Week 18 Open Discussion

Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Ekeler
Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Ekeler
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NFL Week 18 - The final week of the regular season will begin with teams jockeying for playoff position on Saturday, and close with a winner-makes-the-playoffs contest on Sunday night.

On Saturday, Kansas City (11-5) will play at Denver (7-9). The Chiefs can still win the AFC's top seed with a win and some help. Later that day, Dallas (11-5) will play at Philadelphia (9-7). The Cowboys have already clinched the NFC East while the Eagles have clinched a wild-card berth, but each team's exact seeding has yet to be determined. 

Notable Sunday afternoon games include Pittsburgh (7-7-1, pending the Monday Night Football game against Cleveland) at Baltimore (8-8), San Francisco (9-7) at the L.A. Rams (12-4), and New England (10-6) at Miami (8-8). The Sunday night game sees the L.A. Chargers (9-7) will visit Las Vegas (9-7) with the winner clinching a playoff berth. Use this thread to discuss them all.


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1 Leanings for Week 18.

Eagles over Cowboys - Neither team has much to play for, but in a battle of apathy I think the Eagles win at home just because it's the Cowboys.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore - Neither of these teams are good, the difference is one has their starting QB, even if it is a retiring Big Ben.  

Cincinnati over Cleveland - Even without Burrow, the Bengals are still better than the Browns with Case Keenum.

San Fran over L.A. Rams - Not only does Shanahan always outscheme McVay, but the Niners need to win just to make the playoffs.  Also, Stafford has been a dumpster fire the last few weeks at QB.  

Las Vegas over L.A. Chargers - I like Vegas at home with a playoff spot on the line.  I gave them up for dead weeks ago and they still won't die.  Not a believer in Herbert based on his uneven year and the Chargers' lack of defense is going to hurt them.

2 2/7 passing for 17 yards,…

2/7 passing for 17 yards, plus two rushing TDs. A Tebow-esque stat line.

But scoring 14 points on just two drives?... That's not very Tebow-esque. A Tebow offense would be stuck under 10 until the inevitable game-winning drive late in the fourth quarter.

3 Lol

yall really deleted my first comment from the other day here?

Chefs getting the ball with 23 seconds? Will they be cowards and kneel?!

Answer: they arent! They fight for the #1 seed! Valiant effort but the deficit remains 4, just like it did at the start of the drive that many teams would've kneeled into half from. Crazy.

5 I was just going to post…

I was just going to post that I was thinking that this terrible field was helping the Broncos “ground and pound” approach. And then that happened. Wonder what the “win probability” shift was on that play.


6 IDK why you call a timeout there

Just run a play lol

And you false start anyway lolololol

Either way, forgot to mention that Melvin Ingram trade was wonderful. Process and results. Gonna be 179+ in this years draft. Fantastic. Would've loved to seen GB do it. 

7 Broncos immediate closing season remarks

Big W tonight despite the L. Helps your draft picks (in EVERY round, don't take it for granted, just ask Philly) but you cover against the back to back AFC champs and show there's a solid team there. The only problem is...the QB. We'll ignore the past mistakes and look forward though.

Big question is HC. Fire Fangio? Hmmm. Tough choice but am I crazy for thinking they should give him one more year? I think they should and, since it's unlikely Rodgers gets moved (haha) and Watson still being up in the air, you draft the best QB available with your first pick (this time...) and pray that it works despite the class being...not the greatest. Gotta take a shot! Trade up if you find one you really like. No one thought the 2017 class was great but 2/3 trade ups for QBs worked (disregarding the whole Watson situation). Another franchise CB can be found later! Don't leave your hopes in the hands of another team like you did this season...

24 It looks as though Fangio is…

It looks as though Fangio is gone. Just as I was typing something saying that I could keep him for one more year (due to ownership change coming as much as anything else) as long as the Offensive and Special Teams coordinators were changed.

