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Buccaneers Fire Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith

The Buccaneers are the first team to make a coordinator change in 2018.

Monday Morning Digest: What to Make of the NFL's Most Mysterious Teams

I cover about 500 topics. Near the end there's a segment about Josh Allen and the other DVOA/DYAR bottom feeders.

Clemson's Schedule Sets Up Best for Undefeated Season

FO's Rivers McCown and Brian Fremeau will now be contributing college football content to The Athletic, starting this week with a look at which teams are most likely to complete an undefeated season.

Injury Aftermath: Week 5
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Injury Aftermath: Week 5

The AFC's Game of the Week produces one major injury for each team, but the headline name came later on Monday. Jay Ajayi is done for the year.

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Better Pass-Rusher and Pass-Blocker Stats

More great new metrics coming out of the NFL's Next Gen Stats tracking software. These come from ESPN, which now has a deal with the league to use the Next Gen Stats. They've got metrics measuring how often a pass-rusher gets past the blocker in less than 2.5 seconds, and how often a pass-blocker can hold up his block for more than 2.5 seconds. This gives us a more objective measure of pass pressure than what outside groups (including us) have tried to do with charting pressure rates.

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Injury Aftermath: Week 4
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Injury Aftermath: Week 4

A day of major injuries claims four more victims: two from the Seahawks, and one each from the Bengals and Browns.

UPDATE: Make that five, as more news is now available on Dolphins center Daniel Kilgore.

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Monday Morning Digest: Gut Check Sunday Separates Pretenders From Contenders

In which the Dolphins are diagnosed with the bubonic Foxboro yips.

Injury Aftermath: Week 3
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Injury Aftermath: Week 3

Jimmy Garoppolo is the clear and obvious headline, but four teams also lost key defenders to major injuries in Week 3.

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Next Gen Stats Introduction to Completion Probability

We've all seen the Next Gen Stats as part of NFL broadcasts -- player speed, distance traveled, etc. -- but this story on NFL.com is the first time I've seen anything really useful done with the data. For each pass thrown in the NFL, they've calculated the likelihood of a completion based on six factors:

  • Air distance, the actual distance between the passer and receiver, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Target separation, the distance between the receiver and the nearest defender in coverage.
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How Much Each QB Matters to the Spread

Interesting article where ESPN Chalk asked the Westgate how much each starting quarterback would be worth to the line if he were injured. Aaron Rodgers is the most, at 10 points. Some of the interesting results: I'm surprised how low the Saints are here, as much as I love Teddy Bridgewater. I just figure Drew Brees is worth more than just 2 points. I also wonder what they would have said about the difference between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston if they had been asked two weeks ago instead of right now.

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