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Week 1 Open Game Discussion

Hey! Here's the thread for open discussion of all Week 1 NFL's games, starting with Kansas City at New England and going all the way through the Monday Night Football doubleheader.


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Nah, even when they started 5-0, they never blocked as well as they did tonight. Bradford nearly got killed in some of those games, and that was before the complete tsunami of injuries. Tonight was a not a dominant blocking performance, against unproven defenders, but it was professionally competent, something never seen last year.

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Wow the Denver crowd is LOUD when they're on defense.

Also, is it me or do the Broncos have the most attractive looking fans in the NFL?

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Fantastic drive by Siemian! He made a couple of bad plays, but consistently followed them up with big positive plays

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The Saints played way too conservative late in this game. It was clear that FGs weren't the answer by late in the 3rd quarter. At some point you have to go for 7. They did not play to win at all in this game.

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The Saints defense may well be hideous again, so no strong conclusions can be drawn, but it is obvious that Bradford is extremely accurate when given time, will go downfield, and the Vikings receiving corps has excellent ball skills. Barring injury disaster elsewhere, if the competent blocking tonight is the norm, then the Vikings defense won't get worn down, they'll play with the lead a good amount, and they'll just choke out a lot of opponents. NFC North should be fun again this year, if the fans of the division don't have it ruined by injury.

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Is this a reason for icing kickers - not so much for the kicker as for their blockers...

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That's an interesting article. Last night was the first time I can remember seeing a team call timeout before the first attempt was made, then block the 2nd attempt.

The logical next question though is why didn't/couldn't the Chargers also make adjustments during the timeout? It seems like the chance to adjust blocking could be a benefit for the kicking team too; obviously in this case it wasn't.