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Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow
Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow
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There's a battle of journeyman quarterbacks on Thursday Night Football as Teddy Bridgewater (currently starting for his fourth team) and the Broncos face Case Keenum (about to start for his sixth) and the Browns in a critical game in the AFC wild-card race. 

Notable Sunday games include Kansas City (3-3) at Tennessee (4-2), Cincinnati (4-2) at Baltimore (5-1), and Chicago (3-3) at Tampa Bay (5-1). The Colts (2-4) visit the 49ers (2-3) on Sunday night, while the Seahawks (2-4) host the Saints (3-2) on Monday night. Use this thread to discuss them all. 


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1 Easy bet to make.

With injuries decimated the Browns, it's easy money to take the Broncos.

Browns get one of their tackles back and also Landry, but that's not enough.

I see this as 23-14 Broncos in an ugly game.  Expect Bridgewater to get back on track.


42 Average?

I've won more than I've lost and I won big on last year's SB.  While most people were betting Chiefs, I took the Bucs in a blowout.  

I only bet $5 on the Browns/Broncos, mainly to see if my hunch was right.

If Bridgewater doesn't throw that end zone pick, my bet is pretty good.



2 Broncos may have quit on their coaches last week

I was at the game last Sunday vs the Raiders and the body language and effort throughout the second half was not encouraging. Lots of head shaking, barking at each other on the field and on the sidelines, and several guys not finishing plays.

We'll see if the same thing happens if the Browns get out to any kind of lead today. Denver is in free fall right now. 

3 I heard that, too.

The NFL is a week to week league.

They may have quit in that particular game.  I guess we'll see.

I don't think either of these teams are very good, but I do know the Broncos have a good defense.

That's the impetus for my bet.

Ironically, I do think Keenum would be a better option for Cleveland long-term than Baker, but that's a whole different conversation.

4 FOX?

Why does FOX have this game?  It's two AFC teams, that's CBS' turf.

7 Fox has all Thursday night games

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The NFL believes in being fair to all fans.  It is not fair to confine the horrors of listening to Joe Buck exclusively to NFC fans.  AFC fans will be mistreated to a number of exclusively AFC teams on Thursday Night Football going forward this season.

33 Island games don't follow…

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Island games don't follow the FOX/CBS and AFC/NFC rules, and FOX has Thursday night football until 2022.  

The NFL also does some occasional switching around of games in order to even out the best matchups between CBS and FOX.

35 Wow, I'm surprised I didn't…

Wow, I'm surprised I didn't realize that FOX was the sole owner of TNF.  They've mostly been NFC teams and would've been on FOX under the usual Sunday rules.  I get my games on GamePass so I don't necessarily think about the network the game is on until these two blowholes show up (Buck and Aikman).  When I saw them this week, I was like "Them again?  How many Thursday nights do I have to put up with them"  Now I realize it's all of them, sigh.  I try to mute the game but sometimes you really need the sound to know what's going on.

36 If you feel like subscribing…

If you feel like subscribing to Amazon Prime (I get a lot of stuff from Amazon and like a lot of their original programming, so it makes sense for me), then you can get an alternate broadcast team (it was Andrea Kramer and Hannah Storm at one point...I think Andrew Catalon is involved now).  Not that those are Hall of Fame broadcasters, but they're addition by subtraction (of Buck/Aikman).

99 Thanks Joey

I have Amazon Prime and I am looking forward to an alternative to Joe Buck.  Sorry that I can not offer you an alternative to the Lions, the Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings are not much better.

5 Still doing this

And 33 year old Keenum better in the long run

Laughs all around

43 The difference between Baker and Case.

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

It's not enough to warrant paying Baker a top-tier contract.

Keenum will be more consistent on a game to game basis.  For me, this is more about how little I value Baker than how good I think Keenum is.

Cleveland fans are tortured by imagining what their team would be with Lamar or Josh.

6 Yikes, that first series

Denver’s defense was still on the plane or something.

Letting the Browns go 75 yards in 5 plays for a TD? Giving up gains of 34 and 20 yards? 


