Sam Keller Suing EA

Sam Keller will not go quietly. On the heels of a lawsuit from retired players related to their appearance in the Madden series, Keller is now suing EA for using the numbers and likenesses of college players in NCAA Football.

Hat tip to Darren Rovell at CNBC.

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4 Re: Sam Keller Suing EA

I can't wait until Keller changes his name to "QB #9"... or maybe "cero nueve."

5 Re: Sam Keller Suing EA

I hope the suit is successful. Much as I like the NCAA franchise, it's absurd that these athletes are basically indentured servants.

9 Re: Sam Keller Suing EA

Yes, because you didn't do anything to put money in your school's bank, and no one is using your likeness in a top-selling video game. Keller did, and EA Sports used his likeness.

The reality is that EA Sports has, for over a decade, used the players' likenesses without compensating them. Sticking one's head in the sand will not change that.

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I would assume that EA has paid the NCAA to use the schools names and likenesses, and the athletes probably fall under that umbrella. Keller should sue the NCAA. They are the ones who collude with the NFL and NBA to force these kids into playing for little or no compensation.

12 Re: Sam Keller Suing EA

I sincerely doubt that the NCAA are entitled to do anything of the sort. Unless colleges standardly require students to waive their own image rights on matriculation, or something - and even then it might well constitute an unreasonable small print.

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Boohoo. All those poor full scholarship "student" athletes. My heart really goes out to them. It's really unconscionable the way these kids are forced to accept these scholarships and then aren't even allowed to also profit on top of their free education. Oh, the humanity! When will the madness be stopped?!?

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I agree Josh. The NCAA rules for these young players are horrible compared to the rules applied to their coaches.

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Little does he know that EA's long stopped caring about keeping their rosters accurate.

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Sam Keller is a fantastic backup QB in Madden. Dude saved my season when Drew Brees went down.