Seahawks to Release Shaun Alexander

This is hardly surprising, especially after the Seahawks signed T.J. Duckett and Julius Jones this off-season, but Shaun Alexander isn't long for Seattle. More shocking, maybe, was that the team gave Alexander an eight-year, $62 million deal in 2006. The 2005 NFL MVP has been hobbled by injuries and the Curse of 370 the last two seasons, and there's a good chance his career is over.

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Move him to fullback!

No, wait... what position doesn't need to run into big scary defenders? Move him to punter!

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Im betting some random teams will bring him to training camp before they realize how worthless he is.

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It’s the curse of a RB sucking once they get a big contract.

I think it's more like the curse of 370 combined with Alexander turning 30 one year removed that workload casualty season.

People can call him lazy all damn day, but the truth is he encountered the Curse of 370 and then right after that turned 30. I don't care who you are or how hard you work, that won't end pretty for anyone trying to do it, Alexander included.

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Re: 6

Add to that the fact that Hutchinson signed with Minnesota, and it gets even uglier. Oh, and Madden, too. Don't forget Madden.

Alexander blew a tire early in the '06 season, probably a function of The Curse, but he wasn't exactly tearing up defenses before the injury, either. I'm not sure the 'Hawks FO really had a choice in this matter from a PR perspective (are you really going to let the reigning MVP become a UFA?), but that was an awful lot of $ to hand to a guy who had several tangible, predictable red flags around him.

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yeah I think this is just an example of a RB hitting both the 370 curse as well as the age 30 wall at the same time.

This may well be one of the last examples of a team overpaying a guy like this, especially with all the evidence of late that suggests that decent backs can be acquired on the cheap. Who is the next guy who looks likely to be demanding a large contract in his very late 20s?

And if I am an agent for any young RB I am definitely trying to get some large increases based on number of carries in a season included in my client's contract from now on.

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He's telling people the Colts or Pats have interest in him. really?

Alexander doesn't exactly seem like a Colts RB. Really fast to the outside?

And the Pats... well. I guess if he's willing to be paid nothing the Colts or Pats might sign him.

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At best, Alexander would be the third-best RB on either team's roster. He is not a better player than Addai, Maroney, Keith, or Morris. Period.

I totally doubt either team has any sort of interest in him. He might be able to make the roster in, say, Chicago. But that's about it.

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Well, he'll still be a 95 in Madden next year, so if you want to start your franchise, he can be the first FA you sign. He'll start, run for 1500 yards, and not retire for four more seasons.

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ouch, ouch, ouch

True, but ouch

Already the Bears BBS has 4 treads touting Alexander/Benson/Wolfe splitting carries as a 3-headed monster

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I come to praise Alexander, not to bury him.

Almost 10,000 yards rushing, including a few fantastic seasons. 112 TDs. An MVP (whether you agreed with the choice or not). A trip to the SB. That's a pretty sweet, long career for a tailback. Well done.

#12: Good call. I would be surprised if Portis' Age 29 season was basically his last. That's three more seasons from him. Gibbs' insane decision to use him as Gerald Riggs, plus as a 3rd down blocker, has worn that guy down to nub.

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I’m not sure the ‘Hawks FO really had a choice in this matter from a PR perspective (are you really going to let the reigning MVP become a UFA?), but that was an awful lot of $ to hand to a guy who had several tangible, predictable red flags around him.

I think you are right. Objectively speaking, there is no way in hell that you should ever re-sign a tailback to a huge deal who is about to hit 30 and who just hit the curse of 370, all of the while leaving the All-Pro guard without an extension and thus poison pill susceptible. Again, there is no way in hell you would ever objectively do that.

In the past, however, I have vehemently argued that a bunch of stuff that ideally should have no impact whatsoever on decision-making -- fan backlash, media going nuts, etc. -- actually do have a tangible impact on decision-making in the real world. I think the Seahawks probably saw all of the red flags, but did not want to take all of the heat by letting Alexander walk into free agency after the Super Bowl loss.

