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Jason Campbell to Oakland, Seattle's New Backfield, and Other Draft Trades

Consider this a catch-all thread to discuss veterans dealt on the third day of the NFL Draft, including:

An estimate, based on the "QB projection without team variables" element of the FO team projection system: Replacing JaMarcus Russell with Jason Campbell improves the Oakland offensive projection by 16 percentage points. (Replacing Gradkowski with Campbell only improves things by five percentage points.)

My big question off this: Who is the new starting cornerback in Arizona? Greg Toler? Ralph Brown?

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1 Re: Jason Campbell to Oakland

I propose that there be a new feature this year on FO: An Audibles at the Line every week that solely contains commentary from Chris and Raiderjoe regarding the Raiders' quarterback play. Hilarity ensues.

2 Hello Buffalo?

Is Buffalo paying attention? Wouldn't Campbell and Morrison have been huge upgrades?

Captcha: Foolery Projections

3 Re: Hello Buffalo?

In reply to by Weszilla (not verified)

"Is Buffalo paying attention?"

Based on years of evidence you'd have to say clearly not.

9 Re: Hello Buffalo?

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I'm paying attention! I always pay attention! Where's my pudding? Did somebody take my pudding? I WANT MY PUDDING!

33 Re: Hello Buffalo?

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Raiders have a good draft, and Raiderjoe starts commenting coherently? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!

7 Re: Hello Buffalo?

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I'm surprised the Giants didn't make a serious attempt at Morrison.

5 Jason Campbell

I eagerly await the verdict on whether or not Jason Campbell is food.

6 Re: Jason Campbell to Oakland, Seattle's New Backfield, and Othe

Jason Campbell going to be geat quarterback for Raiders. Al Davis genus at getting veteran qbs who ild team didnt handle right. D Lamonica, J. Plunkett, R. Gannon all gtrat once put on Raiders helmet. Campbell going to be same. Have qualty backups Gradkowski and Russell. All three good. Uf Campbell get ibjured other QBs can keep team afloat just like when Aikman miss some gams in career but Cowvoys still win wjen Beurelein, Kosat and Gareet play. Great day. Goin to buy case of Sierra Nevada Porter ans celbrate big Raiders weeken

26 Re: Jason Campbell to Oakland, Seattle's New Backfield, and Othe

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34 Re: Jason Campbell to Oakland, Seattle's New Backfield, and Othe

Sorry, RD. Russell is not even a good backup. The third QB is going to be Boller or Frye.

And an above-average season will depend on the offensive line improving on last year and Darren McFadden breaking some arm tackles. The first is probably a 3-out-of-4 shot. But the second is less than even money. If he can't break arm tackles his best use is as a slot receiver or kick returner. Damn I wish we had a punt returner like Greg Pruitt again.

8 Arizona's new CB is...

Greg Toler. Apparently, he impressed Wiz enough late in the season that the team feels comfortable starting him opposite DRC.

13 Campbell trade value

ESPN just reported that Campbell was traded for a 4th. Seems about fair to me.

15 Re: Campbell trade value

Per Clayton on ESPN, it's not just a fourth, but a conditional fourth - he has to go to the Pro Bowl or lead the Raiders to the playoffs for them to get it. So they essentially cut him without voiding his contract.

19 Re: Campbell trade value

I wouldn't be surprised if the Raiders won the AFC West this year.

Sports talk radio and sports message boards are the killing fields of intellectual discourse.

23 Re: Campbell trade value

I would. Despite lousy drafts for years, the Chargers own the AFC West, though Denver rents it for the first half of the season.

27 Re: Chargers drafts

San Diego isn't really drafting poorly the last 4 years. It just seems like they are compared to the incredible run they had where terrific talents like McNeil and Castillo fell to them late in the first round. It's not that English and Weddle for example are bad players. Smith just seems to get fixated on who he wants the last few years and either drafts them higher than anyone projects or trades up to get them. If you look at the talent brought in from 2006-2009 though, San Diego has still done a little better than average.

And if you look at the lower rounds, San Diego's scouts still have an excellent eye for talent. That is what makes it so frustrating when Smith gives away so many of those picks in his trade-ups. San Diego more than most teams has shown the ability to get quality from them.

31 Re: Chargers drafts

In reply to by Shalimar (not verified)

Larry English was indeed a bad player last year, we'll see how he fares in the future.

And while Weddle may not be a bad player, the price they paid to trade up for him, Jacob Hester, and Ryan Matthews was ludicrous and is hurting their drafts. As you said, he really needs to stop with those because SD has been good drafting in the later rounds.

30 Re: JaCamp

Du Dieux Ceil is indeed the best and most complex brewer of beer I have ever come across but I believe they do not import a single case of beer outside of Montreal Island.