A new quarterback, preferable in the draft is essential, and hopefully they can pick someone with the brain and technical basics rather than continuing to believe that an arm with lots of rough edges can be miraculously smoothed out by the Bronco QB development team. It hasn't been working for years, and if someone hasn't been able to learn the craft side of the position whilst in college why think they will be able to in the pros, unless there is good reason (later starters after transfers etc... but a long term college starter who is still inaccurate and flaky no matter how big the arm will likely stay inaccurate and flaky in the pro game, and won't get away with as much).


8 Curse the Eagles

Making me sit through Minshew depression instead of watching the more exciting Hurts.

Good on the Cowboys continuing to fight for a better seed.

Lol they really only had Jason Kelce play one snap. Remember him crying about "tanking" last year? Yeah...you thought I wouldn't bring that up! YOU WERE WRONG

10 Kelce

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Gosh, considering it's quite possibly his last game as an Eagle and he has a consecutive games streak of note going on, I can't say that I'm surprised they started & then pulled him. And maybe, just maybe, the chance to move from the #7 seed to #6 isn't as appealing as one might think...

11 Erm

In reply to by mathesond

>"quite possibly his last game as an Eagle"

>"chance to move from the #7 seed to #6"

He's gonna play another game but is it gonna be a record or something?

25 Possibly his last game…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Possibly his last game starting as an Eagle *in Philadelphia* is what he meant to say. Kelce means a ton to the city and this fanbase [and team obviously]. No player is more beloved in this city, not even Embiid. 

He has been talking about retirement the last two seasons. Even as his play still amazes.

26 Exactly. I see it as…

Exactly. I see it as something akin to a player signing a 1-day contract before officially retiring (not that Kelce has announced his retirement, but I would be a little surprised if he's an Eagle next season).

9 If that was the end of the…

If that was the end of the Fangio Era, it couldnt have been more appropriate:  kicking a surrender fg to cut the lead to 4 vs. Mahomes, then getting gashed so badly on D that they never saw the ball again.

13 Devonta Smith

Good pick. Got the Eagles record. Congrats. And of course he might want 1k lol. Look forward to watching him the playoffs with Hurts.

17 Cowboys going for it.

Could've just let time expire on the sack but they call a timeout. Rewarded with a shanked punt and eventually a TD! Lead by 13 instead of 6 now! Coward Eagles kneel. But apparently it doesn't matter if they win, they can still get the 6th seed? But doesn't the win matter if the 49ers lose (and Saints too)?

18 The announcers (Greise…

The announcers (Greise&Riddick especially) for the late game are so bad, they hurt my brain with their inanities. Where is the ManningCast?

19 Surely Dak is done

Up 17. <13m left. Got the records. 

He is.

Wait, Tyree Jackson is TE? Lol was always amazing Josh Allen (among others) went 7th overall but he went undrafted.

27 Already sick of these announcers

In the Packers Lions game. And I usually can tolerate it.

And we still waste timeouts. All for an incomplete pass. Ugh.

Oh look an injury already. 

29 Steelers look like they're…

Steelers look like they're losing RB1 and WR1 to injury in the first quarter.  Najee Harris looked like he hyperextended his knee and Diontae Johnson took a helmet hit to the ribs.  Then a false start on 4th and 1 inside the 5 turns a TD opportunity into a FG.  This is an inauspicious start when the Jaguars are looking like they could help the Steelers into the playoffs.

31 Jax marches down the field…

Jax marches down the field against the Colts in their first drive, including picking up several 3rd and longs. On the Colts possession, Taylor gets stuffed on 4th and 2 around the Jags 40. 

A month ago the Colts looked like they could make some noise in the playoffs. Last week and the start of this week, they look like an easy walkover in the first round. Both Wentz and the pass defense have regressed. No matter what the “old school” folks say, if you can’t pass the ball and stop the pass, you can’t win in the playoffs. 

34 Trevor Lawerence went 11-11…

Trevor Lawerence went 11-11 for 104 yards and a TD in the first quarter. Almost hoping the Colts lose this one at this point so there’s no “but we made the playoffs!” arguments about the state of the team in the off season. 

32 Ok Adams got the record

But of course he's not going out lololol 1600 in sights.

And Rodgers gets hit...in the 2nd. A meaningless game should not make me this worried. 

