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Jamal Lewis To IR, DeDe Dorsey To Browns

Jamal Lewis will reportedly be placed on IR after an analysis of his brain following a severe concussion revealed "brain abnormalities". Lewis has already said that 2009 would be his final season, so it appears that his career is over.

The Browns will use his roster spot on DeDe Dorsey, recently of the UFL. Chris Jennings takes over as the starting back, while Jerome Harrison stews on the sideline because...um...he wasn't on the Jets last year. I guess.

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4 Re: Jamal Lewis To IR, DeDe Dorsey To Browns

I know it's a lost year and all, and I hope lewis will be ok, but as a Browns fan i am really glad i don't have to watch him and his 3.6 ypc for the rest of the year. Jennings may not be much better but at least there is the possibility, with lewis we knew what we were getting. As for Harrison I think his biggest problem continues to be his blocking, he just can not pass block effectively. But the Browns still need to utilize him better since he can be explosive.

7 Re: Jamal Lewis To IR, DeDe Dorsey To Browns

Jamal Lewis was a great player in his prime, I hope he's able to have a good life after football. I know FO metrics downplay his 2003 season, but he was an incredible specimen, very imposing and fun to watch. Don't forget, that offense was based around the threat of Kyle Boller (as a rookie) to Travis Taylor - he was facing 9 in the box almost every play.

8 A class act.

During his tenure with the Ravens, I had the pleasure of meeting Jamal on several occasions. As a bartender, I see a lot of the players at some of their more unguarded moments, and Jamal more than any other Raven that I met struck me as a consummate professional. While a good number of other players thought nothing of drinking not just during the season, but the night before a playoff game, the most I ever saw Lewis drink between July and January was a single Heineken to start the evening before moving on to water and whatever protein-rich meal he was eating. He was always a gentleman towards women and respectful towards the staff. He wasn't a laugh riot or anything-- he always seemed like a pretty serious guy-- but he never, ever put on an air of "I'm Jamal F-ing Lewis" like a number of other players who shall remain unnamed do.

I know it's fashionable to knock him for his (nonviolent) conviction, but he's honestly one of the good guys. Since it appears he was done with football anyway, I'm glad that the brain problems were caught before any further damage was done.

Jamal, good luck, and there will always be many open doors for you back in Baltimore.

12 Re: A class act.

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Always good to hear reports like this. My respect level for Lewis has been raised a notch or two.

9 Re: Jamal Lewis To IR, DeDe Dorsey To Browns

Harrison supposedly doesn't practice hard enough for Mangini.

Just use the guy, "Get Ova it!" as good ole deranged Al Davis would say.

Jamal has been done for a couple of years now, so this isn't anything new. Jennings has some level of lateral movement, something Jamal hasn't had for three years (with the last two being hard to watch).

Browns O-line actually can block, but you would never know that watching Jamal run for his two yards and a cloud of dust every play.

Hopefully, Harrison gets a chance. and if he can't pass block, then have him release for the dump off. The guy can break it, and its not like we have any other player that can break it, so give it a try.

I hope Jamal isn't too brain damaged and does recover. Football is brutal on the body.

10 Re: Jamal Lewis To IR, DeDe Dorsey To Browns

I agree Harrison needs more of a chance, I think actually the best thing would be to watch the Saints and use him the same way they use Reggie Bush. They also need to use him more on early downs when the pass blocking isn't really that big of an issue. I expect though to see a lot of Jennings with Harrison getting in for 15-20 plays total.