really well ( had to make a lot of throws from dire situations) and ends up rolling his ankle on a Aaron Donald tackle. 

Rams score a fg, Eason comes in and promptly throws an interception to Ramsay. 

I guess Wentz getting hurt was predictable, but man it sucks to see your QB play well and then gets robbed of a chance to win or tie the game on an inoccuous tackle. 


121 Boy was it ever. Crazy back…

Boy was it ever. Crazy back and forth game, where the Rams D gets two clutch stops on the goal line. One shovel pass interception, the other a sack on 4th and goal. Balanced by an utterly gifted Colts TD on a fumbled punt. The game kind of had everything. Portions of stifling defense by both teams. Parts where the Rams offense looked untouchable. Kupp looked godlike, but the other Rams receivers had a couple drops here and there. Wentz kept making play after play to avoid the rush and get the ball out.

And then he rolls his ankle on their final possession while making yet another heroic play, Eason comes in, throws a horrible pass that’s easily intercepted. Game felt over with 2 minutes to go and it was.

Still, the Colts are a far superior team to their week 1 drubbing. Wentz, contrary to the naysayers here, of which I was probably amongst, is not simply not washed up, but is threatening to become a top 10 QB, if he can keep playing like this. 

97 Late but

Would've liked to seen a pass or at least an option there from the Bears right before the 2min warning instead of the 6 yard run but it turns out alright in the end. 

100 Mike McCarthy…

Mike McCarthy uncharacteristically goes for it on 4th and 3 around midfield and lucks into a DPI on a terrible play/throw, as a DB rather clumsily runs into the well-covered WR trying to cover someone else. But hey, it worked, maybe the old boy will learn something.


102 This game is kind of wild in…

In reply to by Spanosian Magn…

This game is kind of wild in the early going. Dallas converted the 4th down and three other 3rd downs on the same drive to get a score. On the ensuing drive Herbert got picked on a pretty great play by the DB Trevon Diggs (could have led the WR more and probably shouldn't have thrown it at all, but Diggs did a fantastic job swooping underneath the WR to snag it). But then Dak handed it right back on a terrible pick that must've been some kind of miscommunication with Ceedee Lamb. The Dallas D held them to a FG; not expecting them to hold up against this offense for long, but they've done really well so far.

101 Just noticed

Only Burrow threw a pass (ok) but Mixon was also the only one to rush for the Bengals today. Seems kinda weird, at least in todays crazy NFL.

103 Raiders are 2-0

Vegas is 2-0 with wins over Baltimore and Pittsburgh, just like we all thought. Though this is despite Jon Gruden

104 So...Gronk

is back to being a top 5 TE right now in his old self, right?

Kittle, Kelce, Waller, ?????, Gronk? Not many good ones. 

105 I appreciate that DPI on…

I appreciate that DPI on both "Go Chargers!" and "Eff the Cowboys!" grounds, but I really did not see anything there. Overturns a (lucky) INT too.

The Chargers o-line is really having problems without Bulaga. Herbert's actually managing pretty well all things considered, but there were consecutive plays with a pass rusher literally unblocked.

EDIT: It must be noted too that they got called for 2 false starts and a holding on this single drive. Which Herbert caps with a TD anyway because he is a wizard. Got the 2pt conversion too, now 14-11 Cowboys.

106 Dallas RBs:

Pollard still with (multiple!) more yards on (multiple!) less carries today. Same amount of TDs (both in the redzone).

Don't pay RBs bois.

108 Dallas PR

Still Ceedee with Gallup out? Doesn't seem worthwhile. I know there was some talk in GB about Jaire, when it was bad bad, but thankfully they never did waste his energy there. 

109 Cowboys go for it on 4th and…

Cowboys go for it on 4th and 5 and probably should have gotten a DPI to convert it - infinitely more, and earlier, contact there than on the one that overturned Herbert's 2nd pick - but they fail. No matter, the Chargers hold and get sacked and end up netting 5 yards on 6 downs before punting.

But that doesn't matter because the numbskulls on the punt team clobber the punter and give the Chargers 15 yards. The Cowboys' coach was signaling for offensive holding; I didn't see anything but he's probably right.

Given this gift, the Chargers immediately commit their 10,000th holding penalty of the game to negate a rather nice play by Herbert. Somehow in all this Herbert's only incompletion was the INT that stood.

110 Cardinals Vikings

Wild first half with neither team really playing defence. Both teams with long touchdowns on broken plays but the Cardinals really getting repeatedly gashed on the ground. Will be interesting to see how their defence holds up in the NFC West over the year. 

Field goal kicking competition to finish the half with MIN making a 52 yarder followed by ARZ making a 62 yarder both in the last minute. 

111 Chargers continuing their…

Chargers continuing their usual ways of awful special teams and dogshit offensive line play. 

Giving up a 1s pressure when you are facing a prevent defense is just humiliating.

112 Chargers not only doink the…

Chargers not only doink the FG, a lineman commits a 15 yard facemask penalty somehow in doing so. Lord almighty. 10 penalties for 94 yards in the half, and they deserved at least one more.

113 Cowboys came 1 yard from…

Cowboys came 1 yard from scoring on the hook-and-lateral to end the half lol lol lol.

