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FOA 2010 MEDIA: Miami

Better late than never! This last, somewhat delayed interview from our big SB Nation takeover addresses the Miami Dolphins, with some surprising similarity scores for Brian Hartline.

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1 Re: FOA 2010 MEDIA: Miami

Hartline's been a huge surprise. Patrick Turner, on the other hand, is fighting for a roster spot. He doesn't play special teams and he only has impressed in shorts. Trouble is, he was injured this year while the team practiced in shorts.

On the whole, I quite like the WRs corps, now that they have a true #1 in Marshall. There's no telling what the offense might be like this year. I wouldn't be surprised if they opened it up for stretches, then went back to power for stretches.

2 Re: FOA 2010 MEDIA: Miami

Nice analysis Aaron, and I am 100% with you on the 9 wins prediction. Even as a Dolphin homer, I am a little shocked by all the sleeper predictions for the Dolphins this season. Lombardi has the fins as a super bowl caliber team. I think that there are way to many question marks and the team is to young for that. If the young guys step up, and Henne at least can be slightly above average, then I think that next year will be when they will be coming into there own. Of course, with a lockout and strike, all that will be wasted.

As for the Patrick Turner wasted pick, that is nothing compared to the Pat White disaster. At least Turner shows some hope, while I would be shocked if White even makes the final 53. I do see Hartline surprising alot of people though. Especially since he will be seeing single coverage with all the attention going to Marshall. Hartline will be a very solid number two. Plus the weakness of the fins offense is the tight ends cant catch, so Hartline will get his opportunities. Thanks again for the good work Aaron.