Taysom Hill Gets Paid

New Orleans Saints QB/RB/TE/Special Teamer Taysom Hill
New Orleans Saints QB/RB/TE/Special Teamer Taysom Hill
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 12 - The New Orleans Saints and QB/RB/TE/special teamer Taysom Hill have agreed to a four-year contract extension worth $40 million, including $20 million fully guaranteed. ESPN's Adam Schefter says the deal includes up to $55 million in additional income should Hill become New Orleans' starting quarterback.

Hill, 31, is one the short list of players in pro football history with at least 1,100 career passing yards, 900 rushing yards, and 300 receiving yards. Hill and Kordell Stewart are the only players to join that list since the 1950s.

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3 Wait…

… what? 

Can someone who watches the Saints explain this one? Guy has thrown 8 attempts for 56 yds and a pick. Rushed for 104 and caught a few passes for 50-something. The cool thing about Swiss Army knives is that they are really useful and don’t take up much space/weight. Please stop insulting them by calling Hill one. Thank you.

8 Payton knows best

In reply to by carlosla

There is no limit to a man's love for his own 'genius'. 


4 I really do not understand…

I really do not understand this. Aren't there like 75 guys every year coming out of college that can take this role?

9 Yup

If I were a fan of another NFCS team, I'd be giddy at this confusing flushing of cash down the toilet. Pretty sure they could have retained his services for less.  A lot less. Maybe he's an otherworldly locker room leader?

6 Lol

Payton is just trolling us at this point with fake money

10 Even if a lot of the…

Even if a lot of the contract is just fluff, it is still pretty bizarre for the Saints to go out of their way like this given Hill's lack of use this season. Count me among the confused.

11 I imagine that Payton…

I imagine that Payton primarily justifies the $10M per year by calling him a backup QB.  That's a lot for a backup QB with so little proven ability, but you can also get some regular production out of him.  Andy Dalton is getting $10M as a backup for the Bears.  I don't think it's smart, but it's a lot less outlandish than I first thought.  I really think that Payton just has fun designing new plays for him.

By the way, the contract he signed last year already paid him $10.5M per year, so this one is a pay cut.

14 Not a great start

to the contract. Not healthy enough to play over the great Sieman but still somehow active.