CC: whichever coach that was who kneeled out the last few seconds of the half last week. Or was it Thursday? Whichever; you know who you are, coward.

115 John Harbaugh

on Monday kneeling out the 2nd half into OT. Dallas shows why it's silly despite throwing a (could be an oh so scary fumble or just a plain goes no where) lateral. 

114 Dallas!

Yaaaassssss. Going for it with 3 seconds left in the half instead of kneeling. Love it!

And they almost get it! Zeke (of course lol) ends up a couple yards short. That's why you try!

116 61 points scored in Min-Ari,…

61 points scored in Min-Ari, still 24 minutes of game time left

Brady with 210 yards and 4tds early in the 3rd quarter too...he can probably play until 50.

117 The Chargers line keeps…

The Chargers line keeps finding new ways to shoot themselves in the foot; ineligible guy downfield negates a 30 yard pass (coming off a semi-bold 4th down conversion on a QB sneak that even they couldn't blow, to be fair I guess).

118 Jalen Hurts

has started 6 games. In the second half he has thrown for a combined 0 [zero] touchdowns so far. 2 rush TDs doesn't quite make up for that utter lack of production.

145 I watched the whole game and came away with a mixed opinion

In reply to by horn

He had some really nice deep balls he threw including the 91 yard reception. He did well scrambling for meaningful production too. He just doesn't seem to do enough in that crucial 10-19 yard range that leads to the crazy 12 play 90+ yard drives like the 2 the 49ers used to win this game. He only has 6 starts and seems to have shown enough to get the whole season to prove if he can become a franchise QB. I also think the Eagles are going to dominate a lot of teams with bad defenses this year because of the offensive line. They just ran into a bad match up with SF who also has top 10 lines on both sides. I could see them contending for the East if they stay somewhat healthy by dominating the trenches and gouging teams with big plays down the field.

119 Heh, Derwin James pancaked…

Heh, Derwin James pancaked the center on a CB blitz and got a partial sack to force the game's first punt to not be overruled by a dumb penalty.

120 Chargers had another great…

Chargers had another great pass negated by holding - this one on the TE, just to keep things spicy. Herbert nevertheless on the next play hits a fairly amazing pass in traffic to Ekeler - who gets hit in the head (15 yard penalty) and is obviously concussed. Ugly.

Herbert, though, is honestly giving one of the best QB performances I've ever seen, considering how everyone else on the team is constantly digging a huge hole he has to lift them out of.

Of course as I type that, he throws a truly terrible pick in the end zone.

122 What's the record for most…

What's the record for most first downs+touchdowns negated by penalty in a single game? Asking for a friend (who is the Los Angeles Chargers football team).

123 Officials called Herbert…

Officials called Herbert down for an 18 yard sack on "in the grasp" despite him not being in any sort of grasp.

They do nevertheless hit the 27 yard FG to tie the game - barely.

124 Per ESPN, the Chargers have…

Per ESPN, the Chargers have 12 penalties for 99 yards (and I think that's about 10 yards short), but the Cowboys also have 8 for 76. And they haven't by and large been ticky-tack or big PIs, just tons of blatant holding and false starts. What an unbearably sloppy game.

125 What was that Dallas?

Wow. Weird play clock management. 

End up winning but left a down on the board with a K that was shaky last week but good for them trusting him anyway (but still should've gotten it a little closer for him).

127 McCarthy makes one of the…

McCarthy makes one of the most preposterous clock management blunders I've ever seen - ran on 1st and 10 from about the 40 - expecting the Chargers to call timeout, apparently, but they didn't, and Dallas had to settle for a 56 yard FG attempt.

Of course Zuerlein hits it anyway.

I can't say the Chargers "deserved" to win this game, exactly, but they really, really should have. Bad, dumb penalties took 12 points directly off the board, and those are just the plays that actually scored.

130 Ravens vs Chiefs

At the game, please Harbaugh, no blitzing Mahomes and go for all 4th and 5 or less in first half.  Tired of Lamar can not beat Chiefs when 30 or more points are allowed

147 He had a really rough start

Impressive to see him shrug it off and turn it on in the 2nd quarter. Recovering from mistakes is one of the most underrated attributes for winning QBs. Jimmy G was an absolute dumpster fire for a whole quarter and a half today and proceeded to take the team on a 97 yard TD drive to close the half and take a lead they had no business having. Then I go watch Zach Wilson absolutely implode after a few mistakes. Mac Jones had a much more mediocre game today and was clearly, by a large margin, the best rookie QB in the class. Ravens are actually playing surprisingly well in this game because Lamar has really settled down.

133 Insanely lucky bounce for…

Insanely lucky bounce for the Ravens that they were able to take in for the score. That could've been 2 TOs in 2 possessions against an offense they can't hang with in a shootout.

134 Fumbles

Not so bad! 

138 Collinsworth explained how…

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Collinsworth explained how the Chiefs hoodwinked him with a disguised coverage - but the throw was clearly about 3 yards off-target too. Bad decision, worse throw.

139 3rd and 39

OK the Chiefs can be stopped

140 Hopefully

Odafe is mainly on OBJ

141 Ravens FG

Could've squeezed one more play in there

142 Only down 4

Despite 2 turnovers a fumble at the goal line and two penalties by Villanueva (the statue of futility, I must rag on him) the Ravens are fortunate