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19 Apr 2006

Versatility Creates Mystery

Everybody's looking for the next Antwaan Randle El (well, except for the Redskins) and Jeff Legwold of the Rocky Mountain News examines this year's draft-eligible candidates.

Posted by: P. Ryan Wilson on 19 Apr 2006

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by Pat (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 9:50am

Michael Robinson's situation really confuses me.

He's always seemed like an honest kid, always willing to do whatever he's asked to do. Very selfless. Which is why I get so confused when scouts are so insistent that he won't be a quarterback - and then Jeff Fisher, Norm Chow, and the quarterbacks coach for the Titans all three say that he should be given a shot at quarterback, and even shy away from giving him reps at WR at the Senior Bowl.

Talk about giving a kid mixed messages.

I have to say personally, though, I'm really of the opinion that he should be given a shot at quarterback. He's not nearly as bad as people have made him out to be - in the one game I charted in great detail last year, the main limitation on his accuracy was his receivers dropping balls.

Really, I wouldn't be surprised if after two years or so as a backup QB if he gets to play, he ends up doing pretty well.

by DGL (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 10:45am

Michael Robinson says, 'I was waiting for an offensive line coach to come up to me and tell me I could play there.'

That would be Larry Beightol.

by DGL (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 10:48am

Damn, NFL.com pointed me to the wrong team's coaching staff. Should have said 'Sean Kugler', then the joke makes sense.

by GaryS (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 11:54am

I think that the team that drafts Vince Young should draft him as well. In order for Young to be successful, you will have to take advantage of his particular skills. Robinson shares these skills as well, and would be able to step in when VY is hurting, or to give him a breather.

Both QBs are terrific athletes and natural leaders. If a coach can come up with an offense to take advantage of their talents, they could get a leg up on the rest of the league (no pun intended).

by MadPenguin (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 12:22pm

I'd be satisfied if the steelers took him. I think he would fit right in.

by Fnor (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 12:38pm

Shhhhhh, we haven't done the mock draft yet....

by Ilanin (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 2:00pm

As a Steeler fan, Ryan, did you ever envisage you'd be typing the words ''everybody's looking for the next Antwaan Randle El''? If so, when ?

by Jesse (not verified) :: Wed, 04/19/2006 - 2:50pm

#7- second half of the Super Bowl

by MCS (not verified) :: Fri, 04/21/2006 - 7:49am


I don't get it. Sean Kugler?

by DGL (not verified) :: Fri, 04/21/2006 - 10:50am

Sean Kugler = O-line coach for the Lions. Who seem to have a penchant for drafting WRs. So the Lions O-line coach would be the one to approach Robinson, etc.

I guess if you gotta explain a joke as well as correcting it, it just didn't work. Sigh. :-)

by MCS (not verified) :: Fri, 04/21/2006 - 11:47am

No offense, the joke was a good idea.

I was just commenting so I could take the opportunity to point out that Sean Kugler coaches at Boise State, not the Lions.

Best of luck to him!

by DGL (not verified) :: Fri, 04/21/2006 - 1:46pm

That'll teach me to trust nfl.com in the offseason.

And just to complete the circle, according to wikipedia and the Lions website, the current O-line coach of the Lions is... Larry Beightol. Making the original incarnation of the joke correct.

Sheesh. This is way too much work for a one-liner.

by MCS (not verified) :: Fri, 04/21/2006 - 4:38pm