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David Anderson Impersonates Ron Jaworski

David Anderson's Ron Jaworski impersonation had me in tears. Just spot-on perfect.

Hat tip to our friend Paul Kuharsky at the AFC South blog on ESPN.

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12 Re: David Anderson Impersonates Ron Jaworski

I just checked the site and there's a note saying that they were offline from 10PM last night until 11AM this morning, so if you tried it during that timeframe, that's probably why you couldn't get it to work. It seems fine now.

13 Re: David Anderson Impersonates Ron Jaworski

Pretty funny. He ran out of steam towards the end but it was definitely Jaworski. I wish he would have thrown in the National Football League thing, which I find incredibly annoying. Also annoying are the constant references to the "football team" and "football"- he never says just "team" or "ball" but a lot of announcers seem to do that too. Maybe it's a branding thing the NFL insists on.