33 Ravens Steelers

If the Colts lose and one of these crap bags makes the playoffs its a travesty.  Three unforced QB turnovers in 1st quarter.

41 Never pay ST

Looks like that XP was on Crosby. 

Let Love throw it deep. Booo

43 Jags leading 13-3 at half…

Jags leading 13-3 at half time. Should be much worse, they have kicked 22 and and 20 yard field goals (the second was with 0:02 left in the half at least)

Jags have 239 yards of offense to 75 for the Colts. Lawerence is 19 of 25 for 208 and a TD. Wentz is 4 of 7 for 59. Taylor has 8 rushes for 17 yards. Jax has outsnapped the Colts 37 to 19. 

Jags are winning big in the trenches. Lawerence has all day to throw, Wentz is getting pressured and there are no holes for Taylor. Eric Fisher is getting abused at LT. 

50 Jags score a TD to go up 23…

Jags score a TD to go up 23-3 with 3 minutes left in the 3rd. 

While I never liked the Wentz move, this is embarrassing. I’ve generally been a fan of Reich as head coach and I don’t think he’s going to get fired. However, back to back stinkers when winning either puts you in the playoffs has got to make his seat a little warm next year. I think he made a really poor choice sticking his neck out for Wentz. 

47 Get Amos out of there

And send Henry Black in. It's the 3rd quarter for crying out loud. 

51 The horrid Steeler run defense

Murray had over 100 carries coming in and had a long of 16 for the season.  He gets 3 carries longer than that in 3rd quarter.  Steelers win and they are in I must assume no Colts win and no tie tonight.  Ravens lead 10-6 after 3 and drivivg.

54 Jonathan Taylor gets stuffed…

Jonathan Taylor gets stuffed on fourth and goal from the one yard line and that should be all she wrote for the Colts season. 

55 If Jax wins this, and they…

If Jax wins this, and they are cruising that way, then by traditional sports-superstition rules their fans should come wearing clown suits to every game from now on. 

57 With seven seconds to go in…

With seven seconds to go in regulation, one timeout, and the season and retirement on the line, Roethlisberger kneels out the clock at the PIT 30 to go to overtime instead of throwing a hail mary.  Ravens win the toss, and that may not mean much because of how this game is going, but come on, you don't want to do one last irrational act?

60 It would be insane if this…

It would be insane if this Ravens-Steelers game ended in a tie since that would eliminate both teams. It's a strange strategical situation. Basically, both teams want to preserve as much time as possible. Yet the Ravens burned 3.5 minutes on their first drive and the Steelers are burning plenty of clock too. That tie is becoming more likely.

84 Poor weather conditions …

Poor weather conditions (cold steady rains), two teams with stronger Ds than Os, one led by their backup QB, the other led by a QB whose arm is no longer built for a 17-game season.  The pace during OT was full speed ahead for these teams (creaking and cracking all the way).

69 He really doesn't handle…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

He really doesn't handle pressure well at all. KC showed that all game, and DET highlighted it. He's looking more and more like his ceiling is Cousins (who has the same issue). Dealing with pressure is something that most young QB's do need game reps to learn to deal with so I'm still not ruling out that he will have a solid career. Rodgers had some issues his first season as a starter too.

Still not sure how low Love's floor is. He did not impress in game action. He didn't look like a disaster in game action. 2 years simmering on the bench for a trade-up first round pick the expectations get raised though. But it's also small samples. Rodgers was 35 of 51 with 1 TD and 1 INT during his bench warmer seasons.  Love is now 36 of 62 with 2 TD and 3 INT. Of course Love has an actual start, with all the practice reps to go with it, and Rodgers was purely coming off the bench and usually throwing to the starting receivers (Love had the back-ups for the 1 Q he played against NO, and the 2 Q here against DET). It's not apples to apples. So Rodgers did better by the eye test in his limited snaps before they gave him the starting job. But Love also doesn't need to be Rodgers level good to have a decent career.

Yes, I will rag on Rodgers about off the field stuff (especially the stuff that could hurt the team), on the field I'm more than happy if the Packers trade Love and resign Rodgers and Adams. I have very little doubt that Adams is leaving if Rodgers leaves. I've fully come to grips with rooting for the laundry and that a lot of NFL players that are fun to watch are problematic people (the players union and the league could and should do more to help with some of that). So I can still root for him, he's really quite good at this game.

