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Your New KCW Family: Josh & Luke McCown

Chris Hanson, you now have company in the Woodchoppers' Hall of Fame:

Backup Miami Dolphins quarterback Josh McCown may want to stick to throwing footballs and stay away from chain saws.

McCown needed six stitches to the index finger on his right hand a couple of weeks ago when he was injured while he and his brother, Luke, were cutting firewood.

Josh McCown told Tyler television station KETK that he was holding the firewood and his brother, a backup quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, made the mistake of cutting his finger instead of the firewood.

I'm picturing the McCowns as Virgil and Turk Malloy to Hanson's Danny Ocean, but maybe that's just me. What this means in football terms is that Josh has throwing hand issues just before a training camp battle with John Beck and Chad Henne in Miami. Meanwhile, Luke will be challenging Jeff Garcia for the starting job in Tampa Bay.

The moral is always the same: Be on the right end of the chainsaw.

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12 comments, Last at 18 Jul 2008, 4:29pm

3 Re: Your New KCW Family: Josh & Luke McCown

I love my brothers and all, but if one of them said to me, "You hold this block of wood while I swing an ax at it," I'd either laugh heartily or punch him in the head.

5 Re: Your New KCW Family: Josh & Luke McCown

For those of us who haven't bought the book or spreadsheet yet, can we discuss Kevin Jones and his projections on the Bears?

Just curious...

8 Re: Your New KCW Family: Josh & Luke McCown

And yet the moral of Chris Hanson's story is that the right end of the ax is the one that the wood is on. Or, perhaps, none at all.

9 Re: Your New KCW Family: Josh & Luke McCown

"Dude, I am like, so over that whole 'paint stripe down the middle of our bedroom' thing from junior high. Even though the bathroom was on your side. And Sally Jenkins, man, that's okay too, because I didn't really love her. Okay, here, hold this piece of wood, I need to cut it down just a little..."

In other news, Peyton Manning recently introduced Eli to his barber, resulting in Eli calling Luke McCown to borrow his chain saw. "Peyt, can you clamp it between your shoulder and chin like a violin? Great, hold it right there...."

12 Re: Your New KCW Family: Josh & Luke McCown

When I heard this story first, I immediately thought axe... and then I thought "Chopping wood: You're doing it wrong!"

Then I read somewhere that they were actually trying to trim down a tree, and he was using a chainsaw.

I don't want to think about what its like to get cut in the hand by a chainsaw. My uncle just severed the tip of his finger with garden trimmers (his index finger too) and he is worried he is going to lose the tip of it. Not good for football.