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Steve Slaton To IR

Steve Slaton has been placed on injured reserve with a neck injury that had reportedly been causing numbness in his arm.

Ryan Moats should take over alongside Chris Brown.

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1 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

Ryan Moats should take over FOR Chris Brown. After routinely failing to pick up yardage pretty much ever, and his boneheaded halfback pass on Sunday (albeit which should never have been called), I would just as soon not see him on the active roster for the rest of the season.

2 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

First four picks in my fantasy draft (16 team leauge, I was pick 12)

Steve Slaton

Brandon Jacobs

Dwayne Bowe

Anthony Gonzalez

Needless to say, it has not been a banner year. The only thing good about my team was my shrewd (thanks, FO!) pick of Miles Austin. I didn't make the playoffs, but Austin almost single-handedly won me enough money in weekly payouts that I came close to breaking even for the year.

4 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

Wow, I picked:

S. Jackson
M. Colston
D. Bowe
A. Gonzalez

And I was considering Slaton at #1, which looking back was a horrible, horrible idea.

12 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

My Starting RBs this year were:

S. SLaton
R. Brown
C. Portis

Having Bowe also on my rooster I went from 6-2 and first Place to 6-7 and missing the playoffs in no time.

13 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

I relied on Slaton in two leagues, but ended up ok by picking up Ray Rice in both as well. I'm still amazed that a friend I GM-ed for in her first season of fantasy football could spend her 2nd and 3rd picks on Slaton and Antonio Bryant and end up #1 in her 14 team league.

14 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

First 3 picks
Calvin Johnson

Next 5 picks
P. Manning
A. Gates

WTF??!!!! My league is 60/40 in favor of touchdowns; in a PPR league or at least one in which yardage is more heavily weighted I think I would have finished better than 7-6, which I feel damn lucky to have done. I could have won my division this past week with better roster management.

I've come to the conclusion that skill is more heavily rewarded in performance leagues, while in touchdown-heavy leagues everything comes down much more to dumb luck. I hate relying on dumb luck.

3 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

No extra point for Sorgi going on IR? Week 17 is fantasy playoffs, got to be ready now!

7 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

Jump on the Curtis Painter bandwagon, leaving the station at the 5:21 mark of the first quarter of Week 15

(after Colts first drive ends, and they get the ball back)

11 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

I suggested to my friend who has Manning that he might be screwed in our Week 16 final if Manning is benched in the second half, and it might be a good idea to pick up a backup QB (he has none), and everyone suggested that I was crazy and that Caldwell won't pull a Dungy, especially with a perfect season on the line.

So you're suggesting that he might even be screwed in Week 15? I'm playing him in the semis, and since he ignored my last advice, I'd feel no obligation to pass any of this on...

15 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

But this is one of the rare years where a team could legitimately bench a star as early as week 15. It just depends on how important an undefeated season is to the Colts.

My thought is that they will still play him heavily in week 15, but (mostly) bench him in week 16. I could see the Colts playing their starters for a quarter or a half in the last two weeks to avoid letting them get rusty.

I think the Saints go full throttle the whole season, though. My hope is a worn-down Saints team would be facing the MN(LA) Vikings in the NFC championship game.

19 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

In my league, we charge 50¢ for add/drops and $1 for trades. The championship is week 16, and week 17 is a free-for-all for the add/drop/trade money, with the the top two scoring teams splitting it 60/40.

It's a fun way to keep the league going all the way to the end. I lost in the championship game last year, but then won the week 17 pot.

5 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

Being that I hadn't played Slaton in several weeks, this isn't much of a shock to my fantasy roster.

6 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

I too haven't played him in a few weeks, but more because of the other matchups I had. I originally drafted Slaton and S.Jax, and then after a few weeks somebody in my league dropped Addai, which I promptly picked up, and have been greatly rewarded for.

Being so close to the end of the season, as long as Addai and S.Jax don't get hurt in the next 3 weeks, I'll be fine.

9 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

I'm just glad I traded MJD for Fitzgerald and Slaton (PPR league). At least Fitty has come through for me

16 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

Has this neck injury been bothering him for much longer period? Could this be the source of his fumbling problems, or at least made them much worse?

20 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

I can't find any detail to that point anywhere. Certainly I hadn't heard anything about this being an issue until very recently, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't.

17 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

I have dropped all 6 RBS I drafted (plus a few others I picked up) in my FF league and I am still in good shape to win it :)

Right now I have Charles and R Williams running out there each week.

Captcha: Orally special

18 Re: Steve Slaton To IR

I first drafted Slaton, then Ronnie Brown, yet I still finished first in my league, ending the regular season on a 10-game (!) win streak. Aaron Rodgers, Ochocinco, Jonathan Stewart, Tim Hightower, and Shiancoe all outperformed where I drafted them, and Meachem and NYJ DEF (and heck, even Lawrence Tynes) were valuable wire pick-ups for me. Still wish I had Ronnie Brown for the playoffs, though.

Sad that for the most part the comments solicited by this news story are fantasy-related.