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Weekly Fantasy Projections

We got a question this morning about the Weekly Fantasy Projections that accidentally got deleted while cleaning up a massive amount of spam. Sorry about that. Fortunately I already had the thread open and can still answer the question.

"So this is my first year doing the service with the Weekly Fantasy Projections included. I was just curious on when we can expect those figures to come out each week and where will they be located. Would I just need to go under the premium content or will there be a new list added to the My Downloads section each week? Thanks."

Weekly Fantasy Projections will go up each Wednesday night during the season, with an update on Friday nights.

To access them, scroll over "Statistics" at the top of the screen, then select "Weekly Fantasy Projections" at the bottom of the pop-up menu.


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I do not see Weekly Fantasy Projections listed under Statistics despite having the Fantasy Lovers Package. Can someone please help?

4 Re: Weekly Fantasy Projections

Thread necromancy: is there any way to merge the weekly data with my Kubiak file, to make use of the league-specific scoring options in the latter?