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Browns Cut Stallworth

The first prominent cut of the season is in; as expected, the Browns released wide receiver Donte' Stallworth.

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15 comments, Last at 10 Feb 2010, 6:21pm

2 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

You can't cut a player serving a suspension from the roster.

3 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

I agree. They don't have a QB anyway, why wasting roster spot on WRs?

4 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

It would be a PR nightmare, but he actually looks like he'd be a good fit in Cincy.

What the Bengals badly need is speed receiver to complement 85. Stallworth isn't a #1, but in the right situation, he can be a solid #2.

5 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

No he can't. He is a solid number 4 or number 5, at best.

He can't even stay healthy for half a season. Guy is useless as a NFL player. He will be signed with by the Raiders (Sorry Raiderjoe) due to his "deep" threat ability.

Since Cincy is in the Browns division, I think they should sign him, for an NBA level max deal, and then they can see how he "improves" their offense. lol

10 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

I think you're selling him short. I don't want to overhype the guy - he aint' going to Hawaii any time soon. But a #4? He's better then that. You're right about the durability, though. Whoever signs him will do so knowing that he'll miss a month or so every year.

11 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

I could see him in Baltimore, they need receivers, especially ones with a rep as a deep threat. Cam Cameron liked to go deep with Flacco last year (despite the 34 yards against the Pats, he did throw a lot last year, especially early), and they're desperately short of legit wrs.

12 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

I like him in Baltimore on an incentive-laden deal. At this point he warrants no guarantees, but could give upside as a #2 or #3 guy. For Baltimore, its a very low-risk move.

7 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

The only way that Stalworth is worth any roster spot that starts the season is if you give him bionic hamstrings. As a Saints fan, I have ugly memories of him blowing hammy after hammy each year.

8 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

Possibly a return to New England? He was a good fit there in 2007, and they are desperate for a #3 guy...

13 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

Eh, He got beat out by Gaffney, and I have to think that going into next year, he'd be behind Edelman.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Tate above him on the depth chart too.

14 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

Edelman is a slot receiver like Welker. Stallworth would be useful as a deep threat. It would depend on what the price is. The Pats certainly could use a second deep threat.

15 Re: Browns Cut Stallworth

EXPLOSIVE for the one year in Philly when healthy. had a few really good years in NO when Horn was fading. I don't get the negative sentiment of Stallworth as a player. The guy should be in jail for sure and at best suspended for life. Since he isn't, however, he's a legit 2 for sure, and if you watch tape from Philly 2006, you'll see that when healthy you can make a case for him being a #1 in St Louis, Baltimore, Oakland, NYJ, Washington, Tampa, SF (depending on Crabtree), Chicago. He's only 28.