PLEASE READ: Rules for Comment Threads

Hi everyone,

Recently, we've been noticing a lot of negativity on the comment threads towards both us and other posters.

Receiving criticism is, of course, part of our jobs, and something we're cool with. Giving us criticism of the "U WERE SO WRONG ABOUT ______" is pretty obnoxious, though, as is the "The Outsiders are so obviously fixing their numbers to avoid saying nice things about ______". (Hint: We don't have enough time to fix the numbers against every player we've ever said something mean about.)

So, in general, if you're going to criticize us, try to make your criticism a constructive one. We know we're dumb and biased against your favorite team already. You don't need to post it in every thread you can find to remind us. If you really want to tell us off that much, send us an e-mail using the Contact Us link. If we got something wrong and you really want to point it out, try and point out a reason why we got it wrong. "I could've told you so!" isn't a valid reason, either. We know that we're not going to be right all the time, and we don't mind hearing about it, but just pointing it out without saying anything to further the conversation goes against most everything this site exists for. Also, most of the other readers find it boring.

As for attacking other commenters, we really, really don't want you to. We're very proud of a lot of the comment threads on this site, and when they're not full of bickering, they're fantastic and we both read them and actually learn something from them. If you disagree with something someone's said, that's fine. Re-read your comments before you post -- if it's any sort of an ad hominem attack (an attack on someone themselves as opposed to the actual content of their post), edit it.

So, in short, our rules for commenting on the site:

1) No politics
2) No ad hominem attacks
3) No Brady-Manning arguments in threads that aren't about New England or Indianapolis

Simple! If you have a complaint about a comment that happens to not abide by these three rules, send Bill Barnwell an e-mail at bbarnwell - at - and we'll take a look and act accordingly.

We're going to be more closely monitoring the threads from this point forward, and be more proactive when it comes to placing people on moderation or, if issues repeat, banning them from commenting on the site.

Again, we don't want to do that, so your cooperation makes everyone's lives easier. Remember: We can't all condescend towards the FOX/ESPN comment threads together unless we make sure our threads don't suck, too.


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