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Last Minute Cuts: Vikings Release Bobby Wade, Rams Release Chris Draft

A couple of surprising last-minute cuts today. The Vikings got rid of receiver Bobby Wade, which is a bit odd considering that he just restructured his contract so he would be easier to fit on the roster. They're signing Greg Lewis to replace him, although I assume Lewis is more of a fourth receiver and special teams guy. The Rams also made a surprise move by slashing starting strongside linebacker Chris Draft. That means that David Vobora, Mr. Irrelevant 2008, will now be a starter in St. Louis. So much for irrelevancy -- between Vobora and Ryan Succop, Mr. Irrelevants are going to get some serious playing time this season. For those wondering: Yes, I'm doing yet another KUBIAK update, and yes, the Draft-for-Vobora shift would drop the Rams' defensive DVOA projection a little bit.

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1 Vikings Release Bobby Wade


My Loser League Team! Down in Flames!

I shoulda waited till Saturday....

Bobby Wade was the perfect Loser League WR. He always played, he'd catch what was thrown to him, usually a possession receiver who stretched nothing, you could count on him for 2-3 grabs a week, and they'd not even use him much in the red zone. I know he'd get a couple tds here and there, and writing this from memory, not looking at stats, but damn.

Berrian is still dinged up, and I didn't think the rest of their receivers were that much to write home about.

BTW if anyone posts you need to shorten the subject, which comes in automatically.

2 Re: Last Minute Cuts

Nice call Bill Barnwell in MN Trib blog that Wade was the most overrated Viking.