2022 Pro Bowl Rosters Announced

Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts
Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts
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NFL Week 16 - I never know how to number these things. Are these the 2021 Pro Bowl rosters, or the 2022 Pro Bowl rosters? Anyway, they're out! Let the complaints about snubs begin. I'll start with Creed Humphrey of the Chiefs, how on earth is he missing given how good he's been this season? The Indianapolis Colts lead all teams with seven Pro Bowlers. The Chiefs and Chargers each have six.

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1 I'm old think on this. In 20…

I'm old think on this. In 20 years if you ask me who won the SuperBowl in 2020, I'll say it was the Buccaneers. Google will already tell you it was the Chiefs. 

2 Colts roster

Man, this is the kind of thing that makes me uneasy, like being #1 in DVOA (eons ago).  7 Pro Bowlers?  Not sure Ryan Kelly earned it at C this year, but he has in past years, so I'll accept it. OG Quentin Nelson has not been as sharp as in past years, but not sure of the competition.  It's one of those spots that if you get the rep early, someone really has to work to unseat you.  Not sure how one measures long snapper Luke Rhodes's contributions, so I'll assume the selectors know more about it than I do.  Glad for ILB Darius Leonard, who played most of the first half season on a non-functioning ankle and may still be hobbled. In post-game interviews, when asked about it, he'd say "it's still attached."  And that was after off-season surgery. So his ball-hawking, fumble-causing, and fumble recovering has been rewarded. Still needs at least a sack to round out the year's production, but that might be a side-effect of the bum ankle if they are not blitzing him. He's responsible for about 1/4 of their league leading turnover number.

I can't recall the last Pro Bowl I watched, but it would be interesting to see Taylor rushing behind Patrick Ricard, maybe my favorite NFL player. (since I'm out of the playoffs in my FFL, maybe I'll add him to my roster this week)

9 And the alternates are insane

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I don't know if every team has a handful of alternates to make them feel un-snubbed, but Indy's gang of six goes a bit overboard, including a QB everybody loves roasting for his brain farts (despite a good TD/INT ratio, being a solid runner, and his good QBR), a backup RB who has 84 touches not counting punt returns (19 touches in the last 5 games; he's good, but come on, there have to be a dozen starters ahead of him), a guy listed as WR but prob in there as ST since he leads the league in ST tackles (a legit selection), and a CB pundits like roasting as well, though he's been above average to be sure. A pretty odd collection, IMO.

Of course everybody's goal is to be named to the PB but not be able to attend because you have a bigger game the next week....

3 Fullbacks

I love that not only are fullbacks included separately as a position for the Pro Bowl but they are also listed as “starters”. 

7 Hell yeah!

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It's funny that not every team even has one, but I'll be damned if I'm man enough to stand up to 310-lb Ricard or puny 236-lb Juszczyk and say "no."

Right on FBs.

8 Juszczyk gives his hometown…

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Juszczyk (as well as any other FB) gives his hometown reporter Tony Grossi a "full Chubb," to use the expression that Case Keenum now loves.

12 So are long-snappers...

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Also listed as "starters": long-snappers, punters, a variety of other special teams players, ...

Apparently, "starter" does not mean what we think it means. :-)

5 Yeah

The KC social media universe is pretty mixed on his selection...there's a lot of "he's fine", along with a fair bit of "ok, maybe he's not great, but who other than Slater IS great in the AFC this year?" 

We are, however, united in being absolutely furious that Creed Humphrey got snubbed.

6 According to pff

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Kolton Miller and Braden Smith.

Creed should win OROTY at this point (withholds tongue on GB picking Myers over him)

11 Who else?

Set an NFL record. 100% on XPs. Only other K w/a higher FG% is in the other conference (and has missed an XP)

Seems about right.