10 One game is just one game,…

One game is just one game, of course, but it'll be interesting to see how much the Browns' passing offense suffers with Keenum instead of Baker. Mayfield is better, but I'm not sure by how much (i.e., I'm not sure by a nine-figure contract worth). Although so far they aren't exactly airing it out. Not having the main RBs is a complicating factor too, but man D'Ernest Johnson tore it up on that first drive - they'll have a lower-stakes version of the QB dilemma with him a FA and Hunt cut-able this off-season.

11 Lolllll heck of an…

Lolllll heck of an interception and low tackle by the Broncos DB there. Just next time do it in-bounds (and not to a poor innocent cameraman).

12 It feels like Cleveland…

It feels like Cleveland could put in the water boy and he'd rip off 10 yard rushes up the gut and 15 yard screens.

13 Well, I guess the Broncos…

Well, I guess the Broncos can take some solace in the fact that they're only down 10, despite being pretty much completely dominated by Cleveland in every facet. I guess they punted pretty well (though Cleveland had the better average, 54 to 51 y/p).

18 No way this is a 1st down

Anyone goes for this except Fangio and Zac Taylor.

EDIT:  That leaves Zac Taylor shooting for a 3rd straight 32nd place finish in EDJ Sports coaching decisions.

23 To be fair, they're down to…

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To be fair, they're down to their backups. But also to be fair, Cleveland's running a guy they apparently just plucked off a fishing boat and he's been trucking them all night.

24 Welp

RBSDM shined tonight (with a backup QB too!).

Von Miller saying Bridgewater is the best they've had since 18 is...well, sad?

25 DVOA for this game will be…

DVOA for this game will be interesting. It felt like complete and total Cleveland domination, outside of that one Denver drive basically, but in the end it's only a 3-point margin. A lot of long drives with a lot of runs will do that - but it also means their yards/play isn't that much higher than Denver's (5.6 to 4.6).

26 Fangio.

The way this Broncos team is playing, Fangio isn't going to last the season.

Their offense is non-existent and I actually felt sorry for Bridgewater given what little he has to work with.

The Broncos defense looks horribly coached and low on talent.  No pass rush and the secondary while often in position isn't making any plays on the ball.

How the hell did this team ever get to 3-0?

They're horrible.

Still, with all of that, they still only lose by 3.


30 Monday Night Football

This seriously needs a flex option. I know you have to be cognizant of the fans and travel etc. but couldn’t we have flexed a better game to Monday night two weeks ago when we knew it would be Smith v Winston for the “most disappointing QB bowl”?

31 No

What is wrong with seeinf Smith vs Winston? So what si Seahawks crappy now? Some people liek like seein it. Also, yes Winston is disappointing in hlw hd is playing.  Normally crazy gunslinger.  Not doign that as much. S. Payton castrated him. Not literally .  Turned into Ken O'Brien and j. Harrington (not literally) now wheree so afraid of interceptions that he is nto doing anything good anymore. Still, do hro minf seeinf Saints play

Imagine if J. Winston did turn into Joey harrington.  Instead of being black and wanting Alaskan snow crabs Winston woudl shwo up in facility as white guy and be wanting to play the piano   

Well, harrington never did much good in NFL but O'Brien was at least top notch quaretwbcl even if for only one season.  Did say if Payton was going to coach J. Winston liek this, then t. Hill should be starter. I thought T. Hill should have been starter anyway . Not sure hwy Winston won job. 


Nfl bnot flexing Monday night games. Too problematic for fans and teams (think about hotel situation) 

32 Not only incoherent

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But incorrect if you think Taysom is better than Jameis.

38 Winston is better at throwing interceptions

T. Hill is not as pretty a passser as winston btu he dioesnt throw ball all over the place liek a drunk guy. dont care about their bona fides. look at the performance. one guy is playing football like a blind and drunk frat guy with good skills. other guy is like nerd with pocket protector with not as fancy of an arm btu he works with what he has and performs.



135 Did post

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Something sabout Gruden ih Gruden threade.

Move was good

136 Did post

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Something sabout Gruden ih Gruden threade.

