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Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

The Giants have taken a chance on former Pro Bowl guard Shawn Andrews by signing him to a contract on Friday.

This reminds me of the Shane Olivea move they made a couple of years back. That one didn't pan out.

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1 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

Did they have an injury at that position? Is there a better free agent out there?

2 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

Hopefully this doesn't mean that there is more to Chris Snee's knee issue than the team has previously let on.

I'll hold out hope that this is just a low-risk-but-longshot move to addres the depth issues the team has at G right now. Both presumptive starters (Snee and Rich Seubert) are nursing "maybe next week" injuries, and last years' top backup at G, Kevin Boothe, is on the PUP with a pec injury he suffered in OTAs and won't be available until mid-season. They've moved Guy Whimper inside to compensate. He started the Jets game at RG, and, although his pass blocking was fine, he was regularly dominated on run plays. They also drafted a G-- 5th rounder Mitch Petrus-- but he probably needs a year of pro-level conditioning before the team would be comfortable putting him in the lineup.

The Olivea move is an apt comparison. But at least a healthy Shawn Andrews is about 100 times as talented as Shane Olivea ever was.

3 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

This infuriates me. Andrews is an amazing player and if he can play football he should be playing for the Eagles. Gah... what a headcase...

4 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

Reported to be a 6 year deal with low guaranteed money, sounds like low risk deal for the giants.

From interviews Andrews seemed none too happy with the eagles

6 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

That's what's so infuriating is that the Eagles treated him better than just about any player of the past 10 years and he still missed games due to a mysterious back injury and spent a whole lot of time barking about how his music career meant more to him than football. I hate to call into question his depression issues, but the guy was a headcase and it was hard to believe anything he said... but still, he's a great, great player. I hate the idea that anger at the Eagles will motivate him to work hard for the Giants. They already have McNabb gunning to show them up twice a year, they don't need Andrews actually giving a crap while playing for a division rival as well...

7 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

He seems to be angered by the timing of when the Eagles released him. Claims he was working hard to get back and the Eagles decided to go in another direction and that bothered him. Then later claimed in the same interview there is no bad blood. We shall see. He was a dominant OG, can he play at that level again?

12 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

As an Eagles fan, I'm not too worried. Andrews is a tremendous physical talent, and he's not a bad person, but he's an absolute fruit loop who has no real tolerance for pain or love of playing the game. He's not the type who'd hold a grudge or self-motivate on the basis of a perceived slight - he doesn't have the psychology of the typical elite athlete and quite literally the only reason he started playing football in the first place was that the coaches at his high school noticed that he was a great athlete for a man his size and roped him into it. I'd be surprised if he ever even suits up for the Giants, much less makes an impact for them.

8 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

Here's one for TWIQ:

Q: You're like Donovan McNabb, moving within the division?
ANDREWS: I guess you could say that. I always aspired to be a quarterback. I'm actually an offensive lineman trapped in a defensive lineman's body who is actually a wide receiver.


Really, the whole transcript reads as if Andrews is stoned out of his mind.

10 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

Yeah, for some reason, probably because he's an o-lineman, the fact that he's nuts never got much media play. But every single quote I have ever read from him is insane. Plus, he apparently sings in a falsetto non-stop, like little songs about how he's putting on his shoulder pads or going to get some water on the sidelines.

9 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

He's a great player when he's on, but I, along with most of the rest of Philly, just assumed he was done with football altogether after the way his time with the Eagles ended.

I'd be glad to see him getting another shot if it weren't in New York...

11 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

I'm all about veteran signings like this. It's very low-risk high-reward when you sign a veteran to a low guaranteed high incentive contract. Worst cast he doesn't work out and gets cut...Best case he replaces Seibert (Who has always been a workman type) and we they have one of the best interiors in football with him Snee and OHara.

13 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

"I hate to call into question his depression issues, but the guy was a headcase."


14 Re: Giants Sign Shawn Andrews

Hmm... I guess I shouldn't have pussy-footed around: I don't think he was suffering from depression because he was an unreliable liar who seemed to live in a fantasy world. He's a different kind of headcase than a headcase suffering from depression.