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Colts Re-Sign Gary Brackett

Indy's locked up MLB Gary Brackett to a five-year, $33 million deal. Adam Schefter notes that there's a $12 million signing bonus.

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7 Re: Colts Re-Sign Gary Brackett

I don't like Brackett, I think he's overated and has one of the weirdest shaped heads I've ever seen. I'm not sure exactly how much money he's getting with that contract, but I wouldn't pay it to him.

12 Re: Colts Re-Sign Gary Brackett

Yeah if his head wasn't so weird shaped maybe the Colts wouldn't SUCK SO MUCH. By having a guy with such a weird head they just guaranteed that not only are they going to suck for 5 more years, they are going to suck with weird shaped heads which as everyone knows is the worst kind of suck.

#$*(#% you Gary Brackett and your @#*(&*$ weird shaped head.

14 Re: Colts Re-Sign Gary Brackett

Not sure there is a correlation. After all, Manning has a five-head, whereas Brackett has three- and four-cheeks.

What they need is Jay Leno plus some guy with a huge nose and they'll have, technically, a 54th head on the 53-man roster.

That's the kind of competitive advantage Polian provides. Pay more for the guys with extra body parts, in case somebody's cheek or forehead is injured during the year.

Back on planet earth, I mourned the loss of (in order) Thornton, June (my mistake), Washington, and Peterson. But the last two were in a very different world--even in their primes today on the Colts, they'd be good, but not worth it in this system. June would still be good in the system--at backup, and Thornton would have been great to keep. It's not always about highlight reel individual talent--it's how well the team works together, how cerebral a guy is, how well he tackles or covers as needed. I think next year will show what those guys really have to offer in the Coyer-Dungy hybrid. Maybe there will be no more changes and next year will be the same as last year--which ain't so bad.

They sure paid valued DTs high enough this year. I wonder if Moala will be trade fodder, or will develop into the 2nd rounder they expected.... since they sure could use another WR, preferably one with a weird shaped head. I'm thinking maybe a spare ear.

15 Re: Colts Re-Sign Gary Brackett

Take it easy on the coffee, or the psychadelic drugs man.

Peyton has a big forehead, no doubt, but that doesn't change the fact that Brackett just has a weird shaped head. No need to take it personal.