Move was good

37 Final score doesn't indicate how bad Denver was

I've been watching them since the 70's, and that was one of the worst games I've seen them play.

Issues:  Coaching has been subpar and worse, hasn't improved in 3 years.  No death by inches, Fangio?  Then figure out basic clock management and challenges.  Why should your players sweat the details when you haven't for years and show no improvement at all?  Oh, and if you're going to call out other coaches for not caring about injuries, it's a mighty curious decision to play an obviously hobbled Bridgewater behind that line.  Speaking of...

More coaching:  If Munchak is such an awesome offensive line coach, why has the OL been so bad for so long?  As far as I can tell exactly one player (Bolles) has improved under his coaching.  Risner has regressed, the other draft picks (Cushenberry, Muti, Meinerz) don't look good so far, and the free agents end up average at best (Glasgow) or actively struggling (every RT they've tried).  The results haven't matched the reputation since he got here.

More coaching: Shurmur is one of those arrogant fools who try and fit players to his scheme, instead of scheming what his players do well.  He's ruining (ruined?) Fant, and if I can call out run or pass 75% of the time before the snap you can be damn sure the opponents are doing even better.

More coaching: Special teams.  Enough said, as every Denver fan knows.

Players: Several of the defensive guys (I'm looking at you Harris, Jones, Simmons) seem to have believed their own press (and big new contracts) before the season and are shocked it's not coming easy.  Others (Jackson, Fuller) have simply gotten old.  

Players and coaching:  Heard a lot over the last 3 years how tackling is absolutely not optional for a Fangio team at every position.  Surtain, Strnad, and Simmons seem to have missed the memo the whole season. Jackson may be older, but at least he flies in to hit.

Fate:  God hates the idea of seeing Miller and Chubb on the field at the same time, so it doesn't happen.  Made worse by a rash of focused injuries at off ball linebacker, which is the primary reason they got run all over.  They were starting their 3rd and 5th guys on the inside last night (and with Miller out, 3rd and 4th edge in the 2nd half), and rotating in guys even lower in the pecking order.  It's not that shocking to see backups play like, well, backups.  Yes, Cleveland had injuries as well, especially at RB.  But when your run fits and zone coverages are a mess, an offense that knows where it wants to go has a huge advantage.  And yes I'm irritated that Aikman mentioned Cleveland's RB injuries about 3 times more often than he noted that Denver was playing guys at LB who weren't even on the roster a week ago.

I was never under the illusion that they were serious contenders after that 3-0 start, but this is ridiculously bad.


40 So, you're a Denver fan.

I feel bad for you.

I think Fangio will get cleaned out sooner rather than later.

I don't see much talent on the field.  Von Miller wasn't getting much push even before he got injured.

What has the GM been doing in the off-season?  

I don't know whether Bridgewater is a long-term solution, but he needs help and that team looks lifeless.

44 Probably should have included Miller in the "got older" group to

He also gets double teamed on 95% of his pass rushes because no one else gets (or deserves) any respect for being a threat.  Hard to tell if he's lost something in the pass rush department when facing that.  He still seems pretty good in run defense (at least to my eyes; Cleveland ran away from his side most of the time).  I've seen him disrupt a lot of running plays this season when teams go at him.  But why bother when they can run over everyone else?

And now apparently Purcell has been added to the injury brigade as well, because there weren't enough issues with run fits up the gut.

I probably should have trashed Bill Kollar in the coaching area too (and he's a pre-Fangio hangover).  Again a huge reputation in his area (best d-line coach in the league, supposedly).  But has he developed any breakout stars with Denver?  Or even solid pros?  Certainly had a ton of draft picks to work with, almost all of whom serve out their rookie contract and move on.

45 Cursed thread

Preston S missing first game in 7 year career. Thankfully we signed Merci otherwise edge was gonna be pretty terrible.

46 Chris


Also 20 min and GB hasn't wasted a timeout! Yay!

47 Two passing TDs in Jets-Pats…

Two passing TDs in Jets-Pats, neither by the starting QBs. WR Kendrick Bourne had one for NE, and backup Mike White came in for an injured Zach Wilson to throw for a TD on his first pass.


