Eagles Trade Brown, Gocong To Browns

The Eagles have finally dealt Sheldon Brown. The cornerback goes along with linebacker Chris Gocong to Cleveland for linebacker Alex Hall and fourth- and fifth-round picks in this year's draft.

It seems strange to deal two starters for a backup on the Browns and two mid-round draft picks; was the market for Brown really that poor?

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I'd guess that the price for Brown was depressed by his demands for a new contract. Brown at his current salary (a little over $10M spread over the next 3 seasons) is a lot more valuable than Brown at the salary he wants to be paid.

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this trade does not seem to make sense in a vacuum.

was brown that pissed about asante making 5x as much money as he is and refusing to tackle? does this mean mcnabb + picks for nnamd? do they have a cb targeted in the draft?

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Weird. Brown was still an excellent corner, was he not?
Also, the Cowboys just cut Flozell and Hamlin. Whee.

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Brown is a good corner, who has to rely on his instincts more because he is not the most physically gifted athlete on the field. With that said his instincts did not help him much this past season, as for an example the TD he gave up to Miles Austin in the Eagles 1st match-up with the Cowboys this year. Brown bit on a pump fake on a slant-and-go route and was burnt for the game winning TD.

Not to mention that he was a bit injuried this past season. And because of how he throws his body around to make tackles is just as likely to injury prone though out the rest of his career.

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I kinda think Andy and Sheldon made a deal before last season - if he played hard and didn't act like T.O., he'd definitely get traded. Gocong, who cares.

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This looks like a good move for the Browns though. Getting a starting LB and an elite top-10 CB for mid-picks is great value.

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If Sheldon were 4 years younger, I'd agree with you, but as a 31-year old CB who never had elite speed in the first place, and one who has clearly lost a step in the past year, I'd say that the Browns got a starting cornerback for 1-2 more years, tops.

And again, do you see the Browns making any kind of significant playoff push within that timeframe if they are starting the likes of Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace?

If you look at this deal closely, it is actually kind of foolish on the part of the Browns. Why trade away picks, no matter how low, for an aging veteran who will play for a year, maybe two more years, when you should really be stockpiling as many picks as you can to rebuild your depleted roster?

Unless Gocong turns into a stud OLB that they can build around for the next 5 years, this deal was pretty pointless for the Browns.

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Philly can deny it all they want (and it'd be stupid to admit it), but they're clearly rebuilding.

And after the way last season ended, it's hard to argue with the decision.

But with all the salary they're dumping, and all the old players they're dumping, WHY do you pay a $1.5 million roster bonus to a 30 year old 3rd string QB who was never any good in the first place?

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They're playing QB poker and needed to hold their cards for as long as they can. It's all about the picks, and they can spend money to gamble on that. Looks like that gamble might not pay off, but you can see what they were thinking.

I think this deal is actually good for everyone involved, assuming that the Eagles have a good plan B at Cornerback. Maybe Ellis Hobbs, Macho Harris, or....

I'm not even going to say it. I can't say it. Eagles fans just have to go be nice to a lot of people, accumulate a lot of karma, and pray that someone forgets to give a certain crazy NFL owner his meds.

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Well, Hobbs did start for a team that went 18-0. Just saying. I know they prompty traded him, but they also traded Asante Samuel.

I was kinda mentioning Hobbs and Harris to highlight the irrational hope that Al Davis was just crazy enough to do an Asomugh for McNabb trade.

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IF Hobbs can recover from a broken neck, than MAYBE he'll be OK.

As for Nacho Harris, he got moved to safety because he's too slow to play corner. Turns out he's too slow to play safety, too. The guy doesn't belong on an NFL roster, and the idea of him starting is scary. The bad kind of scary. Even if you're a fan of another team, you shouldn't want that because nobody wants to be subjected to bad football.