Giants Fire OC Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett and Joe Judge
Jason Garrett and Joe Judge
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 12 - The Giants fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, whose offense was 27th in DVOA so far this season, following last night's 30-10 loss to Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football. Freddie Kitchens, the former Cleveland head coach, will be interim coordinator. This seems like just the first step in a whole housecleaning for the Giants this offseason. I don't see a reason to jettison Garrett but keep Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman.

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1 Makes sense

But let's not let Joe Judge off the hook completely (speaking to the Giants)

5 Good question

I'm not sure. I'm guessing yes since you probably don't fire someone if they aren't (probably give em the reigns since things weren't working actually)!

Only time Judge worked on the offense was his last year in NE that was split coordinating the ST (and only on WR, no wonder they were bad, still don't know how he got the job but whatever).

Yeah, he was confirmed.

2 I have significantly less…

I have significantly less respect for a head coach that lets his coordinator get scapegoated in a desperate attempt to keep collecting paychecks for a few more weeks. I know honor really isn't a thing anymore, but I feel like the right thing to do if you're the head coach is volunteer for the axe and let your lesser-paid staff hold on until the season ends. 

4 Except

Except the fired staff guy was the HC for the Cowboys for almost a decade…and by any definition, way overpaid.

7 Garrett can't take over for…

Garrett can't take over for Judge if he's not on the staff.  Sort of like canning Gregg Williams 3/4 of the way through a winless season.  Granted, Williams basically baited them into doing it...

11 Hail Mary

This is the front office (and head coach) equivalent of the Hail Mary.  If they can go on a 5 game winning streak, they can save their jobs.  "The talent is there, it was just misused, and being great football minds we solved the problem" (ignore that we hired the problem in the first place).  Unlikely to go on a 5 game winning streak with the "talent" that is there; but if you are down 7 with 5 seconds and 50 yards to go, you gotta try it.

9 A lot of questions about who…

A lot of opinion about who is to blame between Garrett, Judge and Gettleman. Fewer mentions of Daniel Jones, who is still performing at below replacement level well into his 3rd season. 

12 Garrett's system requires a…

Garrett's system requires a competent QB who can elevate those around him, or at least manage good weapons surrounded by a good line that can beat the guys in front of them, and it only ever worked if everything went right. I don't think the Giants ever had any of those things so the hire didn't make sense to begin with. Won't be surprised if Garrett returns to the Boys in some kind of front office capacity, Jerry loves his guys.

13 Well...

Something worked. Probably not much to do with Garrett tho