The score in this game in conjunction with the Titans-KC score makes it all the stranger to remember the Jets' one victory on the season was over Tennessee.

48 Goofy stat from Titans-KC:…

Goofy stat from Titans-KC: Derrick Henry has more yards per pass than Patrick Mahomes right now, thanks a single five-yard completion, and only 16 fewer passing yards total.

I thought this would be a great game to watch, but it might be just about over by half time.

51 In the World Series, the…

In the World Series, the Giants are leading the Panthers 5-3 in the second inning.

*taps earpiece* Wait, what's this I'm hearing?

52 This why you save timeouts


We'll see if Washington is as aggressive. Nevermind. They're cowards and KNEEL. They deserve to be blown out. Run up the score GB. No mercy. 


54 Jets down by 24 to a…

Jets down by 24 to a mediocre at best Pats team. Titans destroying the Chiefs by 27, still impressive even if KC isn't as good as we are used to... How on earth did the Jets actually beat the Titans??

117 Injuries + Any Given Sunday…

Injuries + Any Given Sunday I suppose.  Jests end up losing by FORTY to a poorly coached New England team (that hurts to type).

They also lose their new QB for some amount of time.

55 Ok refs screwed Washington…

Ok refs screwed Washington. He wasn't giving himself up. 

The 4th down play looks like the right call that it wasn't a TD but we'll see after review. Though that play shouldn't have even happened.

56 I can't see the play/game…

I can't see the play/game but didn't Rodgers get screwed on a similar play a couple of years ago (against SF in the NFCCG perhaps)?

IIRC the way the rule is written, all QB dives are marked down when he starts the dive, or something?

58 Bengals-Ravens

Those of you watching other games are missing a very entertaining contest. Oh, and this just in—Ja’Marr Chase was an excellent high draft choice. 

63 They're mercifully giving us…

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They're mercifully giving us Bengals-Ravens now. Wish they'd done it when the game was more competitive, but still. We did get the highlight of that long Chase TD, which was just nuts.

Bengals will be in 1st going into week 8 after this. I'd still wager the Ravens finish first in the end, but it might be close - both teams' schedules look to get more difficult down the stretch, but I'd call Cincy's slightly easier.

61 Welp, the Bengals are decent. Good game by Joey Burrow

And the Ravens were overrated after last week’s thumping of the Chargers (as I feared). 

As a sidenote, man, the Chiefs have been disappointing. I don’t want to bet against the best QB in the league, but KC really is looking like its ceiling is the second round of the playoffs.

62 Agreed. Even last year, KC…

Agreed. Even last year, KC looked like a team that needed to score every drive to compete against playoff teams due to how bad their defense was. I question if a team can win a SB without a defense, no matter how good the offense. They will still feed off of a lot of bad teams the rest of the year and I have no doubt that they will be in the playoffs, but their ceiling is probably 1 playoff win. 

66 Ceiling, sure. But it's…

Ceiling, sure. But it's entirely realistic that they don't even make the playoffs at this point. They have Cowboys, Packers, @Chargers, and @Bengals coming up, and I'd call them the underdog in all 4 at this point, and who knows where the Raiders go from here but right now they are leading the division and the Chiefs still have to play them twice. Maybe it's unlikely that they lose to all of them, but it's by no means guaranteed that they beat the Broncos or Steelers either (especially given they have a 3 man offense, and one of those 3 had a scare today). They could easily finish 8-9 without ridiculously bad luck. And I have a really hard time seeing them finishing better than about 10-7, which might not be enough to get it done.

64 How to beat the Ravens

If today’s game is any indication, the way to beat the Ravens is to outplay them!  That is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek statement, but the search for a formula that will enable you to defeat a quality opponent can be a bit silly. Play well, don’t commit foolish penalties, get a few breaks, and voilà. 

