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Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

Jay Glazer notes that Marc Bulger has a fracture in his lower leg (his fibula?) and will be out 3-6 weeks.

UPDATE: Bulger has a "tibial plateau fracture".

The closest comp for that sort of injury is a coach -- it's the injury Joe Paterno suffered when his leg was rolled over a few years back.

Besides that, the only records we have of NFL players suffering the injury are linemen. Such a fracture ended Bengals lineman Rich Braham's career in 2005, while late Oilers defensive lineman Jeff Alm had the same injury shortly before committing suicide during the 1993 season.

Basketball players Gabe Pruitt (college) and Yao Ming (pro) also both suffered the injury.

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1 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

...and my loser league team sighs. Both of my QBs out (JaMarcussed and injured).

2 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

Well, the closest NFL comps certainly paint a bleak picture.

14 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

The Rams WRs may be bad now, but they actually have the potential to be pretty good next year. They just lack that #1 guy who draws the double team. If they were to find the next Eddie Royal or DeSean Jackson in the 2nd round next year, they'd suddenly be set . Donnie Avery is overmatched as a #1, but would be fine as a #2 (of course, they could have had Royal or Jackson instead of Avery, but the guys who made that mistake are gone). Brandon Gibson and Danny Amendola have both shown flashes, and would be good complementary receivers. And Laurent Robinson showed the most potential of the bunch before he went on IR.

That doesn't help them any this year, but in the long haul, the picture's not as bleak as it might seem.

Now... ...add Kyle Boller into the mix, and yes, the short term picture suddenly IS as bleak as it seems.

15 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

Donnie Avery is the Rams most experienced WR with his 1 1/2 years of NFL experience. On Sunday he was the only active WR who had been with the Rams in training camp. And he was injured for pretty much all of training camp. There's reasons the WRs aren't great.

Gibson looks quite handy though so far, Burton isn't bad, Avery has potential, Laurent Robinson looked pretty good in the time he had and I've no idea about Brooks Foster.

16 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

I'd be surprised if Burton or Foster - or Ruvell Martin for that matter - are on the roster next year. Which again, is not a bad problem to have, but is small consolation right now.

8 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

If the Rams were a horse, they'd have to be put down on the track. What a trainwreck.

9 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

I'm no doctor, and I don't even play one on the internet, but a tibial plateau fracture is no minor thing. I haven't seen Bulger's x-rays or anything, but here is what is possible: picture Bulger's "tibial plateau" (basically, the "ball" at the top of his tibia). Now, picture a "bloomin' onion" at Outback Steakhouse. Combine two images. Now you've imagined an x-ray I have seen.

Bulger, let us remember, in fair competition, was named starter over let's-put-him-in-the-hall-of-fame-absurdity Kurt Warner. He's a very good quarterback, and this might be the end of an era.

17 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

Fair competition? Not hardly. Warner, a 2-time MVP, was given exactly 5 games, count 'em 5, to reclaim his position after breaking his hand in 2002. His wife angered Mike Martz Hitler and Kurt was given the bum's rush. Bulger, whom Martz wanted to shine as another "reclamation" project, was given the keys to the shiny Greatest Show on Turf...and proceeded to slowly grind it into the ground.

Bye Marc. Sorry you got hurt. Good luck in Cleveland or Washington.

10 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

I always felt sorry for Bulger: he seemed like he had some great seasons, but nobody gave him a chance. Plus, playing on a team that seemed to run out of emotional gas a few years back.

11 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

Bluger not good since mad magicain Mike Martz get fire.
Klye Boller awful Qb so Ramms chances at winning pretty horrible now. maybe could have got to 6-10 if Bluger stay healthy becauause have some crpapy teams on s chuedle like Seahakws, bears, titnas, Houson, and 49ers. Cards game at cards on 12/27 only tough game. But with Boler in there now, Rams probably lose every game.
Bugler one Qb who alwyas make you think of movie. This because Chris Berman think Bluger's grandftaher was in Wizard of Oz. Maybe he was, whjo knows.

Other who make think of movie- Richard Todd. Toodd qb of Jets in ealrly 1980s when Flash Gordon come out. Flash ahh ahh he's the lader of universe! In movie Flash Gordon qb of Jets. That movie very impresionable on youngster if like space ships and football and space montsres. In beginning of movie Flash Gordon arrive on alien plant and fights them with football moves and using football shaped device. Movie was very good and almost make me want to be Jets fan becuause here was Jets quarteback saving earth. but then realized just a movie and so smarten up and stay Raiders fan. This when came to senses that raiders more interetsed in winning Super bowls but Jets more inrterested in doing movies and panty hose commericials and some other things. then later Jets head coahc appear in episode of Sporanos.
here is youtub of Flash gorod football ifhgt-

13 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

forgot to write before that Richard Todd sort of look like actor who play Falsh Gordon in movie. both had blodn hair (well maybe Todd dirty blodn and actor rela blonde) so when watching movie at time you might have thought Todd was rellaly in movie and was really Flash gordon. So if kid at time it relaly made you think

18 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

My god, you guys, I'd never heard that story about Jeff Alm. That's incredibly depressing.

20 Re: Marc Bulger Out 3-6 Weeks

Not sure if you are being sarcastic, howl, but I'll assume you are sincere. Barnwell's sentence sort of implies that Jeff Alm committed suicide because of a leg injury. This is not the case, but the truth is even more disturbing. While driving drunk, Jeff accidentally killed his best friend. Despondent, he immediately stuck a shotgun in his mouth. Sorry to exacerbate the depression.