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Dallas Clark Out for Year

The Colts have placed Dallas Clark on injured reserve with a wrist injury.

Wideout Austin Collie is also out several weeks with a hand injury.

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4 Re: Dallas Clark Out For Year

Really, they shouldn't have any problems on that side of the ball with number 18 under center - especially if (not a small if at this point) Anthony Gonzalez is pretty healthy and ready to go after the bye and Brown is able to return strongly (I'm assuming Addai being out for a bit is foregone).

I'm still more worried that we're now starting a fourth string strong safety, and that another key injury could tip the defense just enough.

18 Re: Dallas Clark Out For Year

No Colts fan wants to see the return of the Craphonso (or you'll see the return of our lunches) but in the first game "starring" him they gave up two punt return TDs, Manning threw SIX INTs and they still managed to lose only when Vinatieri missed a last minute chip shot FG. So the Crapman wasn't necessarily the kiss of death. Sort of the kiss of chronic illness.

Of course the D was good that season..... until Freeney went on IR because of an injury sustained in that game.

5 Manning hurt?

I know we never want Peyton to get hurt, but I am half hoping that he gets his one big injury for his career (assuming that every player inevitably gets one) in the next game or two, and we can put this puppy to bed for the season. That's already realistically happened, without Addai, Brown, Clark, Gonzo (and now Gonzo back but no Collie), Sanders, Bullet, yada yada yada

6 Re: Manning hurt?

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Peyton is a machine. He can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And he absolutely will not stop, ever.

11 Re: Manning hurt?

Yeah, Colts fans should be worried when Manning shows the slightest hint of being anything other than an unstoppable beast.

21 Re: Manning hurt?

*pocket collapsing*
*defense running some exotic zone blitz*

Mike Hart: Can you even see?
Peyton: I see everything.

26 Re: Manning hurt?

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Colts fans know now why you cry. But it's something they can never do.

29 Re: Manning hurt?

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"Is Pollard crazy?"

"In technical terms . . . he's a loon."

15 Re: Manning hurt?

I can't believe you said that - I just finished watching the movie and then logged on to FO...and I see this. Weird.

19 Re: Manning hurt?

yogi, That IS eerie. If you see a naked body-builder in your back yard, don't ask questions. Just run. Fast. Unless he says, "Your clothes... give them to me."

24 Re: Manning hurt?

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At 5'6" and 200#, unless the naked body builder wants to look like Angus Young I should be OK. I'm more concerned he'll ask, "Give me your credit cards!"

28 Re: Manning hurt?

nah, then you're just getting robbed. Terminators don't need money.

22 Re: Manning hurt?

Well, you can cause a system reboot that lasts 120 seconds if you nail him with a strong enough taser.

7 Re: Dallas Clark Out For Year

Injuries really starting to mount. I don't think the bye week is going to be enough for most of them either. We'll have to see if third-stringers White, Eldridge, Francisco, et al can get the job done.

9 Re: Dallas Clark Out For Year

I blame James Harrison, Rodney Harrison, and the Trilateral Commission. Oh, and Mike Vanderjagt, just on principle.