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Frank Gore Out For Season

Although the 49ers beat the Cardinals on Monday night, it came with a price: Frank Gore suffered a hip injury that forced him out of the game, and according to Jason LaCanfora, Gore will also miss the remainder of the season.

UPDATE: Gore suffered a fractured hip.

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Slightly off topic, but since it's from the same game: I just saw video of Derek Anderson's postgame press conference. I guess whenever the Cardinals lose at home on Monday Night Football, someone from the Cardinals is required to have a meltdown and walk out of the press conference.

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Frank Gore is very good, no doubt, but his backups are good too. There have been some troubles running the ball this season even with him, and most of the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the o-line, who did look better tonight than they have in the entirety of the regular season (disclaimer, only watched the first half).

Brian Westbrook did not look like his old self, but that isn't entirely bad, because he seems to have aged gracefully. Anthony Dixon has more power than Gore did, and seems decently skilled from what I saw in the preseason. If this offense doesn't do well, (and it hasn't been doing so this season so far) it probably won't be their fault.

The injury itself is odd, especially as a season ender, because there was no obvious incident involved. I wish him a speedy, but especially full, recovery.

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Ya thankfully we have some skilled backups in 49er land.

As for the o-line - I'd like to point out, sadly, that this came against the 22nd ranked run defense by DVOA though they weren't playing even that good.

The Oline is prone to meltdowns - particularly Rachel and Davis. And Bass has a concussion meaning we might get to further see Tony Wragge and how versatile he is. Not going to be pretty I can't think giving the only nice thing I've seen said about wragge is pretty much 'he can play anywhere'.

As for Westbrook - he was shifty and had okay speed but somewhat surprisingly wasn't targeted at all in the passing game (In fact both Moran Norris and Dixon had more catches then he did) unless I missed some errant Troy Smith throws.

Dixon ran well I'd say but he's a power back plodder type. What I found interesting actually was that the 49ers left Westbrook in one of the drives where they were in power situations - that implies they aren't going to split as much. Which given our wonderful Head Coach, he might not get the idea of using multiple running backs. It might be too exotic.

Onto the part that actually bodes bad for the offense against semi-competant foes - we were pretty much giving up on anything beyond 3rd and 6. While on this night running up the middle on 3rd and 15 and such got first downs sometimes, its not really to be expected. Our Offensive Coordinator is on record saying that Troy Smith doesn't know the full offense (Because thats exactly what you should say in the media after a shut out.) and his lack of trust has been apparent in such situations.

Continuing on the disheartening fan talk - Michael Crabtree's hands. There was another few drops today including one off his finger tips to the INT that only thanks to our pal Derek Anderson didn't go anywhere. Vernon Davis has had to stay in more making Crabtree and Gore the main passing weapons and Crabtree hasn't held up to it. With Staley unlikely to return early - we're likely to see more 2 TE, 1 WR, 1 FB, 1RB or 2 TE, 2 Wr, 1 RB looks using Walker though he wasn't used heavily this game as his blocking isn't great and Singletary got to live his dream of smash mouth football all day.

I don't have the snaps down here with me - but I wouldn't be surprised to see Norris getting less work with Westbrook on the field more. Part of the reason why the 49ers went this way offensively (and 'this way' I'm including hiring Singletary) is that Gore really likes to run behind a Full Back. Actually when Martz was here we heard that a lot.

So on the whole? We might somehow be good enough to win the NFC West (Not that its saying much) but the team has a lot of work and has to overcome a HC handicap. Our best offensive player is out. Our best lineman are out (I mean... we have 3 solid linemen. 2 are out for sure and 1 is probably missing a week due to the short week (Staley, Heitman and Bess). Our coordinator doesn't use the full playbook with our QB who's not played particularly pretty or good.

And if we win the west? Jedd York probably deludes himself into keeping Singletary for another year. And that is not good. We've already had several players very publicly quit on him and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets worst.

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What kind of hip injury puts you on IR while you can still walk around?

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Talk to an EMT sometime about finding people walking around on fractured hips, femurs, calf bones, etc. It isn't uncommon, especially when adrenaline or shock are involved. This is part of why you are supposed to keep accident victims, including those on football fields, from moving around until trained personnel determine if there are fractures or broken blood vessels.