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Seahawks Waive Edgerrin James

Much ado about nothing, as the Seahawks waived theoretical "goal line back" Edgerrin James today.

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13 comments, Last at 04 Nov 2009, 8:05pm

1 Re: Seahawks Waive Edgerrin James

I can't help but notice that the actual Tweet says that the Seahawks "terminated" him, which sounds considerably more sinister.

3 Re: Seahawks Waive Edgerrin James

Wow. I guess that they were worried someone else would pick him up. When's the funeral?

6 Re: Seahawks Waive Edgerrin James

In Indy, he always was good at picking up the blitz. Seattle should have tried him on the offensive line. It couldn't have been any worse than what they've got.

9 Re: Seahawks Waive Edgerrin James

Edge finished the year eerily similar to another aging Seattle stringer, Franco Harris in 1984. Both played half a season, collected less than 200 yards, and averaged ~2.5 yards per carry. At least the 1984 version could absorb a middling player with its strong supporting cast. No luxury for that this year. :-/