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Chargers Sign Randy McMichael

The Chargers have signed tight end Randy McMichael to a one-year deal.

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16 comments, Last at 07 Jun 2010, 3:29pm

2 Re: Chargers Sign Randy McMichael

He was lost in St. Louis for awhile. I assume he will be a very marginal contributor, he was 43 in DYAR.

5 Re: Chargers Sign Randy McMichael

Given that Gates missed some OTA time seeing a foot specialist McMichael may be there for insurance...

8 Re: Chargers Sign Randy McMichael

Maybe. That's a scary thought. Optimistically, I think he's there to compete with Wilson and Epps for the #2-3 TE positions.

Sadly, they have no new Manumaleuna. If Hardwick stays healthy, Mruczkowski has some experience playing eligible in the NFL. Wilson is also an okay blocker, though he's not Manu-Handler. Of course, Manu wasn't Manu last year, either, and they still went 13-3.

7 Re: Chargers Sign Randy McMichael

McMichael beat his pregnant wife when he played for Miami. Stay classy, San Diego!

14 Re: Chargers Sign Randy McMichael

Please, save any "the NFL is just like the real world and any ideas you have about the NFL must be able to be equally applied to other parts of reality." But, sure, any violent felon should be banned from any job were they will work for an average of 3 years for their entire career and in that time become a millionaire.

16 Re: Chargers Sign Randy McMichael

CAVEAT - I think McMichael is a total POS and he makes me want to take a shower every time I read about him.

That said - chemical burn, how is it that the size of the paycheck affects the relative scope of the moral outrage? I don't see why he should be allowed to have a regular job and not a high paying one.