DeAndre Hopkins Gets 6-Game PED Suspension

Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins
Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins
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NFL Offseason - A bit of a surprise out of Arizona, where wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is getting a six-game suspension for PED use. Perhaps this is part of the reason for the draft-day trade for Marquise Brown?

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2 Andy Isabella

Off the trading block!

Because their top WRs in targets per game in Nuk and Kirk are gone. Didn't realize they re-signed AJ Green for whatever reason. Got Brown to replace some of them but we'll have to see how much Rondale improves.

3 I think it's fair to wonder…

I think it's fair to wonder if they had some early word of this during the draft.

I guess Brown really slides into the Christian Kirk role, carrying the load in Hopkins' absence and being banana #2 when he returns.

Kyler Murray was a bit worse without Hopkins last year (down to "good", from "excellent"), though he was coming off an injury and there seemed to be some deeper issues team-wide. The thing is, all of a sudden Hopkins is 30 and will have missed about 3/4 of the last season's worth of games by the time he returns, assuming no other setbacks (and I do have to wonder if PED use may have been an attempt to accelerate a sub-optimal rehab process), although he was probably better than ever when he first went down. They can hope he's good as new when he comes back but that's not guaranteed, and even if he is it's reasonable to wonder how long that will last.

Long story short they probably still need another move, ideally for the long-term but at least for the short. Aside from kicking the tires on Julio Jones, though, I'm not sure who's really available at this point.

4 Sounds like it was a tainted…

Sounds like it was a tainted supplement, and that Hopkins just accepted the suspension to get it over with and give extra time for his recovery. I may be naive for believing what he says, but for PEDs I prefer to give benefit of the doubt for a first offense.

I think it'd be amusing for a team to sign both Julio and OBJ, on the theory that they can get a combined 13-14 games out of the duo.

10 Never that convinced by 'tainted supplement' excuse.

Given the number of people taking supplements and the number of athletes being tested I'd have thought that either a tainted manufacturing batch would affect a lot more people, or there would be supplement manufacturers being sued by athletes for loss of earnings/reputational damage when tainted batches get through.

I'm still willing to give someone some benefit of the doubt for first offense but suspect that is more likely 'used something I didn't normally use that someone recommended but happens to have something in it not clear for my sport' than some kind of manufacturing error. If supplements really are tainted this often, then at least some the taints should be something detrimental as well...

There are a number of genuinely innocent ways to fall foul of doping rules, even at the Olympic level (the poor Scottish skier who lost his slalom medal because Vicks nasal decongestant in the US had different ingredients to in the UK springs to mind). Also the sensitivity of the testing is such that a badly timed dose of something unintended like that will be picked up. All this does give plenty of reasons for giving people some benefit of the doubt on first positive test.

5 BoB was right not to want to…

BoB was right not to want to pay this guy $27 million a year even if he failed to maximize compensation for him and overrated David Johnson.  Also the Bills should get their win back from this cheater. Lol.

7 Hopkins' suspension…

Hopkins' suspension notwithstanding, it's amazing what how far his reputation has fallen since the trade. 

It serves as a lesson about how receiver age curves work and the uncertainty about what kind of player you are getting.

I still hate the Hopkins trade even if it happened to work out well in hindsight. Not only was the compensation laughable, but BOB could not have forecasted the PED suspension.


9 I'm not sure his reputation…

I'm not sure his reputation has cratered that much. He was 3rd in the league in receiving yards in 2020 (even if advanced stats weren't so kind to him - he was targeted a lot). Then he was on a fairly pedestrian pace last season before he got hurt, but his absence still coincided with Arizona's collapse down the stretch. 

I think prior to the 2021 season most would still have ranked him in the top 5 receivers in the league. But, of course, things move fast in the NFL, and a lot of good young receivers have entered the league recently. I doubt he'd be in many people's top 10 now (even without the suspension).

11 Top 10

Top 5 easy enough - in some order - Kupp, Adams, Jefferson, Hill, Chase

Samuel and Diggs also definitely better. Beyond that - I would say Lamb, Metcalf, McLaurin, Godwin which fills a top 10, though I don't think it would be ridiculous to rank him above some of those guys.

Then it is a conversation of Higgins, D Johnson, Evans, Williams, Allen, Pittman etc - I suspect most people would still have him in that group.

The interesting Q will be whether he can maintain that top-10ish level for (say) another 3 years. That may be possible given that he was never really a speed guy, but it probably depends on injuries.

12 I'd definitely add AJ Brown…

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I'd definitely add AJ Brown to the top 10, maybe higher. 

The interesting thing is how many of these are guys only entered the league very recently. Followed by another strong looking influx in this year's draft. I wonder to what extent this is caused by talented young athletes now choosing/being encouraged to play WR ahead of RB. 

13 Mike Evans

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Where is Evans in your ranking?  He has ranked 4,6,4 and 4 in DYAR the last four years.

15 I think Evans is a clear no…

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I think Evans is a clear no brainer above Nuk at this point. Ditto for Samuel, Brown, and Diggs.

That puts Hopkins at best as the 8th best receiver, but that also assumes no further declines in his game.

I think at this point, he's probably overtaxed as the best receiver on a good pass offense.


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