67 If the Packers don't get…

If the Packers don't get some players back from injury during this short week Arizona is going to chew them up and spit them out. Murray is going to exploit those decently covered receivers, mushy rush, big open spaces with his legs. Then when they go zone or spy him to help he'll get a few big plays with his arm. Zona defense is going beat up that sub optimal interior line while also exploiting the tackles after they cheat inside to help. GB holding up to the Cardinals with no preferred starters on the interior of the offensive line and without their top 2 edge or CB1 and CB3 is too tall of an order.

Rodgers and Adams will still make a few things happen, but the team that played Washington is not a match for what I've seen from Arizona this year.

69 Wild things happening in…

Wild things happening in Stafford Bowl 2021: D'Andre Swift took it to the house on a Chase-esque "how was he not down?" run, then they kicked a surprise onside and recovered. Rams made some great plays to force them into 4th and 7, and the Lions called a fake punt and passed for the 1st. And it's only the middle of the 1st quarter.

79 Normal service resumed

At half time it’s LA 17 DET 16. 

Loving the attempts by Detroit to steal possessions and bring in some extra variance. However LA look better when they have the ball. I suspect DET will have to bring something similar in the second half to keep hanging around. 

106 As someone who has watched…

As someone who has watched every single Goff game of his entire career, I can say that may have been the single most Goffian game of them all. Let’s go through the checklist:

1) Occasional great throw showing off the arm talent. - Check

2) Occasional inexplicable miss that you hope will get worked out in practice, but never does. - Check

3) Checkdown City - Check

4) Bad interception - Check

5) And another - Check

6) Scrambling for negative yards - Check

7) Moderately impressive stat sheet comes by way of screen passes that went the distance - Check

The only thing that’s missing is checking the all-22 tape and confirming that he’s not going through his reads properly.

138 Yea, that’s a pretty good…

Yea, that’s a pretty good summary of Goff’s 2021 season so far, especially the last part.  I hear people say, “but his receivers are so bad, how can you judge him this season?”.  Yet those receivers are getting open.  The problem is, if his first read isn’t open, and he starts getting even a hint of pressure, he completely falls apart. 

It’’s the most Lions thing ever that they’ll end up with a top 5 pick with no quarterback worth taking in the top 5.  Of course, the last time they took one top 5, they ended up wasting the first 12 years of his career.

71 That Packers-Washington game…

That Packers-Washington game was weird. There was never a time where it felt like GB was seriously in danger of losing, but Washington had the advantage in all the statistics except turnovers. That game was not a good sign for Green Bay, even if they won relatively easily. The offense was good though.

Washington had five drives that went at least 45 yards yet ended in no points. Three of those were 65 yards or more.

73 Everyone is hurt

Also Rodgers clearly outplayed TH. GB was a lot better on 3rd and 4th and RZ (somehow)

Washington was just better at running. And GB was mostly running with a lead aka running the clock down (while Washington just wasted their own time too) 

Hardly worrying with so many starters out

77 Remember

And this is not any guarantee about the future, since several of these players may not be back soon, and a couple not at all.

GB is missing their starting All-Pro tackle; their only WR with enough speed to be a deep threat

Both their OLBs-- including their best pass rusher.

Both their starting CBs, including one that is an All-Pro; and another one of their top DBs....

ARIZ and KC on the road the next two weeks will be interesting tests...

74 Loved the early Lions' strategy

"You can't make us play defense!"


Onside kick followed by fake punt.  Up  10-0 before Stafford can take a snap.


75 After the first quarter,…

After the first quarter, Cards surprisingly have just 13 yards offense, including 1 net passing yard.

81 Yeah the numbers looked…

Yeah the numbers looked weird but it was just a case of "The NFL is hard even for a great team vs a garbage team and things can happen, like all your bad plays for the whole game strung together."  As expected things changed significantly in the 2nd quarter and I suspect will continue to change in the 2nd half. It's even possible the Cards were looking a bit past the Texans and doing a little work for the Packers (and that may have been true for the Packers and Washington but I doubt it, most of that game is easily explained by the injuries and GB doing what GB does, i.e. plodding along the whole game regardless so never putting anyone away, but never really being in danger most of the time).

76 Who is Real, and who isn't?

Baltimore was it... now, not so much. Does GB's win over CIN seem a lot better now? 

