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Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

Exactly what the subject says. Directors of art museums in both Indianapolis and New Orleans are trading burns and bets.

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6 Re: Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

I am amused that Renoir is too sweet for Indianapolis. Does this mean that those Indiana corn farmers have simpler tastes?

That was all sorts of win.

7 Re: Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

My favorite was "Sorry but we have no farm scenes or portraits of football players to send you."

And those two will look awesome hanging together. In Indianapolis.

appropriate captcha: "rumble recent"

9 Re: Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

As a Colts fan AND someone who really enjoyed his Romantic Art seminar two decades ago, I agree that this is awesome! A big John Martin oil would have worked, too.

The NOMA director should thank his lucky stars the Jets lost--the Met could kick NOMA's ass, and then drop the Temple of Dendur on them in case they lost.

Okay, screw mayors; this is much more interesting than crab cakes versus some sausage or cheese steak. Or from Seattle, the ever-original...

...wait for it, you'll never guess...

...not in a million years....

...salmon! Like nobody's ever had THAT before. And in February, it's not even fresh!

(Let SAM bet their giant hammering man statue next time the Seahawks make the SB. 30 feet tall and motorized. THAT would be epic.)

10 Re: Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

That was fantastic !

Is "Geaux Saints" supposed to be "Go Saints" in a french looking way ? If so, that's quite funny, because Geaux is pronounced "Jo" in french, not "Go".

11 Re: Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

I'll wait until Dan Brown comes out with the book. Here's the plot line:

Peyton Manning discovers that his father Archie is the last of the Knights Templar, and that their treasure is hidden in the bowels of the Indianapolis MOA - apparently in an effort to fool thieves by placing it as far away from civilization as possible. Peyton swears an oath to his father to protect the secret at all costs.

His nemesis is his own brother Eli, who's attempting to uncover the secret organization that has the power to make world leaders tremble and footballs stick to helemts.

Eli teams with the raven haired Deanna, on a quest to attain the Templars' most dangerous secret for her husband before he sinks into oblivion - the legendary Fountain of Decisiveness.

The action comes to head when two unsuspecting museum curators make a deadly Super Bowl wager: a valuable painting containing the secret coded messages from the past, that threaten to make a gunslinging quarterback immortal. Or make soccer popular in America, nobody's really sure. It all comes down to who finds the mysterious linebacker who travels the world in search of clues to the meaning of the painting's message.

Coming this summer from bestselling author Dan Brown:

"The Dhani Code"

15 Re: Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

I don't know much about art, but I know what I like. And it's Turner.

Well, Turner and crazy-ass Russian religious paintings with skeletons crawling out of the mouths of mutated fish-dogs and stuff. Those are awesome. If Perm ever gets an expansion franchise, in like 2087, bets like this could get really interesting.

17 Re: Art Museum Super Bowl Trash Talk

IMA should put up their James Turrell. It's the most bitchin' thing there.


(scroll down)

If you've never seen one, go. It's cool. I love taking my kids there.