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AFC Midseason Report

Aaron breaks down every team in the AFC, complete with DVOA ratings split into pass and rush, special teams ratings split five ways, and projections of every team's final win-loss record. All the stats are ranked 1-32 to help you figure out where your team tops the league and where it comes up short. Plus, obnoxious commentary for the math-o-phobic, featuring pop culture references of Milleresque randomness.

Week 9 Team Efficiency Ratings

KC stays at #1. Topics for this week's commentary include the Patriots' intentional safety, the turnstile that is Wade Smith, the true purpose of ESPN NFL Matchup, and why an unexplained change at ESPN.com will limit the information you get from this website. No, that has nothing to do with TMQ.

Week 8 Team Efficiency Ratings

Kansas City tops our ratings, just like they top everyone else's. Tampa puts the Dallas offense in its place. Buffalo messes everything up. Plus, who will be the infamous Second Half Team? All the VOA stats that break down the season play by play, with the usual commentary for the math-o-phobic.

Week 7 Team Efficiency Ratings

Tampa Bay tumbles, replaced in the top spot overall by Minnesota -- and in the top spot for defense by Dallas. Dallas? Aaron discusses this Tuna Surprise in his comments, which also explore the topsy-turvy AFC East, the Carolina bandwagon crash, and the latest on the Gregg Easterbrook situation. Plus, a new stat shows which teams are the most consistent.

Checking Out Early Trends

Aaron has poured through the statistics to find interesting tidbits about each team in 2003. Many of the things we noticed in our pre-season IN FOCUS articles are still true, while other teams have new tendencies this season. Learn the shocking fact about Carolina's offense, some bad news for Denver fans, and why Steve Spurrier still doesn't know where to run. Sorted by game to help you better enjoy the coming weekend.

Week 6 Team Efficiency Ratings

This week, we finally add special teams into the VOA formula. Find out what it means for Kansas City, Carolina, and the mystery team that moved from #22 to #12 on this week's rankings. Oh, and Tampa Bay is back at #1.

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The Jets, Continued

OK, so how the heck are the Jets ranked so dang high this week? Aaron searches for an explanation and finds out why the Jets are the Miami Heat of football.

Week 5 Team Efficiency Ratings

Week 5 team efficiency ratings are here, with a new top team: Minnesota. In this week's commentary, Aaron counters the conventional wisdom that Dallas has the league's top offense, explains why Carolina still isn't that good, questions the double-digit Tennessee line over Houston, and has some very bad news for Oakland fans. Plus, our first official rankings including adjustments for opponent quality, and strength of schedule numbers.

Week 4 Team Efficiency Ratings

With the top two teams on bye, no movement on top of the chart, but there's plenty below. Carolina's performance begins to match their record, and so does Jacksonville's. And it's a happy day in St. Louis when Arizona comes to town. Aaron explains it all for the math-phobic, and gives a list of this year's top five QB games so far. Payton vs. New Orleans isn't number one?

Week 3 Team Efficiency Ratings

Tampa Bay narrowly edges out Seattle for #1 as Aaron introduces a slightly reworked and more accurate VOA formula. Plus, what's the deal with Jacksonville?