73 I just don't have time for him.

Granted I blame the team for not letting him get the whole game to evaluate but...

Even the drop by Davis for the supposed TD everyone was harping on wasn't really the best placement (high). Not the worst throw but could've been better. Comparing those stats is hard when it's 11+ years apart. Really just different times. Might actually make Rodgers look better with all the help QBs get nowadays. Love just didn't have the resume of Tua, Burrow, Hurts or Herbert to warrant such a long leash. Get a second and a couple 7ths so you can play it off as "hey we used 2 picks on him but got 3 back and quantity is what you want in the draft."

Rodgers is an idiot off the field but on it...whatever. I'm with ya. If we're honest there are probably tons of Rodgers in the league. They just don't get his platform. Root for him to win us a SB but all the scrutiny off it, like the whole Hub voting thing this past week I couldn't care less about. I don't agree with such thinking but he can do whatever he wants for the meaningless award. 

63 Still very unlikely, but…

Still very unlikely, but imagine if a TIE in a game BOTH teams had to win let the Colts into the playoffs...

64 There's an argument that…

There's an argument that Pitt should punt here... Not a great argument, but since the Ravens have to win, they would presumably go for it fourth down even if it was at their own 5. So you could get incredible field position if you stop the Ravens. It's a strange set of circumstances.

71 Good call, and contrast

The announcers missed the fact that the Ravens would not just run the clock out in discussing scenarios.

The game was a dress rehearsal for what could happen tonight, to a different outcome.  If the Raiders and Chargers are in the same scenario tonight, neither will be incented to risk losing in order to avoid a tie.

65 In the race for the worst…

In the race for the worst DVOA for the season, which ATL lead for most of the year.

32. JAX coming in at -36.2% after dropping 6% to NE last week they go out and get a 2 score win over the #9 Colts. They have a better yards per play and get an INT to help. So that's a good showing and they should probably move 3-5% up. So around a -32% DVOA to finish the season.
31. DET coming in at -31.9%. As expected they beat the #8 Packers back-ups (and outplayed the starters in the first half but GB has generally been pretty meh in first halfs this year). With a 6.8 to 5.7 yard per play advantage and 2 INT. So that should likely be a 3-5% DVOA shift as well getting them back to the -20's to finish the year.
30. ATL coming in at -30.7%. They are up against #14 NO. You never quite know what you will get from NO and as IND showed us even though NO has a chance to make the playoffs still that doesn't mean anything. But there is still a good chance for ATL to look bad against this D, and if the #24 NO offense does anything that looks remotely like an NFL offense even against the #29 defense it should result in some bad DVOA for ATL. So with JAX and DET doing their best to not get the first pick in the draft ATL doesn't even need a really bad game, just a fairly typical loss and they should shift down 1-2% and get the record for most wins by the last place DVOA team (previous record was 5 by several teams).

106 I think JAX may have played…

I think JAX may have played well enough and ATL bad enough for the 7-10 Falcons to finish dead last in DVOA. It looked much better before Hill got injured and slowed NO down, but I think it was still enough to get the 5.5% DVOA swing we need. I think we'll have a new winningest worst team by DVOA, so hooray obscure honors (or dishonors).

109 After H1, maybe, but from…

After H1, maybe, but from the box scores it looks like JAX payed worse and ATL better in H2.  Averaged over 17 games, not sure you'll see a large enough impact from this week's games to close that gap.  Guess we'll find out Tuesday.

68 New Meaning

The Steelers bring new meaning to the old cliche, "the team nobody wants to see in the playoffs!"  (And I say this as a lifelong Pittsburgh fan.  Sorely tempted to rub my hands together and cackle evilly.) 


In reply to by young curmudgeon



Yes, to be clear, not sarcastic. Very funny.

78 I'm just happy that…

In reply to by young curmudgeon

I'm just happy that Roethlisberger got to end his final regular season looking clutch.  I'm sure we'll get blown out in the first round of the playoffs but for now I'm savoring this.

