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Chris Samuels To Retire

The Washington Post is reporting that Chris Samuels will officially retire later this week.

Samuels' career is being ended by stenosis, the same spinal issue that ended Michael Irvin's career.

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8 comments, Last at 04 Mar 2010, 10:56am

1 Re: Chris Samuels To Retire

Well, other than the officialness, this is not news. Still, it is a significant blow to the Redskins, who now how must scramble to fill a premier position. Russell Okung?

4 Re: Chris Samuels To Retire

If Kubiak's approach in Houston is in any way indicative of what the Shanahan's will do in Washington, this is no guarantee that the Redskins will expend seriously major resources at the position right away. The Texans had no viable left tackle option at all going into free agency in 2006, but their commitment to the position consisted of a third round pick (Charles Spencer, who looked great through camp and in his first game and a bit of competitive action before suffering a career ending injury courtesy of Ron Dayne), and a journeyman free agent swing tackle (Ephraim Salaam, who started almost two full seasons and played extensively in a third). A left tackle is certainly a plausible use for the Redskins first rounder, but it's far from guaranteed. Maybe Shanny has a serious jones for Clausen, or Bryant, or Berry, or someone else entirely.

5 Re: Chris Samuels To Retire

If there is a tackle Shanny likes he will take him. Exhibit A - Ryan Clady. Counterpoint - Matt Lepsis, a converted college TE who played a long time at LT, and was legitimately awesome.

6 Re: Chris Samuels To Retire

Given Shanahan himself was coaching until a year ago and has such an extensive history to look at, why would anyone care what Kubiak did in Houston? Shanahan has always been committed to the line.

8 Re: Chris Samuels To Retire

Because Shanny has never come in to a club with a terrible offensive line that needed almost total ground-up reconstruction before (or if he did it was in Oakland, and I'm afraid that's well before my time), nor did he ever allow such a line to develop under his charge in Denver. He's never been in a comparable situation before, so we have no direct basis on which to analyse what he'll do. In that context, the behaviour of the man who was his right hand for a decade, and who mentored his new offensive co-ordinator, on arrival in a comparable situation (in OL terms) to the one Shanny finds in Washington, seems relevant.

Also, please note that I didn't say the Redskins wouldn't take a tackle with their #1, only that they wouldn't necessarily do so. That team has a lot of needs. Shanahan and his disciples have a history of getting productive play out of opportunity-inexpensive offensive linemen. Okung or whoever is an entirely plausible pick, but far from a certainty, and Redskins fans shouldn't be up in arms if they go in another direction.

2 Re: Chris Samuels To Retire

Good. This was expected, but I would have been very nervous about him every time he stepped on the field if he'd decided to come back.

3 Re: Chris Samuels To Retire

Which begs the age old question:

If an Iggles fan cheers during the offseason and no one is there to hear it, is he still a classless hooligan?


Karl, Miami