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Injury Aftermath: Week 14
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Injury Aftermath: Week 14

Remember the tight ends? Tennessee fans may struggle to recall the identities of the last two standing. The Lions injury report may well be longer than their actual team roster, and the Chiefs and Chargers both have concerns heading into potentially the season's most pivotal Thursday night clash.

Financially Kyler Murray Would Do Better in the NFL

Former FO writer J.J Cooper is still at his day job over at Baseball America, and he looks here into the question of whether Kyler Murray should play baseball or football. Basically, compared to someone like Jeff Samardzija, playing the quarterback position changes the numbers significantly. Quarterbacks get paid more than other positions, and they last longer. So Cooper's estimate is that Murray would make more money and make it sooner if he declared for the NFL draft instead of joining the Oakland A's after Oklahoma's season is over.

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Injury Aftermath: Week 13
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Injury Aftermath: Week 13

A top receiver, a top tight end, and a top cornerback are done for the regular season, but the news on a top running back is more positive than initially expected. We provide an update on the injury news from Week 13.

Monday Night Football Update: Colt McCoy to IR.

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Packers Fire Head Coach Mike McCarthy

The Green Bay Packers fire Mike McCarthy after 13 years as head coach

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Chiefs Release Kareem Hunt Following TMZ Video

The Chiefs have released running back Kareem Hunt.

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Injury Aftermath: Week 12
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Injury Aftermath: Week 12

A halfback, a tight end, and a cornerback all go down for playoff contenders, and one fading team awaits news on its starting quarterback. We check in on the injury news for Week 12.

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Jaguars Fire OC Nathaniel Hackett

The Jacksonville Jaguars' seven game losing streak claimed a victim Monday morning, as they fired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett after yesterday's 24-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills. Hackett, who previously worked for Doug Marrone in Buffalo, was in his third season as offensive coordinator. Prior to this week's games, Blake Bortles had a passing DVOA of -13.4%, down from the 0.3% he had last season but not far off from the -9.9% and -10.0% he posted in 2015 and 2016. In other news, sometimes coaches get fired because you can't fire the players.

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2019 Hall of Fame Semifinalists Announced

On Tuesday night, the Pro Football Hall of Fame released the names of the 25 semifinalists for the 2019 class.

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Injury Aftermath: Week 11
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Injury Aftermath: Week 11

Another major injury for Washington, as they become only the second team this season to lose their starting quarterback for the year. Also, the Chargers lose another starting defender, the Eagles are again in danger of running out of cornerbacks, and the Buccaneers likely lose a member of their vaunted receiving corps for a while.

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Monday Morning Digest: Is Lamar Jackson the Next Big Thing or a 1-Game Wonder?

Lamar Jackson: Threat or Menace? This week's Digest also features almost no gruesome footage of Alex Smith or the Philadelphia Eagles.

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