74 Niners ugh

Early narrative was Rams wanting to show that “they’re the more physical team.” Never mind that every running play was a gift to the Niners. Of course on defense they have a point and now it’s already getting out of hand.

76 A couple fun facts from the…

A couple fun facts from the Jags win. After throwing for 208 in the first half, Lawerence only throws for 15 in the second half. He didn’t have a pass attempt in the fourth quarter. 

79 Colts are already out. It's…

Colts are already out. It's looking bad for the 49ers. The Chargers could be eliminated too. We could be seeing some teams ranked pretty high in DVOA staying home in favor of mediocre or worse teams in the Steelers, Saints, and Raiders. DVOA can be disagreed with but I think it's got those three teams pegged about right.

184 Not much difference

The Chargers and Steelers have vastly different public perception but they have nearly the same record of impressive wins and ugly losses. Plus, Steelers had the lead late in LA, despite playing without 3 of its 4 best defenders and with a QB who’s supposedly washed up and couldn’t practice all week with COVID. In this season of weird outcomes, PIT winning a road game at KC seems completely possible.

185 Not much difference

The Chargers and Steelers have vastly different public perception but they have nearly the same record of impressive wins and ugly losses. Plus, Steelers had the lead late in LA, despite playing without 3 of its 4 best defenders and with a QB who’s supposedly washed up and couldn’t practice all week with COVID. In this season of weird outcomes, PIT winning a road game at KC seems completely possible.

82 Pats come out flatter than a…

Pats come out flatter than a pancake today.  You'd think they game planned specifically to fall behind.  Do any playoff hopefuls/entrants in the AFC want to win this week?

86 Taysom Hill was just…

Taysom Hill was just beginning to look like a proper NFL QB the past couple weeks. But now he's injured, because it turns out you can't sustainably play QB whilst running straight into the teeth of NFL defenses several times a game. Still not altogether sure where that whole experiment is going. But get ready for some Trevor Siemian playoff ball!

88 The 49ers run the ball ten…

The 49ers run the ball ten straight times before capping the drive off with a Deebo Samuel passing TD.

On the other side of the ball, LA has run the ball as many times as they have passed, despite their 17 rushing attempts netting just 18 yards.

90 Alright, Patriots, if you…

Alright, Patriots, if you want me to think you have no chance in the playoffs, you win.  I'm convinced.

103 How good is Deebo?

He had some help from other WRs playing well also, but he is so dangerous. Even in backfield when everybody knows he’s getting the ball.

Best play was the swing pass that the Rams covered well and contacted him I think in the backfield and he still got out of there for a big gain.

My favorite Niner in quite some time. I hope they don’t abuse his body too badly and pick their spots with the running. Obviously this is the time to be doing it.

94 If SF had been a little less…

If SF had been a little less efficient on this drive we could have seen a chance of them burning up all ten minutes of the clock. A tie is as good as a win for them.

95 99.9% of the time I get…

99.9% of the time I get annoyed with teams not having enough urgency in overtime. This game with the Niners is basically the only exception I have ever seen (and it helps that they got the ball first.)

96 A tie is as good as a win…

A tie is as good as a win for SF. With Arizona losing, a tie is as good as a loss for LA. Strange situation.

100 Bucs get the easy draw in…

Bucs get the easy draw in the first round, playing the Eagles. Cowboys are the unfortunates, getting the 49ers.

102 Garoppolo versus the Cowboys…

Garoppolo versus the Cowboys' secondary seems like a disaster waiting to happen.  Not sure that's such a bad draw for DAL.

I suspect ARI will be happy to draw LAR in round one.  Fumbling and bumbling their way into the playoffs they may be, but capable of beating division rival Rams I suspect they are. 

105 Certainly will be game…

Certainly will be game script dependent, and I hope the game is later in the weekend or Dallas has big advantage. SF will definitely want to run and play more from ahead, I agree with that. Dallas’ run defense doesn’t seem awesome.

GB probably hoping to face winner of ARI/LAR.

107 "GB probably hoping to face…

"GB probably hoping to face winner of ARI/LAR."

