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Giants Lock Up David Diehl

The basics: six years, $31 million. The intrigue: "The key to the deal is annual escalator clauses that increase Diehl's salaries between $750,000 and $1.1 million a year as long as he plays offensive tackle." 2007 was Diehl's first season at left tackle (he had played left guard previously), and the team was obviously happy with his performance -- but they've left themselves an out in case he slips.

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Well, this wasn't the OL signing that Giants fans really wanted (Chris Snee is going into a contract year), but good for Dave. He was only 2 years into a 6-year contract signed when he was the starting LG, but I guess the team thought the position change was worth a raise.

He's an adequate OLT, which is at least as good as Luke Petitgout was (despite all the panic last offseason when Luke was cut). His run-blocking is quite good (Giants are 12th in ALY in runs to left end, and 5th to left tackle), and although certain speedy pass rushers tend to give him trouble from time to time, it's only the very best OTs in the league who regularly shut those guys down. Also, very much unlike Petitgout, he has never missed a start.

And the numbers still seem like a good deal for the Giants-- he's either a very good G making $5M/season, or a decent OT making $6M/season, either of which is probably less than the going rate for veteran free agents of similar talent.

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As a Cowboys fan, I don't have a very high opinion of David Diehl. The guy seemed to be the definition of 'mediocre' at LT. Seems to me like this is a stopgap to drafting a LT sometime soon and bringing DD back to LG.

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I can't tell from the language of the article:

Is that an annual $750k-$1MM raise for each year he plays OT, or is it that in every year of the contract, he'll make $750k-$1MM more for that year if he plays OT than he will if he doesn't?

If it's the former, this looks like a really bad deal for him should they decide to move him back to guard anytime soon.

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The Giants won't be drafting a LT any time soon. They already have a developmental tackle on the roster in Guy Whimper.

Diehl did struggle a bit against Ware, but don't most players?

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Wait, there's an NFL left tackle named "Whimper?" As in, "This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang but a whimper"? That's not the kind of name I'd want protecting my QB's blind side.

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Actually, Some Dude, Whimper's mother is an english professor and she is a big T.S. Eliot buff. Whimper's middle name is Fawkes.

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Actually, I just made that up. But it would be cool if it were true.

April is the cruelest month, or it would be if it wasn't for the NFL draft.

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I hear the Giants are interested in signing an undrafted free agent named J. A. Prufrock. Apparently her fell because of character concerns (something about a one night stand in a cheap hotel).

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At the risk of pulling out of a fine string of poetry-related puns, here's what Diehl had to say about his new contract, per Ralph Vacchiano:

“This happened, actually, a couple of weeks ago and I’m actually surprised that it went 15 days without people knowing that it happened,” Diehl said. “That’s just the way I am. I’m not a guy that wants to be in the media. I don’t need that limelight. I don’t need any of that stuff. I just go each and every week and each and every day, go to work and work hard and continue to try to become a better football player than I was the week before. Fortunately for me I’ve been able to do that and stay healthy and been able to stay out on the football field. And that’s the most important thing, not only being a great football player but being an accountable guy. That’s what you talk about as a football player, being a team player. I’m no different. I’ll play any position they put me on the field because I know that’s what I need to do to help our football team win games.

“The Giants really, after the season and going into this offseason, sat down with me and sat down with my agent and were real appreciative of the job that I did and moving positions and going about it the right way. I never talked about a contract extension. I never said anything about it, nor did my agent. And how could we? In order to do something and try to put yourself in a good position you have to go out there and prove yourself week in and week out, throughout a season. Fortunately for me I was able to go out there, do a great job and help our football team win and, overall, win a Super Bowl.”

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2. Even mediocre LTs go for a not-inconsiderable amount, after all. After all, you wouldn't want a straw man protecting your QB's blind side.

(bit of a stretch, but I tried)

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12. yeesh, delete the second after all, please. Evidently my prose does not yet equal Mr. Eliot.

By the way, at a certain point during the season in an audibles thread we put Guy Whimper on the All-I'mGladThatIsn'tMyName-Team along with DeCody Fagg, Randal Gay, and Dick Butkus. We may have had a few other guys on that team, but I forget now.

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one of my absolute favorite threads. what happened to all of us having fun and getting along? I think it was Fox/ESPN

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Oh man, Harry Colon OWNS that team. I love that one 'cause it's not a slur or a profanity; it's just really, really gross.

Umm, what was this thread supposed to be about again?

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Dang, and I was the one who put Craphonso Thorpe on the list and I forgot him.

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Last year a few people made a prediction that the Giants would be drafting Jake Long with the #1 pick. They got the pick right, but they couldn't have been more wrong on where the Giants picked.