Texans Deal Mark Ingram to Saints

Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 8 - The Houston Texans are trading veteran running back Mark Ingram back to the team where he started his career, the New Orleans Saints, for some unannounced combination of late-round picks. This is bad fantasy news for those of you who have Alvin Kamara on your rosters, as Ingram could steal some of his carries. It's also big Loser League news, because Ingram was a great play this year.

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1 Ah yes

The Texans tank sell off resumes.

I guess idk why NO did this but I we'll have to wait for the actual compensation. Dont think they were a (backup) RB away from really competing. Although I guess Kamara is happy on twitter

2 It was for a 2024 7th

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And they got the Texans to sign him to a 1 year extension first. 

They got HOU to eat a signing bonus so I guess it's alright since Sean Payton is a pretty smart coach. If they actually use him this year though.