Over SF, yes, I would imagine so.  They'd likely be happy to face PHI, though, if the Eagles somehow upset the Bucs (I have a hard time picturing how that could happen, though).

113 Exactly. What I would really…

Exactly. What I would really like is for PHI to pull the crazy upset over TB, and have LAR beat ARI. Then have LAR beat DAL or SF so that we get LAR in the NFCCG.

I'm a little more worried about the Cardinals than the Rams but I'd take either over the Cowboys, Bucs, or 49ers just because of the match-ups. I think my order of worry goes Tampa (#2 DVOA), San Fran (#7), Dallas (#1), Arizona (#10), LA (#5), Philly (#13). I think. I have to dig into the match-ups more. But I would be fine not getting "revenge" on Brady and the Bucs, absolutely fine with that.

I put the DVOA ranks in there just to see how close the worry follows the rankings. Then I realized how loaded the NFC playoffs are based on DVOA.  DAL and TB are going to stay some form of 1,2. LA and SF are likely to swap. ARI, GB, and PHI might all slip a spot or 2 though. But going into the final week having 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13 is a bit tough. I don't think it's the late 80's through mid 90's where the NFCCG was more of the Super Bowl than the Super Bowl was, but dang.


Hmm had to look at the AFC after doing the NFC. TEN (19), KC (6), BUF (3), CIN (17), NE (4) then 2 of LAC (11), LV (21), PIT (23). IND at 9, if they stay top 10 is the top 10 team out. Then the AFC does a lot of barrel scraping. Some tightly clustered rankings for a lot of them so the ordinal ranks of PIT, TEN, and CIN could all easily change by 4 or 5 spots. But yeah. DVOA definitely likes the NFC a lot more this year.  

112 Definitely agree, if 49ers…

Definitely agree, if 49ers have the lead and can run, it's Dallas's worst nightmare because run defense is their weakness and the chances of getting a turnover drop dramatically. If Jimmy G has to throw it's a different story.


104 Wentz trade:

Colts miss the playoffs and give up pick 16 overall. Alongside 84 last year.

Brutal man.

Anyway, where's horn to slander Hurts and the playoff bound Eagles to prop up?

Dougie P died for philly. Erect another statue idc idc

108 I know the 9ers are a great…

I know the 9ers are a great team who are underrated per record. Having said that, it is painful to watch them run 10 times in a row for about 100 yards. And make yet another short/intermediate throw over the middle. 

It’s not even the losing, it’s the sheer pain induced by 10 minute long drives that end in touchdowns.

115 Well play for tie at end,…

Well play for tie at end, sure rather than do something risky. But somebody pointed out otherwise it’s like Prisoner’s dilemma. Who’s to say a team getting the ball with a minute left doesn’t actually try to win?

118 They are not

If the Raiders and Chargers tie, both get in and the Steelers are out.

3-way seeding ties != 2-way seeding ties

So...not really all that silly a question.

Heh....sick edit.

117 That DPI call at the end of…

That DPI call at the end of the 1st half with the ball fsr out of reach was pure ref incompetence. If the Raiders win because of that undeserved TD that official, and possibly the entire crew, should be fired.

186 I don't remember the last…

I don't remember the last time I saw PI negated due to `uncatchable` but this seemed like a good time to invoke it. The refs have either forgotten that exception or more likely been instructed by the league to ignore it

119 So....

Is Collinsworth pregnant with Herbert's baby yet?

'Cause, he's been working on it all night.

170 Well, they lost, but the…

Well, they lost, but the only argument that can be made (besides get better players), is that they should have gone for the touchdown instead of kicking the field goal and hoping to tie.  Or they should have paid Bisaccia a lot better this week.

125 Wow

That original spotting of the ball...just wow

126 WHOA

Big conversion for a TD on 4th and 21! We got a good one!

Raiders really wasting timeouts.

But greeeeaaaaat another down 9 going for 2 discourse we'll have to talk about...ugh. Thankfully they got it. Suck it casuals.

129 Lol

I hope there's not enough evidence to overturn that because that's hilarious if it's a fumble. 