And keep in mind that Seattle has one of the best FOs in the league. It's not like we are talking about the Falcons or the Lions here.

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Agreed. Lets not constantly judge players on their later years when they struggled. We shouldn't forget, for half a decade this guy was a touchdown machine.

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Being from Seattle , I had the time to watch him. He never ran hard,always slipping tackles and diving to the ground. At least the 370 is more like 270 hard. He had a fab. career for the Seahawks and was one of 3 players (Hutchinson, Hasslebeck, Alexander) that brought good football back to the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for the memories , Shaun but if only you ran most of the time the same way you ran in your contract year........hhhmmmmm.

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#7 - I know! When I read this this morning, my first thought was, "Oh [expletive], I wonder how much the Panthers are going to give him?"

(Not that they have much cap room to work with...)

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I'm assuming this will be the year Alexander plays half the season with some random team, getting 15 carries a game but sucking and then getting hurt, and then retires; and then ten years from now, someone will say "hey, you remember that year Shaun Alexander played with the Texans?" and the rest of us will have long forgotten it ever happened.

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To join in the praise - though he does suck now, Alexander is the only player in NFL history to score 15 or more touchdowns in 5 consecutive seasons (2001-2005). I don't think many people know that, and I think it's a pretty darn impressive record.

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I've always liked Shaun Alexander, but this isn't surprising. The fact that he "suddenly collapsed" wasn't even remotely surprising.

Because of his career, some team will pick him up seeing if they can rekindle that spark (Eddie George in Dallas, anyone?), but he's a 30 year old washed up RB at this point with an injury history the past couple years.

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#17 Good one. He and Edge had the same franchise year and then Edge moved on for pretty big bucks while Shaun stayed for bigger (total $, not sure about guaranteed $).

Playing in an OL wasteland, I'd say Edge is proving to be a better choice despite his age and YPC. He's still out there and will be until they drag his dead body off the field. So Edge's departure improved both Indy and AZ, whereas Shaun staying hurt Seattle, at least financially. (I really thought letting Hutchinson go was even more nuts.)

First time I saw Alexander play was a preseason game in Husky Stadium (or mop-up time in the game where Edge ran for about 220). Colts came to town and this rookie, Alexander, a backup RB behind the venerable Ricky Watters, faked 4 defenders out of their jocks. They were literally diving at air and ended up on the turf while he danced by. I was totally floored.

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Statement of Shaun Alexander on his release from the Seahawks:

We received the news from the Seahawks' front office today that I have been released. While it really isn't a surprise, this news marks a major transition in my life. I started my NFL career in Seattle and hoped I could remain with the team through the rest of my days as a player. That said, things change.

I will be playing for another NFL team this fall, and doing everything I can to contribute. I am healthy, energized and looking forward to beginning the next chapter of my NFL career.

I want to thank the Seahawks and Coach Holmgren for all they have done for me and my family over the years. I have nothing but respect and affection for the Seahawks staff, my teammates and the organization. I wish them the best.

I especially want to thank the Seahawks fans. You made me feel proud every time I stepped on the field as a Seahawk. I look forward to hopefully returning to Qwest Field one day to play against the Seahawks, and the daunting task of facing the 12th Man — Seahawks fans are among the best.

Finally, Valerie and I want everyone to know that Seattle is home for us, and it will remain so no matter where I play next. We have made far too many wonderful friends to say goodbye. My family will remain in the Seattle area, and when my days in the NFL do eventually come to an end, I plan to retire here. Our hearts are woven into the fabric of this community, we are blessed to be part of it, and we enjoy contributing to it in every way we can.

Thank you, Seattle. You have become a part of me and you will forever remain in my heart.

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#26 Jimmy, is that for real? Pretty classy. I wonder where he lives.... For a kid from Alabama to take to this town, well I'm glad our eternal winter hasn't killed him.