Arizona is it...but struggling with terrible Houston, as the Rams are struggling with terrible Detroit.

The Chiefs are officially bad-- Mahomes not right and a horrific defense.

TB and DALL look like the most consistent to me-- and BUFF/TENN might just be fated to meet again for a Super Bowl berth.

78 The Chiefs are not bad…

The Chiefs are not bad. Mediocre at worst. They've had a tough schedule so far, facing only two teams with losing records. The offense is still too good for them to be bad. Their biggest issue right now is the turnovers. Their turnover rate is vastly higher than it has been the past few seasons. That likely won't continue.

88 Compared to Expectations Though

We're talking about the Chiefs as a .500 quality team, or a bit better.  And with a weak defense (without many injuries), and Patrick Mahomes as a top 5 QB who is human (instead of obviously number 1 and possibly a hyper-advanced alien).  This is pretty awful for 7 weeks on how we should change our priors about the Chiefs.

125 aside from the o-line and the defense,

the Chiefs are not bad.

The offense only scored 3 points today vs. a Titans' D that entered the day in the bottom five in DVOA.

The Chiefs' line play is bad.  The defense has major holes in it. 

They're not going to be able to keep up with Buffalo, Tennessee,  Baltimore, and, dare I say it, Cincy come playoff time.

At some point FO readers need to believe the FO stats that are incredibly negative about the Chiefs. The defense is awful, and Mahomes, Kelce, et al. can only do so much to cover up for bad blocking. They're not a top 10 team right now. 

94 AFC

Nobody is it, or everyone is it depending upon how you look at it. Most of AFC North and West are competent teams, Buffalo is erratic, and Tennessee DVOA may move up to look something like their record.

Entire conference has at least two losses.  This is a crazy tossup as we approach trade deadline and midpoint of season.  

Patriots are not out of playoff chase, nor are Colts with win tonight.

One thing for sure is that there is a lot of good young QB play in this conference.



82 Detroit ran a second…

Detroit ran a second successful fake punt! I know I've seen teams succeed on multiple fakes in the same game before, but it's been awhile... Nevertheless, they get to 4th and 1 around the 20 and the Rams stuff the run to force the TO. It was the right call, it just didn't work out.

I can't help but root for Detroit at this point. They want this so bad and they're pulling out all the stops. May Dan Campbell eat his first kneecap today.

83 Eagles establishing the run?

And getting destroyed? 19 rushes, 12 dropbacks. Meanwhile the Raiders have 18 rushes, 28 completions


84 Update

They've surpassed their season average game amount of rushes (22) and are still in the 3rd. They sit at 24 rushes, 16 dropbacks. They're down 23 and the Raiders have the ball. 

92 Eagles lose, Miami loses and…

Eagles lose, Miami loses and who knows what the Colts will do.   This could be an amazing draft for Eagles.  If Hurts progresses so that they do not want a QB they can make picks/trade down and get a lot of players.  If Hurts can be “the man” Eagles turnaround could be as quick as their downfall.

89 Lions with a good drive late…

Lions with a good drive late in the fourth, down 6. Get to the Rams 12 yard line, then Aaron Donald hits Goff as he throws and it gets picked in the end zone. 

That’s probably the most fitting ending for this game, I guess…

91 Detroit had a really nice…

Detroit had a really nice drive going with several clutch 3rd-and-long conversions, then in the red zone the Rams get pressure and Goff throws a horrendous pick (not clear how much of that was pressure from Donald and if there was a route miscommunication, since it ended up going right between two [not especially open] receivers). Now the Rams have the ball and a 6pt lead with under 5 mins left in the 4th and I've given up hope. I guess this is the Lions fan experience.

93 “Now the Rams have the ball…

“Now the Rams have the ball and a 6pt lead with under 5 mins left in the 4th and I've given up hope. I guess this is the Lions fan experience.”

On the Lions heartbreaking loss scale, from 1-10, this game is like a 1.5

96 Chiefs looked pretty bad

It seems like their win loss record is a pretty good reflection of their team quality.