131 Scheduling:

Making NE/LV/CIN/LAC/BUF play on Saturday when they play today but have KC and PHI on Sunday when they played yesterday is just not right.

LV plays the last game of week 18 and the league is gonna make them play the first of the next week? Wow. 

172 Circling back

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Yeah I don't understand the Raiders playing first. They and the Bengals deserve the MNF slot. KC-PIT should be 1st slot Sat. PHI-TB should be 2nd slot Sat. Then DAL-SF in the 1st slot Sun. NE-BUF in the 2nd. LAR-AZ on SNF.

Am I missing something or is the NFL crazy giving PHI and KC 8 days and LV just 6? I know it won't ever be exactly even but it easily could all be 6 or 7, without any 8, day rest teams, right?

Shoot hire me NFL.

179 Its all about ratings

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

First it was absurd to have Raiders-Chargers on MNF.  The Chargers would play the KC with a win or tie, thus if they had the ball at the end they would have had no motivation to take any risks and would have tied.  

Now regarding your playoff scenarios, KC-Pitt will get the best ratings, therefore they get SNF.  The worst ratings are SAT at 4:30, thus Raiders-CIN.

Fairness has nothing to do with anything.  Its all about money.

180 You mean SNF?

Week 18 playoff implication schedule was fine. 

Yeah, I dont think any cares about Pittsburgh and the ratings difference wouldnt really matter. If football is on, people are gonna watch. Do they really think people are gonna skip CIN-LV solely because it's on MNF and not LAR-AZ for the 3rd time? Would YOU have skipped it? I wouldn't. Would ANYONE here have? 

187 What a useless rhetorical…

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

What a useless rhetorical question... Of course the readers of this site are not representative in any way of the general football watching crowd.

188 Geez

Thanks for the nice helpful reply.

Yes I know it's not going to be fair but do yall REALLY believe the ordering would affect ratings in any significant way? Like seriously, the NFL dominates regardless. And that doesn't explain them having most it ready BEFORE SNF. Doubt ANYone's going "oh wow, LV @ CIN is early, welp, better miss that one because I dont care. Wouldn't watch on SNF either. Cant miss the dreadful Steelers @ KC though. But I would (????) clear my schedule if it was early."

And we LITERALLY just got LAC @ LV on SNF but they can't put LV on MNF because...people are clamoring for AZ @ LAR? Like the CHARGERS are more popular than the Bengals?

189 My point was its all about the money

In reply to by ImNewAroundThe…

Sat 4:30 will get lowest ratings regardless of what game you have.  People have more commitments at that time.  SNF will get highest.  The NFL knows how to get ratings and make money, hence the schedule.  The last time CIN made the playoffs they were also SAT at 4:30.  The team has no national following, and is in a small market.

Someday the Giants will make the playoffs again.
I wish you good health, that you shall live long enough to see that day.

I can assure you that the Giants will not play Saturday at 4:30.

Although us avid football fans are not excited to see Big Ben throw a football like a shot put and likely get crushed by the Chiefs, this game holds the most national interest especially for the casual to moderate fan that the NFL needs to draw.

DAL-SF is in 2nd best time slot.  No surprise, still Americas team for ratings.

$$$$$$. Think like an NFL owner and executive.

The regular season game of the week is 4:25 because it is a better ratings slot than 1:00.

190 I can't imagine the significance of $

Just because Cincy doesn't have a big market that people are suddenly going to tune out on their game, whenever it is. Seems like a few measly dollars because people watch football because of football, not specifically for teams. NFL shouldnt have to worry about a legit few extra bucks.

191 You are a GB fan, let me…

You are a GB fan, let me know when GB or Dallas with a national following ever get Sat at 4:30.

7-9 Seattle got it and so did 7-8-1 CAR.  4:30ET SAT is worst rated game period.  I agree NFL should not do this for a few bucks, but thats what they do.

132 These fourth down…

These fourth down conversions are crazy. But they might not even matter with how little time is left.

133 That's a catch

Or at least should be for our entertainment.

134 Problem here for the…

Problem here for the Chargers is their last gasp play comes on third down, rather than four... We've all seen what they do on third down.