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Brady Quinn Back In

The Browns will start Brady Quinn this Monday night against the Ravens. What fun!

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Waiting a week for the road trip to Detroit and easing the poor guy in wouldn't be anywhere near as morbidly fun.

Monday night. Against the Ravens. At home. Boo-birds over/under = midway 3rd quarter.

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Yeah us fans will definitely be booing Mangini from the outset, but most of us really have no desire to see any more of DA this season or ever, so i doubt Quinn will really get booed too much individually.

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Well, at least get to see the Ravens on a Monday night game and I don't think I'm working. Whooooooooo!

4 Re: Brady Quinn Back In

"In like Quinn" seems to be a useful expression for future situations like this.

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It's always fun with those silly brownies.

What did they expect their QBs were going to do this season when they traded away and release their receiving threaths.

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Clever move, Mangenius. Put Quinn in against the Ravens defense, and when he fails, you can go back to having Anderson screw up the offense, using Quinn's failure here as "proof" that Anderson's the better QB.

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I agree that it's almost like last year's regime and this year's too kind of want Quinn to fail -- though I can't imagine why. I'm not saying they should protect him and refuse to play him against good teams or something, but he always seems to get thrown in for primetime games rather than given any time to develop a rhythm.

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Brady Quinn: The one person that makes Dolphin fans feel good about drafting Ted Ginn, Jr.

Who woulda thunk it? They both suck!

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I'm not sure it's ever proper to feel GOOD about drafting Ted Ginn. It wasn't exactly a binary decision between Ginn and Quinn. Guys like Patrick Willis and Darrelle Revis were available at the time too.

If anything, the guy that should make you feel less bad about Ginn is JaMarcus Russell. He will forever be the #1 bust from the 2007 draft, relegating Ginn to afterthought status. My god, he's horrible.

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Can we maybe wait and see before rushing to judgement. I mean the guy has hardly played, and was basically held out to avoid paying him an escalator bonus. We have seen him play a total of two and a half games last year, half of those with a broken finger on his throwing hand, and another two and a half games this year against Minn, Den, and Balt.

I'm not saying he is going to be great, but I want to at least give him some time to be evaluated, and considering how easy the schedule is for the Browns I think we will have our answer if he plays the rest of the way (currently ranked 30th by DVOA with the Balt game included), which seems likely barring injury.

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I think that for a lot of the posters - well, at least in my case - I didn't really see him as a viable QB prospect coming out on draft day. There's no way I would have picked him anywhere on day 1, let alone the first round. And I know I had plenty of company in that opinion. There were, of course, those who thought he was the second coming of whoever - I usually just dismissed them as the Notre Dame Homer Contingent.

Admittedly, I haven't see a whole lot of Browns football, but based on what I have seen, there's been nothing to warrant re-evaluating my pre-draft thoughts. He's getting first round money, so eventually he will get an opportunity to prove me wrong. Or right.

16 Re: Brady Quinn Back In

I get that, but he seemed like a good pick to me, especially at the low end of the first round, and also if I remember correctly the Lewin forecaster liked him, at least in an above average if not superstar way. And I am an OSU fan, not a ND homer. Though I certainly though Joe Thomas was the correct pick at 3.

In the end the whole point is he still has not had a chance to prove himself. If he sucks the rest of the season I have no problem writing him off as a bust and moving on, I just want to find out what we have in him, since I know we have an inconsistent and sucky qb in DA.

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I agree that he hasn't had a chance to provide us a definitive answer. And if you're paying him first round money, you may as well see what you have in him.

Also, I apologize if my comments were misinterpreted. My comments about the Notre Dame Homer Contingent were meant as a generalization, not directed at you specifically, or anyone else, for that matter. Except maybe Lou Holtz.

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I don't know about Quinn not having had a chance. I think it's shady (at best) that the Browns held him out to keep him from acheiving a contract bonus, but let's be real -- "better than Derek Anderson" is not the same thing as "deserves a $12 million bonus." Quinn hasn't exactly been lighting it up when he has gotten into the games. And one would presume that the training camp QB competitions were fair in 2007 and 2008, when he lost out to Charlie Frye(?!) and Derek Anderson. So he's had chances, he just hasn't gotten into a lot of games.

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In 2007 he held out, which was partly his fault, and also partly the Browns since I've heard reports they dragged negotiations so he wouldn't win the job since they didn't want him going through the same thing as Couch when he was thrown into the starting role in the second game. Either way he didn't get as many reps as DA and Frye.

In 2008 it was DA's job and there wasn't a competition. Quinn basically got backup QB reps. Then this year he won the job barely, while getting exactly half the reps, and no real chance to build any chemistry with the receivers, then was pulled after 10 quarters. And those three games were against Minn who is currently 13th defensively and 24th against the pass, Den (3 overall, 7 vs pass), and Baltimore (10th overall, 12 vs pass).

So I guess my point is he still hasn't had enough opportunity to be evaluated. He may be no good, but my point was more that we don't know for sure yet, most likely by the end of the season (if he plays the whole way) we will know what kind of QB we have.

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In terms of this site, Quinn is always linked in my mind to Russell because of that article (forget the author's name) about how you can evaluate college QBs by the number of games they started. He was down on Russell because he hadn't started enough games (he got that on right!) but then used Quinn as an example of the sort of guy you should draft (oops!).

