Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Some guys use the offseason to dance, others blog. Cowboys linebacker Kevin Burnett prefers the latter, at least publicly, and in a recent post, he breaks down the 3-4 defense. He's also covered the 4-3, and why Roy Williams, apparently, isn't responsible for every Dallas defensive breakdown the last two seasons.

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I like the little dig at the Patriots in the Roy Williams post:

"we chart every time an offense runs a particular play, the down and distance in which they ran the play, the number of times they have ran this play in the last four games, along with the formation and maybe the signal (Patriots)."

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That Roy Williams article is really lacking substance. He's been completely abused during the past few seasons, and Dallas fans are among his biggest detractors.

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What I love about the Roy Williams post is the dig at HiZ.

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While I commend a NFL player for attempting to communicate with fans, there are several different ways of playing both 4-3 and 3-4 defenses. For example Tampa2 teams place a greater emphasis on penetration and pursuit than any other type of defense. Equally some 3-4 defenses have been predicated on linemen tieing up as many blockers as possible, with penetration up front almost an afterthought.

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My favorite quote "So yeah it's a lot of pressure on Roy in some situations but he doesn't always wear the sombrero."

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"Turkey hole"? Am I the only one hearing this expression for the first time?

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4: I think you're dead on. I asked quite a few questions in the comments of the 3-4 post hoping to get KB to open up and be more specific in order to give us an insider's view with more valuable information.

Burnett's blog is nice, and I've been appreciating it for what it is, but the way some Boys fans (and Dallas Morning News bloggers) are raving about it, you'd think it was Mike Tanier or something: it's a far, far cry from Mike Tanier. ;-)

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7. No doubt, and here's a cowboys fan who's is not too upset about that. Keep the detailed stuff in-house, kthnx.