98 Aaron just mentioned the Lions in an article

They are one of the best 0-6 teams in history.  Clearly they are not a good team, but expect them to win a few along the way.   Its not everyone that can have a win stolen from them on a 66 yard FG on the last play, followed by a 52 yarder a few weeks later.

EDIT:  You mentioned the Chiefs right after a Lions post. Having not seen any of the game today, I am shocked by the score, and their DVOA will likely fall to be in line with their record.  Could have been a shutout if not for that useless FG trailing 27-0

105 Rams manage to escape with…

Rams manage to escape with their kneecaps intact, albeit nibbled by a plucky Dan Campbell lead Lions squad, that seemed to finally figure out “if you suck, play for high variance and hope for the best.” To recap, the lions:

1) Surprise onside kick after first TD.

2) Fake punt conversion on 4th and 7 from midfield while up by 7.

3) Second fake punt conversion 4th and 9 down by 1 at midfield early in third quarter.

4) Went for it on 4th and 1, down by 1 in field goal range. (Okay this was more standard, but some coaches wouldn’t) They actually didn’t convert this one.

5) Generally called a ton of plays on offense that require the correct defence, like draws on 3rd and 11 conversions, or screen passes. Hit on almost all of these.

Effectively the Lions stole 3 possessions from the Rams, and had a chance to win a game where they were outplayed. Hats off to Dan Campbell, I wish McVay could learn a bit from his aggressiveness.

115 In the end, despite stealing…

In the end, despite stealing three possessions, only somewhat made up for by the non-converted 4th and 1 in field goal range, they lost by 9 points. So even if they had kicked the field goal, they would almost certainly have lost. 

But Campbell gave his team an actual chance to win the game, “risking” failing to convert those 4th downs and getting blown out by a team that was already favoured by 16 points.

122 Rams.

The Rams looked sloppy and were out-coached.

Of course, Goff saved them with an endzone pick.

One of the reasons I didn't bet this game is because I didn't trust Goff even if I thought the Lions could win.

Not a good sign for the Rams, though.

You didn't even cover the point spread.

128 McVay

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McVay was definitely outcoached by a guy whose team has much less talent.

109 What on earth was Wentz…

What on earth was Wentz trying to do there? The ball obviously slipped out but even if it hadn't, there was virtually no chance that little toss was making it over the LB unscathed.

111 Another strange end zone rule…

I don’t think that punt was reaching the end zone until the returner kicked it there. Guess the rule as written helps reduce judgment calls that might flip games, but it sure looked like it should have been a safety to me. Is it only illegal kicking if it advances (rather than retreats) the football? Could you deliberately boot a muffed punt through the end zone rather than try to pick it up?

112 If I an reading the rule…

If I an reading the rule correctly, a muffed punt into the end zone is an automatic touchback the instant that the ball is in the end zone.  Amazing that the kicking team can recover at the 1, but not in the end zone.   Maybe FO can provide further clarification on this play and the rule in general during the week.

140 No, it's a touchdown. It's…

No, it's a touchdown if the kicking team recovers a muffed punt in end zone. It's explicitly called out in the scrimmage kick rules.

"If  the  kickers  catch  or  recover  the  ball  in  the  end  zone  after  the  receivers  first  touch  the  ball  in  the  field of  play  or  the  end  zone,  it  is  a  touchdown  for  the  kickers."

142 Yeah, but not that well,…

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Yeah, but not that well, unfortunately. The reason the Aiyuk play was a touchback is because he didn't intentionally kick or bat the ball. It just bounced off of him while it was still moving. The whole "new force" thing in the Twitter link is just ref clarifications - as a receiver/defender you can't provide new impetus to the ball until it comes to rest or nearly to rest.

He does not need to possess the ball in order for it to become a safety - if the ball had come to rest, and he ran into it like that, it would've been a safety. But because the ball was originally still (quite) in motion, it's a touchback.

Same thing as if it doinked off his helmet and went out the end zone while he was standing near the goal line.

113 Comedic Relief

This 49ers - Colts game should have Yakety Sax playing in the background throughout. And it needs Peyton and Eli instead of Collinsworth. 

