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Bob Carroll Dies

Bob Carroll, co-founder of the Professional Football Researchers Association, passed away on Tuesday. Although I never met him personally, Carroll was one of the authors of The Hidden Game of Football, which was basically the inspiration for Football Outsiders and thus my entire career. Condolences to his family.

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When I first read this, I said "NNOOoooooo! Not Bob Carroll"!

But, then I realized that I don't know who Bob carroll is...

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Dont' worry, that's what they'll say about you too but you won't even be worth the bother to use you in a lame joke.

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Seriously, if you enjoy this site, check out "The Hidden Game". It's a little dated (it was written in the mid-80's), but it absolutely helps you appreciate the game at a different level.

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Thank you for the link No respect. Have ordered the book.

And my condolences to Bob Carrolls family.