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The Lewin System didn't have Quinn as, like, the mega-awesome QB of all awesome QBs. That honor belongs to Philip Rivers. Other favorite prospects have been Peyton Manning, Chad Pennington, and Kevin Kolb. I think it was Rivers that had the highest projection ever. The worst projection ever belonged to Ryan Leaf.

It has had problems with guys in the middle (particularly, it loved Leinart) but I don't think it was necessarily wrong about Quinn. It had Quinn as a pretty legitimate but unspectacular first round prospect.

I think there's a good chance that Quinn actually is a legitimate but unspectacular first round prospect, who has simply been hampered by Browns management, much like Couch. Russell, in comparison, is an already-bad first round prospect driven to epic levels of sucking by the Raiders.

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How much ESPN paid to the Browns in order to have something interesting to show on Monday night?!

Ravens-Browns? Really?!

DAL-GB, PHI-SD, CIN-PIT, even SEA-ARI are better games!

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Ravens-Browns is, in theory, a big rivalry game. It's just unfortunate (and somewhat foreseeable) that one of the teams involved is horrible.

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I don't think every team gets a primetime game, they didn't used to, but that was back when Monday night was the only primetime game. Also for all you lucky non-Browns fans, they also play the Steelers at home on Thursday, December 10th.

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Cincinnati has no primetime games. I don't think there was ever a rule that everyone had to have one. Once you put the Raiders on a dozen times, there's not a lot of room left.

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Detroit didn't get one either. They do have the customary Thanksgiving game, but even that is in the early time slot.

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Will any QB play well for the Browns? Does it matter who they start? I'm a big ND fan, and I liked Brady a lot coming out of college, but I feel like anybody, even Manning or Brady, would struggle with the Browns. They've got one offensive lineman worth the name, no wide outs, and no defense to speak of. I still think Quinn could be really good somewhere, but I don't think and have never thought that place would be Cleveland. I was happy when they skipped him in the draft; I figured he'd get a chance to go somewhere better and show off his considerable talent.

Regarding said talent - speaking as someone who watched Quinn all four years of college, I'll say this: he was virtually the only bright spot on Irish squads with low talent levels and disinterested or impersonal management. People fault him for never winning a big game, but in every big game the Irish played in, he played his heart out and got let down, over and over again, by the rest of the team. He had the arm strength to make all the necessary throws, excellent decision making, and great footwork.

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Actually, Joe Thomas and Eric Steinbach have been to pro-bowls and Alex Mack is coming along nicely after a rough first couple of games. If they would play Hank Fraley at RG, then they would have four NFL quality guys on the line. St. Clair and Pork Chop have not been impressive and Rex Hadnot is playing hurt.

Browns O-line isn't the problem, its the fact that the QB's are horrible and Jamal has been done for over a year. Even though he rushed for 1,000 last year, he didn't once break 100 yards in a game and he certainly didn't break any long runs. He was done last year and he is worse this year. We have needed a franchise RB for years and years and years in Cleveland and we still need one.

Browns QB's, WR's, RB's...hell every "skill" position is in absolute shambles and to the above (way above poster) trading Braylon was a must as he completely quit on the team and is mentally weak. Winslow was a giant injury risk and a locker room cancer, so I at least understand that move as well.

The biggest issues have been a lack of Browns identity and utter total and complete disasters in the draft for every year since Eric Turner. Even our best pick since Eric Turner (Joe Thomas) was taken over what will be the best RB of this generation, when the Browns were in desperate NEED for any RB, let alone a franchise RB.

FYI, I am going to the Monday night game and I will be there to see Cribbs (only player worth anything on team) and will be hammered and yell a lot, most likely at the Browns and their suckitude.

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I agree with most of this though I would definitely rather have Joe Thomas than Adrian peterson simply because I'd rather have 12-15 years of a great LT than 6 or 7 years of a great RB.

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Seconded and then some. A great LT is worth more than any running back, and there's no such thing as "needing" a franchise RB - a team can have a good running game without an elite back, and a team can be elite overall even with a thoroughly indifferent running game. I'd say of the last 8 Superbowl winners, only 1 (the 2004 Patriots) could really be argued to have had a top flight RB. Admittedly the four before that all did (Lewis, Faulk, Davis twice) - but then three of those four also had Hall of Famers at left tackle (Zimmerman, Pace, Ogden), and the fourth a guy who went to the Pro Bowl that year (Jones). Peterson's a great player, but the probability he'll have as much value over his career as Thomas is near zero.

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Oh Yeah, and I stick by the statement that DA is the worst (now thankfully not) starting QB in the league. Epically worse than the big GOAT himself, JaMarcus Russell.

BQ has not looked good, but DA has been legendary bad. Legendary!!

I don't know what happened to BQ, but he hasn't inspired any fans to jump out of their seats either, but at least he looks like a possible back-up somehwere, while DA looks like Ol Yeller (needs to be put out of his misery)

I hope the Brownies do what they did last year on Monday night and just beat the shit out of the Ravens and then the commentators will be confused as the fans. Just like last year

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The good old AFCN. All the teams have grudges with all the others, some going back to before the teams even existed.