114 SNF timeout usage:

Fantastic (99th percentile)

49ers cowardice: 

Disgusting (99th percentile)

134 I think it's 14 combined…

I think it's 14 combined last done in 1961 (https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/196109170nyg.htm)

Of course this game only ended with 7, which barely beat out the 6 in the Green Bay game (DYAR is not going to like the day AJ Dillon had 3 carries for 6 yards with a long of 3, 1 rec on 2 targets for 2 yards. 2 fumbles, 1 lost.)

This NFL season keeps having "themes" pop up each week. We had missed kicks, now we have fumbles. Actually I don't know if it was a theme for the week, but there were 3 games that produced a lot more than usual. Hmm let's see:

IND - SF: 7
GB - WAS: 6
CHI - TB: 6
KC - TEN: 3
PHI - LVR: 3
HOU - ARI: 2
CIN - BAL: 2
ATL - MIA: 1
NYJ - NE: 1
CAR - NYG: 1

DEN - CLE: 0
DET - LAR: 0


Yeah maybe that is the trend of the week.

121 3-1 on my bets!

Bengals won.

Titans won.

Colts won.

I finally recouped all the money I lost on that damn Fury fight!

More importantly, my judgement is pretty spot-on. 



The Niners are a mess as an organization.  To think that this team came one Jimmy G incompletion from winning a SB two years ago to this is depressing.  I would hate to be a Niner fan today.

I don't see the Ravens as a true contender.  Maybe a dark horse.  They're too thin on both sides of the ball and the talent isn't there.  Lamar is great, but he isn't carrying that team to an AFCCG.

The Rams are exactly who I said they were.  A stars and scrubs team.  They were basically one play away from blowing that game to the winless Lions.  I was more impressed with the Lions than the Rams.  McVay might want to think about hiring a new ST coordinator.  

Bengals look like odd-on favorites for the AFC North.

The Chiefs are likely going to miss the playoffs.  They may get a WC, but they're done this year in terms of going anywhere.  I have never seen a team with this much talent play so poorly.  Is Andy Reid still coaching?


143 When he's not in aggressive…

When he's not in aggressive drunk fan mode he's gotten a lot better these last few weeks. Still a bit too much insulting your team and I'm better than you bravado. He does actually have salient points and can engage in statistical discussions at times. You likely aren't getting that in the weekly game day threads like this one since these are mostly about in the moment reactions, but he can make real points in some of the other articles. I actually find him easier to deal with than oaktoon and actually read, instead of skim, most of his posts, though it's pretty clear if the post is a brag or insult early, so those you can usually skip. But he's actually contributed recently and I've even intentionally engaged a few times. Not my favorite commentator on the site, but not purely a troll/waste anymore.

123 Has there ever been another…

Has there ever been another game in NFL history in which the lead RBs for both teams have 100+ yards on the exact same statline (18 for 107 and a TD for both Taylor and Mitchell)? I have no idea how to search for this, but I was drawn to that coincidence immediately after looking at the box score.

133 I'd like to see the equation

figuring the odds.  Even more so, I'd like to walk through the set-up for it.  To keep from going to relative infinity on the top end, probably throw out all games with the top RB getting 160 or more (as just too unlikely to have two of them), and probably 30 or fewer (since we're talking about the lead RB)... then go back to the beginning of time... okay, brain cramp.  Oww.  Need some pickle juice and an ice pack.  That's a LOT of chances for it to happen, surely the same rushing total has happened.  Now the one the same attempts?  Even if it's 1 in 10,000, I'll bet it's happened before.

147 Even veteran backup QBs aren't worth much

2-5, do the Seahawks...tank? Probably not but man they're rough without Russ. I don't buy the Russ wanting out noise but he has two years left on his contract after this year. They may want to spend a day 3 pick on a QB juuuust in case. 

148 Saints get the W thanks to…

Saints get the W thanks to Kamara and defense (5 sacks, plus held seahawks to 219 yards, with 84 of them coming on one play). 

Meanwhile Seahawks really need Russ back, as Geno was totally unimpressive.